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(133.26 KB 1058x1466 IMG-20200629-WA0009-1.jpg)
User count hasn't increased in over 6 months Comrade 07/10/2020 (Fri) 05:56:17 No. 5249
Mods, you deleted my previous thread complaining about user count, fuck you for that. You also deleted my thread on leftypol instead of anchoring it. Fuck you mods, you pathetic pieces of shit. This place hasn't grown. Even during a fucking pandemic, when people are locked down in their homes, they still don't come visit this place. Mods don't acknowledge this, they either say that user count has increased (which isn't true) or they'll blame something else other than their failed moderation and leadership. As soon as someone creates a leftist imageboard, I'm out of this place. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Mods, you faggots refuse to listen. You delete posts by communists such as myself, but leave /pol/ bait threads up, now you're catering to redditors, after you failed to attract weebs and gamers by creating /a/ and /v/. Fuck this shitty website. You better not delete this you turbofaggots
(1.15 MB 201x177 1593873298676.gif)
better fewer but better so long faggot
>>5250 >better fewer but better It's not better. The quality got so low that anons had to create an /effort/ general, where they were encouraged to dig up and find old posts. It's better for you, because you're probably a weeb.
>>5249 Its all my fault guys Im tearing this family apart
(128.40 KB 500x1200 4chan anti weeb.jpg)
>>5249 good riddance
>>5249 >failed moderation and leadership Well that is kinda secondary. What you mention reduces how many eyeballs you retain. But not that many users are coming here in the first place. >>5251 Threads named effort this or theory that are usually not really about these things, but mostly narcissists. I'm somewhat surprised by how strong that element can be even when people have no accounts.
it has though, it barely had 250 users when we first moved here and now during peak times we can reach 500 easily.
on average it was usually 500 or so unique recent ips, now it's about 600-650.
>>5265 i'm talking about bunkerchan as a whole
>>5249 Seeya tomorrow, anon
>>5250 wtf is this real??
>>5250 enjoy /pol/ bait thread #5727533 faggot
>>5260 >chans are only for anime lol Go back to beating it to underage cartoon girls, degenerate.
This post is 100% accurate. Don't leave though comrade, we need to organise and win
>>5250 absolute retard take. When was the last time good content came out of /leftypol/ better fewer according to who? A bunch of retards is who
>>6152 Why don't you go and make some good content then instead of just crying and shidding every day?
>>6153 every time someone does some assmad janny has to ban it, purge the thread and if that doesn't happen then some redditors get mad and come here to beg the jannies to ban other people
>>5249 There's a high chance that lynxchan doesn't count requests coming through cloudfront.
(585.74 KB 797x2810 1592204980152.png)
>>5249 User count changes idiot. Hobby fluctuates from 25 to 40 to 6 and other numbers in between over the course of a few days because some posters leave and new ones join, and PPH changes per hour.
(321.00 KB 750x381 829315608126359805.png)


no cookies?