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Roadmap Comrade Board volunteer 01/16/2020 (Thu) 23:35:45 No. 3941
Please post features for the roadmap here. Off topic and completed features will be deleted. Duplicate posts will be removed. Volunteer demands get priority and order of execution depends on the usefulness the time cost and my personal motivation. Please be as complete as possibly in a feature request. Even shitty ms Paint illustrations of how you imagine it are greatly appreciated and usefull. Currently the dev team is focussing on gochan development. Your feature request will be implemented there if they are chosen. I only respond to reject or ask for clarifications on posts. If I do not respond consider your report accepted and on the to do list. This keeps the thread short and concise. Please note: New wordfilters/flags are not site features. Whining about your ban is not a site feature. If you ask about this your post will be remove. If you spam you will get a short ban from the gulag board. .t codemonkey admin
Edited last time by comraderat on 07/05/2020 (Sun) 13:33:01.
Add y(ou)
>>5069 this also, allow to open a reply/replied post inline
>>4224 THIS
>>4981 >>4982 Please copy things like this into this thread, the post you linked to has been deleted. I have no idea what you could have linked now
Re-make boards like this: /leftypol/ (unbrella for): /lenin/, /libcom/, /syndie/ and /demsoc/, as well as splitting /edu/ up into /his/, /econ/ and /phi/ boards. Add a /news/ board. /ref/, /GET/, /tech/, /games/ and /a/ would still be outside, arguably with renaming /hobby/ to /mu/ and making a /fit/ board. This would be efficient, organized and easy to find what one's looking for (right now there's always duplicates of practically the same thread across several boards arbitrarily).
>>5166 All of those ideas only seem to server that specific user more than the userbase as a whole. If you want to make a general about your own autistospecific subsection of leftism as a whole, the thread creation option will always remain open. Leftism is more than just those four, and even then it's splitting up groups that aren't even opposed to eachother or else giving ground for uncritical foolishness that would no-doubt devolve into the worst of circlejerks. /edu/ is more than just history, economy and philosophy. Just take one look at the catalog and see how disastrous that board composition would be for it. Only /news/ as a separate board could be seen as interesting, since newsanon's posts would look great as a continuous catalog. But since we should see how the average optimal mode of browsing would start at the frontpage and generally ends up at /leftypol/'s catalog, it would also reduce practical visibility which would be VERY bad for the people that still try to look at real life. Similarly, /hobby/ is also much more than /mu/ and /fit/. All that you've basically done in your entire post is just list off your own personal interests and that which you want to keep away from it.
>>5166 > Add a /news/ board. no
>>5177 >All of those ideas only seem to server that specific user more than the userbase as a whole. Are you dumb? >If you want to make a general about your own autistospecific subsection of leftism as a whole >The biggest umbrellas of the left of which 99.5% of leftists position themselves within are "autistospecific" OKAY. >Leftism is more than just those four Oh yeah sorry for leaving out mutualism and Ricardian socialism. I forgot about those very relevant tendencies of the day. >it's splitting up groups that aren't even opposed to eachother Outed for being ignorant but loud. If you'd organized a month of your life or read 15 minutes of socialist text you'd know how fucking stupid that statement is. 1. Syndicalism (both ansynd and De Leonism) is anti-reformist and libertarian socialist, most of the movement today is anti-electoralist and exist within the social anarchist milleu. 2. Libertarian communism critiques Marxist communism and syndicalism from the left and advocates organizing the risen people of the community to revolt against all forms of capital and communize immediately. 3. Demsoc came out of revisionist Marxism and advocates reform over revolution within the confines of bourgeois electoralism, later virulently critiqued by Lenin and by the time of Stalin they are referred to as 'social fascists'. 4. Leninism is characterized by centralized authority via a vanguard party set to destroy the bourgeois state and its appendages and establish a dictatorship of the proletariat to eliminate all bourgeois forces in society and transition to socialism and then communism. >would no-doubt devolve into the worst of circlejerks AKA educating people properly and minimizing mutual sabotage of threads over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. OH NO, COULD YOU IMAGINE HAVING THREE HOSTILE SHITPOSTS IN A 150+ POST THREAD INSTEAD OF 112!? WHAT WOULD COME OF US NOOOO >/edu/ is more than just history, economy and philosophy. You're right, it covers science too. So pretend I said "and /sci/". >But since we should see how the average optimal mode of browsing would start at the frontpage and generally ends up at /leftypol/'s catalog, You seem to have forgotten my opening: </leftypol/ (umbrella* for): /leftypol/ would in this case also catalog what its umbrella covers (thought this was obvious). 'Overboard' should be catalog-able too honestly. >Similarly, /hobby/ is also much more than /mu/ and /fit/. I strongly disagree, half of the board is threads that could be on boards made later now (/games/, /a/, /edu/) and the rest that don't could be organized into additional actual boards. Nobody fucking likes /hobby/ because of how unfocused it is. There's an active drawing thread on there, cool. Then also make an /arts/ board and include /music/ in there too. /k/ could either have its own board or combined with /fit/ into a /defense/ board. The difficult ones are Rails Appreciation Thread and Furry General, but after giving it some thought obviously the first goes under /econ/ and the second gets deleted. All your "arguments" have been destroyed, now step aside, pal.
>>5178 yes
Incredibly annoying if this is going to be the only way on the site to communicate with mods if they never fucking respond.
Consider this: >>>/leftypol/675654
HELLO MODS Since apparently you moved to /gulag/ I wish to call to your attention several posts directed to you as well as a request to check report logs and if they are functioning since people are reporting, spam, /pol/shit and other rubbish and the lack of reaction indicates an error of somekind... or laziness. >>>/leftypol/675654 >>>/leftypol/671743 >>>/leftypol/675661 >>>/leftypol/675658
So mods, when is /anime/ going to be put on the top bar, it gets as much activity as hobby, tech or edu.
>>5315 Soon™. I'll try to push for the change this week.
>>5322 Thanks m8
What is the development status of the Bunkerchan onion server?
>>5334 Waiting on the server owner to complete the setup
>>5335 Will it become onion v3 so we can have the new, badass, super-duper secure, long URL? The ones that look like: [lsaoijsdfoiJASFjsoifSAIjfojfsapspOAFJSoijgaoisd].onion Here's Tor Project's writing on the topic: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/NextGenOnions https://blog.torproject.org/v2-deprecation-timeline
>>5336 Yes.
Some suggestions: 1st: Remove: Name and trip for users Reason: See Sage, Socdem poster and now Anti-dengoid gang and how they push substandard narratives through the exploitation of brand value, often with the an air of an unwarranted sense of self-importance and excess. 2nd: Make mandatory: staff name & role in /gulag/ and when exercising authority Reason: user-staff animosity would lessen considerably if the two-faced nature of some mod activity were addressed; example being when mods exercise their privileges over community-created content quasi-anonymously - this in turn generalizes the angry response (whether justified or not) across the whole of the staff and emboldens this us vs them animosity. It gets even worse when staff then answers to this Bunkerchan-meta drama completely anonymously. Whenever staff and the user-base communicate it should be without false pretenses - you have a certain role here and we are usually at your mercy, as long as that's underhandedly obfuscated (just causing furious confusion, which doesn't help anybody) I think a lot of issues would ease up quicker than they usually do, as it would instead be done with mutual confidence and respect. If I want to address a specific action undertaken by x mod and not y, z, a, or b then I would like to easily be able to address them specifically, sounds obvious when stated concretely, really. If mod z, a, and b had nothing to do with [topic x] becoming 'a thing' then why should a 'staff hate campaign' go over them as well? It really doesn't make sense.
>>3941 Can you let us post images on mobile? It doesn’t work, so I can’t post anything
>>5363 You can filter names and trips, don't expect an imageboard to stop being an imageboard for your convenience.
>>5369 Does it give you an error dialog when uploading? Do your images simply not appear? Or do you not see the option to upload files?
>>5371 The page resets with no file
>>5372 When I upload a file
>>5373 >>5372 if you're on TOR you need to toggle the option that says block bypass
>>5370 >You can filter names and trips No I can't, as I don't enable JS >don't expect an imageboard to stop being an imageboard for your convenience. What the fuck is this even supposed to mean? Are you implying name- and tripfagging is an essential core of imageboard culture that cannot and should not be remedied when repeatedly exploited by actors with ulterior motives to the discourse on this site (either outright spreading imperial propaganda or 'merely' starting personality cults)?
>>5376 try using css filters. get something like stylish to always load your custom css.
>>5384 nvm, you can't select on content
'Flood detected' gets triggered more easily than usual these last couple of days. Anything changed on the backend?
>>3536 Please remove this thread and remove the posts when the script is used in threads to discourage widespread spam / board pollution. If your response is "that's not a rule" then make a rule. Up quality control; Bunkerchan shouldn't be a garbage dump.
Ban the wojak script
>>5512 Don't or I'll be very very mad
>>5391 Not that I know.
>>5519 Please do this: >>5512 >>5517 Fuck you.
>>3980 >>3981 I suggest this at least on "serious boards", perhaps /leftypol/, /edu/, /tech/. It is only a tiny speed bump for someone who wants to impersonate multiple people. It wouldn't be any sort of mitigation against trolls or other bad faith actors or people who want to create illusion of participation in their thread or forge some epic creencaps via samefagging. They could just request new IP or do something almost equally trivial but if say 80% of the people wouldn't bother it would still be a huge positive. All it really would do would be to reduce the need for name-, avatar-, and flag-posting in long back and forths where in practice people already know pretty well who's who. In that way, it would increasingly approach the platonic ideal of imageboards in a sense that identities would follow people much less between threads unless they explicitly want to by doing the trips / avatar / flag thing. When pondering this one could also reach an argument that this sort of thing could be net negative for the community because they way chans maintain internal cohesion is through in-jokes - memeing, if you will. If this was discouraged, perhaps it would stagnate and turn the community into decline or even allow easier entry for the unwanted kind of outsiders. For that reason I personally am little wary to introduce them to all boards at once. Like everything else, the feature could be trialed on roulette though I doubt it would receive any serious resistance. I've seen it being implemented on ylilauta with little resistance tough it was trialed as a gold pass feature for years. On the other hand ylilauta is hardly an average imageboard, they have completely abandoned trips for example and the options now are one's username or anonymous (yes they have accounts for regular users). I bring this username stuff up because I'm already rambling so let me ramble a little bit more. My issue with the current system of tripcodes is basically that they are an obsolete hack from the very early days when imageboard softwares did not have hidden concept of user session under the hood and their intended usage was essentially the same as the newer innovation of per thread IDs. Hopefully when the board software is changed to the one under development by the local staff there would be some fresh development in this department in particular. I don't want this place to be ylilauta, don't get me wrong. In fact I'm deeply unhappy with the system of accounts they currently have. Firstly because it exposes the fact that we haven't truly been "anonymous" for over a decade on any modern chan, but more importantly it enables pretty egregious paywalling first and then promoting gold passes with special tags. That is definitely against the mythical chan culture, not changing things or introducing new features in itself.
>>5708 Nope, no IDs.
Automatically watch threads that you post in, and highlight your posts and replies to your post
>>5708 No IDs, this shit will turn into /pol/ 2.0 faster than you than one can blink
>>5717 How would that happen? In case of ylilauta the feature was released from the paywalling for everyone specially to combat constant far-right brigading and general intra-board shitposting. It wasn't a magic bullet but they also merged some boards and tweaked rules; after some months the place is almost healing now. By the way, the IDs are rolling alpha-numeric, so in vast majority of threads it will be only 2 digits. Y Board is a solid board system. The feature has also arrived fairly recently to 4/pol, definitely long after it was overrun by fashs.
Ban wojack script posters. >>5517 Kil lyerself.
>>5823 your mother should take away your iphone.
>>5827 >>5828 Fuck you.
Don't ban the wojak posters. If someone's spamming it's one thing. If someone uses it once a thread it's not a big deal and adds to activity imo
>>5836 This tbh, the only time it gets abused is when someone discovers it and goes silly with it, which is against the spam rules anyway.
>>5836 BANNED >>5828
>>5836 >if someone uses it once a thread show me where this ever happens? the script lends itself to spam, it's what it's designed for. this very thread shows so.
where's gochan, dude? I had even forgotten about it.
Can we support .webp images? They're getting more common, and it's a bit of a hassle to convert them


no cookies?