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Give us the SSNP flag Comrade 08/12/2020 (Wed) 17:00:59 No. 6309
Give us the SSNP flag
(75.40 KB 1000x600 Greater Syria.jpg)
(33.37 KB 321x500 SSNP Book.jpg)
The People's Republic of Great Syria will lead the Mideast into a socialist future! Also, I just got this book on the SSNP (pic related), has anyone here read it?
[spoiler] yeah, do what he says [/spoiler]
>>6334 Nice formatting, nerd
Why on earth would you give a flag to some random group of halfway fash, supported by Jim Dowson of all people?
(214.66 KB 529x491 mussolini.png)
>>6309 Go fuck yourself.
>>6398 Cause they're based
>>6398 >supported by Jim Dowson So what if some retard supports them? Russian Nazbols support YPG, does that mean you will stop supporting them?
>>6400 Yes, they are. Based on complete retardation.
it is accomplished
Sure is /pol/ in here.
>>6411 >socialist movement that's anti Israeli imperialism is /pol/
(923.00 B 24x16 ssnp.png)
>>6408 >>6409 cleaned it up a little cause of autism
(1.62 MB glows.mp4)
>>6412 not because it's anti-imperalist does it mean that it's socialist or leftist in any sense. Just pointing it out, I have no idea who these niggas are, nor do I care.
>>6415 So you shouldn't comment on socialist movements you have no clue of then. You are clearly ignorant on the topic, learn about them and the complain if they're socialist or not.
>>6399 glowtard
>>6342 It was a test, fag. It shows how shitty the implementation is if spoilers can only work on a single line. [code] This is also a test but I bet you'll be too stupid to see [/code]
SSNP are literally socdems >pro-capitalism >pro strong social security, education and welfare >anti-communism The thing they have going for them is that they're secular, but other than that, they're not revolutionary.
>>6436 Well we do have a socdem flag
Mods pull through
>>6323 >I just got this book on the SSNP Interesting! I didn't know there is a book in english about this weird movement. I will check it out!


no cookies?