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(41.27 KB 570x496 gadsden.jpg)
Comrade 09/14/2020 (Mon) 12:26:01 No. 7020
Why was my thread >>>/leftypol/867059 deleted? Do you commie jannie losers really have no counter argument? LMAO.
>>7020 Because you have been spamming the same fucking damn thread every day for the last 10 days (sometimes even multiple bait threads in the same day). I think you may have made like 15 or 16 "The LTV is shit" type of threads" (and I may have missed a few), if you don't understand why this make us, the moderation, delete your threads and ban you, especially since each time people start debunking your claims you just start a new thread, I don't know what to tell you.
Why do you automatically assume I'm the same guy as all the others? You have literally NO proof but your fee fees. The LTV is debunked shit, and you can't do anything about it.
(85.36 KB 630x630 1181836_1.jpg)
MODS = GODS >>7023 who cares if you're a different NPC, we don't need duplicate trash littering the place. Manufacture your consent somewhere else, tool-of-the-glownigger
>>7024 Kek you're a loser not just in the last 100 years but on the internet too. whatever you can't counter, you DELETE. you must have a tiny pindick PATHETIC FAG LMFAOOOOOO
>>7022 answer me stupid retard
>>7026 you have been given the answer, you just don't like the answer. Go have your tantrum somewhere else, literal child.
>>7025 >>7026 he did you retard, "duplicate thread" + spam, now GTFO or start making an argument anytime now
>>7028 >>7029 Rich coming from a commie that deleted my argument to begin with. READ ROTHBARD MORON.
>>7030 im pretty sure the mods can see your ip when they ban you, i think they can tell when the same person makes the same thread over and over again. that being said why are you a liberal?


no cookies?