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Comrade 01/23/2020 (Thu) 03:26:21 No. 4009 [Reply] [Last]
How do I leave this place for good?
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>>4014 You must be so cool and edgy, how is middle school going tranny? Do your fellow schoolmates have problems accepting your transition.
>>4022 I'm not the poster you're replying to but what do you think of this idea >>4017
(77.85 KB 960x960 joy.jpg)
>>4023 It's actually a good idea, thank you. Been doing "fine" these two days. This is offtopic and you probably don't care but I am going to publicly state anyway (long): I actually want to thank the admins and space for providing this platform for free and keeping it free from posters from pol, I know that sometimes I acted like an asshole and people that recognised my posts thought I was a provocateur. I know that after my "sperg out" it sounds like I hate them but I don't I understand their paranoia because this place is filled with polfag shitposts and co-opts. I am fucking insane beyond salvation and I the first one to recognise it, I lack may lack certain amount of self awareness but not enough self awareness to understand that crying myself to sleep at 8 AM and being addicted to receive hate from internet dwellers (my only social interaction) is not normal nor good for me. Before killing myself I may try moving to the woods and accept that my autism has sentenced me to permanent social isolation, at this point I couldn't care less about self-preservation, everyone but me has a sixth sense and I feel like I am blind and I am constantly tripping over, and somehow it's custom to point and laugh as I trip But again thank you Space and hot pockets, please don't hate me too much. TLDR: Goodbye lol. Unironically wish you the best.
(131.06 KB 1095x1400 smokigaminegril.jpg)
>>4009 Well if you don't want to be involved in politics the problem is you at least to a degree. I personally don't dislike you though if you're who I think you are. I wish you where more political and a bit less emotional, but you are way less annoying then some anons take /leftypol/ itself super seriously. My investment in /leftypol/ is also emotional. The difference I guess is that I genuinely enjoy my time on this board and look back pretty fondly at old threads. Something about seeing OC come together in real time I find gratifying. Before /leftypol/ my board was /lit/ so I got to watch the Max Stiner meme develop from it's infancy. Nowadays I'll get sent memes by real world friends that I saw posted as OC when I was a teenager. Something about that feels kinda beautiful. Like I got to play a behind the scenes part in bringing something funny (and occasionally profound) into the public conciousness. The dopamine hit is real; I am also a smoker, and I still snort cocaine but what really keeps me coming back is the good memories.
Buy a dog.

(47.54 KB 500x500 med_1485418689_image.jpg)
Remove the bans Comrade 01/31/2020 (Fri) 22:23:56 No. 4105 [Reply] [Last]
FUCKING FURFAG MODS >>>/leftypol/240636 >>>/leftypol/241319 these posters did noting wrong!
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>>4169 Use the fucking report function. He's been banned many times.
>>4170 I just don't get how you can't handle that guy, block his whole VPN or ISP range for like a week or a month if it's necessary, yet you're fine with permanently blocking all of Tor, which is a much much larger user base than some single VPN or ISP, it's probably just one user.
>>4171 I'm sorry I can't help you with the Tor issue, I'm not one of the few tech guys we have. I only know the situation is being looked into (for me posting with Tor browser works fine). Maybe I should try out range bans, that's an idea.
>>4172 >for me posting with Tor browser works fine Tor is permanently banned only on /leftypol/, it works fine on other boards. To be specific the ban does not explicitly refer to Tor but to "ASN 23664" (ban id "5e372da2342eb133900d2012") which seems to cover almost all of Tor exit nodes for some reason. Might be related to CloudFlare? Anyway, hopefully someone from tech team can fix this.
>>4174 I loaded up a vm and was able to post through the onion browser, but, last time I tried to post through privoxy I was unsuccessful. Maybe it doesn't work correctly unless you are using the browser? I mean, cloud-flair is pretty fucky.

(500.05 KB 800x400 pod.png)
Banned for transgressions against the pod Comrade 02/05/2020 (Wed) 01:48:10 No. 4158 [Reply] [Last]
I was just temp banned for using the term "whiny jew voice" in reference to the hosts of chapo. This is what happens when you let podcast listeners run your board /leftypol/! Take those goofy earbuds out and read a goddamn book like a proper communist! CHAPOFAGS BEGONE
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>>4159 >ban got appealed *appeal got approved
You were banned for reactionary cloaking. Calling them jews like that is clearly a violation of rule 3.
>>4163 That is retarded. Reactionary cloaking means trying to hide reactionary beliefs in left wing rhetoric ei. strasserism, nazbol bullshit, etc. Calling the voices of the hosts of chapo "whiny jew voices" is not reactionary cloaking! It is simply using "jew" in a way that is derogatory. You don't have to like it, but if you're gonna allow racial slurs on your board I don't see how you can reasonably draw the line at "jew".
>>4189 Jews are white and blacks aren’t, therefore saying niggers is okay but not any Jew jokes. Just don’t say anything that would upset a little pussy on /pol/ and you’ll be fine.
>>4189 Calling them jews has nothing to do with it, rather, it is calling them jews in a way that implies that jews are some kind of structural issue. If you don't think that comes off as pol level nonsense than need to reevaluate. >>4190 Trying to lie will help nothing.

Comrade 02/11/2020 (Tue) 15:13:00 No. 4184 [Reply] [Last]
I wanted to reply, but I didn't want to start another shitstorm in the mod thread. >>/leftypol/270561 >It hurt white people’s feelings, so therefore it’s Idpol. The post basically implied idpol is good and if you disagree you're white. How is that not idpol? >But saying “nigger” isn’t idpol That depends on the circumstances if you call a /pol/tard a /pol/nigger, it shouldn't be counted as idpol But saying "niggers are subhumans" is idpol. >I’m going to enjoy watching /leftypol/ collapse into another reactionary echo chamber again. >again It was never reactionary.
Some people are just retards, OP
>>4184 The post basically implied idpol is good and if you disagree you're white. How is that not idpol? No, I said the board is racist and it hides it with it's hypocritical "anti-idpol" stance which is really just quite implicit endorsement of white supremacy. >But saying “nigger” isn’t idpol >That depends on the circumstances This is something only white people believe. It's funny how I never hear white people saying this to black people in public. I mean surely black people understand it depends on circumstances lol >It was never reactionary. You all coddle Nazis but REEEE at anyone criticizing feminism and declare theme incels, it was always deeply reactionary. >Some people are just retards, OP Racist cope.

Why don't the users elect and recall mods? Comrade 02/03/2020 (Mon) 11:07:55 No. 4133 [Reply] [Last]
Those who are applying for the position can have their post history displayed publicly and then users can decide. And the decision would be in the form of "If no one has anything against _". We have mod logs, those mods that do stupid shit can be recalled after enough complaints; wouldn't even need a "majority", but if they get a dozen complaints they're out. Why pretend like there isn't a reserve army of bullied kids ready to grab onto and wield some internet power? For every bad mod, there are half a dozen less bad ones waiting to take his spot, probably. Then maybe Admins wouldn't need to prostrate themselves and beg for forgiveness after a rogue mod does something stupid.
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>>4135 or you could specifically select those with a long term posting history and invite them into an off board communication place with one vote each
>>4139 I think more people need to enter into the irc, too, personally.
>>4138 not sure which is the best option, there are probably others also. It would be good to have a conversation about how it might be possible to implement some kind of a democracy however
Mod Moderator A person who moderates A person who makes discussion more moderate. The opposite of a revolutionary. This is my song to you mods. Contemplate it well. Meditate upon’t
Votes suck, arguments exist.

Comrade 12/24/2019 (Tue) 00:29:15 No. 3831 [Reply] [Last]
>>>/GET/45269 Not only I get perma-banned for using the word 'neurotypical' the fucking mod mocks me because I am Spanish, the fuck is this shit?
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>>3847 what sort of parties do you have?
>>3848 comrade king you banned me thinking I was the castillian ban evading wtf you didn't even cared to watch the post history.
>>3845 /leftypol/ mods have no power over /GET/ mods and vice versa so it's not realistic to group them together
>>>/GET/45271 >>>/GET/45269 Imagine calling me an autistic sperg, using the 'muh tendies' meme against me, defending a neolib, perma-banning me for saying neurotypical + catalufo and still thinking that I am the one who is a reactionary. Listen up I don't give a shit if your community is 9 years old, do you see that sidebar up there? Now, it's not your community, is our community, fuck off, if you want intimacy and your own rules create a fucking Discord server like all the Twitter trannie mongs. You neurotypicals sure love to mock autistic children for safe spaces free from sensory overload, the special signs to avoid being shot by police and our 'sperging out', but you are acting like a bunch of hypersensitive snowflakes. I'd bet you were the motherfuckers spamming reports two months ago to get me banned in /dead/ and /leftypol/
>>3831 Based mods, tbh

Comrade 02/03/2020 (Mon) 15:21:59 No. 4142 [Reply] [Last]
Some motherfucker is spamming the site again.

(213.01 KB 1892x638 ban.png)
Comrade 12/30/2019 (Mon) 22:13:37 No. 3892 [Reply] [Last]
How about you guys take care of the tranny janitors abusing their power?
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>>3934 Reading the manifesto should be considered a requirement.
https://bunkerchan.xyz/.global/logs/leftypol/2020-01-22.html I have just experienced several threads I was in being deleted. Being surrounded by so much purging gives an uncomfy imageboard experience. I would like to see a rundown what kind of posts were exactly deleted, because the logs are unspecific (no reasons are given for deleted posts, leaving user insight into moderation process wanting) Comatoast, frankly, scares me.
>>3984 I have put forward a proposal that all bans must have a reason attached.
>>4041 Seconded.
>>3904 but Anon, it's not easy being green.

(289.72 KB 1444x954 r leftypol.png)
Comrade 01/30/2020 (Thu) 11:35:49 No. 4094 [Reply] [Last]
Would the community improve if we all moved to a reddit style website? we could downvote those anarkiddies into oblivion heh
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Is that a real board?
>>4094 >upvote system >everyone is namefag Gas yourself.
kill yourself spergzy
>>4094 Lol no. One of the major problems with is karma farming. It's why redditors are so irrating. They post LE RANDUM EPIC NARWAL BACON posts and puns everywhere for karma and reddit gold.

Comrade 01/29/2020 (Wed) 07:10:24 No. 4086 [Reply] [Last]
Remove this ban: >>>/leftypol/236886 You shouldn't ban people just because you disagree with them. Better yet, give us back >>>/dead/ where buttblasted tankie mods won't ban us for calling them out.
>>4086 you can literally always go created /dead/ on leftypol.org if you want a bespoke board for you niche community.
I lifted the ban
>>4089 Thanks


no cookies?