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(34.05 KB 300x429 alunya.png)
Bunkerchan Advertisements Comrade 10/16/2019 (Wed) 12:30:41 No. 2282 [Reply] [Last]
Can mods make a Bunkerchan patreon or something to fund for advertisements? I feel like we need to get more exposure.

Space_##m0Wyzz 10/11/2019 (Fri) 17:40:47 No. 2241 [Reply] [Last]
Bunkerchan gets mentioned in french media!
Wait are they blaming us for right wing terrorism ?


the liberal mainstream media is one that is glorifying these shooters, and giving them all the attention they crave.

Well the mainstream also glorifies the large scale imperial terrorism campaigns, in other countries, what a bunch of extremists. Technically the right wingers are just imitating liberal western governments killing innocent civilians, that is then glorified and rationalised by extremist ideologies, that say crazy things like bombings are humanitarian.
Nah more of a where everyone from 8chan has gone kinda story.
Tell me again how bunkerchan isn't a honeypot
Fucking awesome, but doesn't top when Vice mentioned us. That was pretty rad.

Space_##m0Wyzz 09/15/2019 (Sun) 16:37:14 No. 2085 [Reply] [Last]
Alright lads. I'm gunna be doing an AMA on Julay.world's guntstream at 7pm UK Time (1 and a half hours from now).
Who are you?
Owner of bunkerchan
That's cool
are you going to answer questions related to other chans you own or should I confine my inquires to bunkerchan related materials?

(500.37 KB 2560x1600 lunachan flag.png)
Zeke Roa 09/06/2019 (Fri) 16:15:01 No. 2048 [Reply] [Last]
Why does /GET/ have a MLPchan flag but not a Lunachan flag?
You should ask this to comrade king.
He has control over /GET/'s flags.

Is there saging on this site? Comrade 09/03/2019 (Tue) 08:10:06 No. 2034 [Reply] [Last]
If not, why not? There's beneficial advantages to it like the ability to self-moderate from derailing threads out of courtesy, or downright the ability to sage bad threads.
Nevermind, you can do it in email like some other chans, however only in the quick reply box.
(89.07 KB 519x685 Screenshot_20190904_032703.png)

Rotating consels Comrade 08/29/2019 (Thu) 18:49:03 No. 1977 [Reply] [Last]
What if rather than having a stagnating seat of moderating powers we had a rotating seat of staff members? For example every few months, years, what have you, we rotate mods from the mods staff? Wouldn't that make more sense than having just a bunch of mods sitting on power?

It could be done democratically
s o r t i t i o n

(112.89 KB 387x967 Screenshot_20190816_161728.png)
Sidebar slowing site down Comrade 08/16/2019 (Fri) 20:21:17 No. 1820 [Reply] [Last]
This sidebar is probably contributing 50% of your network usage, as well as your I/O of course. It is really annoying and basically useless. Please disable it by default.
3 posts omitted.
>What is clientside caching
>What is 304: Not modified status code
for $400 alex.
(39.17 KB 388x300 1566421516083.png)
Does anyone actually use it? It's annoying and sometimes I mistakenly click in it instead of the quick reply form and it moves to a different thread and it's annoying and I hate it
I use it, and I like it, I’ve only accidentally clicked on it a handful of times.
I’ve scrolled the side bar when I intended to scroll the thread a lot though.
Nice digits.
If you disable javascript it doesn't show up ever.

Comrade 08/10/2019 (Sat) 14:32:16 No. 1677 [Reply] [Last]
I was wondering, should we reach out an olive branch to /pol/ now that 8chan is banned? Maybe on a leftist imageboard we might convert them and when they have their own board it would be a nice turnaround (since we were on their board).
5 posts omitted.
8ch was pretty much their site.
This site is managed by communists.
As long as pol can keep their retarditus to their own board or thread then they can have it; we need to be opening up and having a discussion with these types of people. If you want to beat their asses do it in the street. Doing it online is simply being a larping faggot.
Eh maybe 4/pol/ if you make good devoted threads, ignore bait and answer only semi good faith questions. But idk why people keep trying to do this. Interested /pol/acks that come on their own are one thing and they've become valuable members before and have good perspective. But actively recruiting them always means compromising with them and trying to find common ground which usually takes the form of adopting certain right wing idpol ("fags are annoying lol") as a cheap substitute for actual principled anti-idpol.
But we shouldnt absolutely not have a devoted board for them. As much as "platforming" is usually a meme this would be an actual instance of giving people who have proven themselves to be virulent and encourage horrific violence a place to discuss and organize. I am entirely against it. A devoted cyclical thread on the /leftypol/ board should be the most.
I didn't mean giving them threads, I thought about making a space for 8chan refugees where they can have their own /pol/ if you want to.

It would be a nice turn around.
What stops people from posting their serial killer manifesto on /leftypol/? I think this 8chan blame for the shootings his hypocrisy. The shooter posted on Instagram and then someone, not him, posted it on 8chan. So is Instagram going to be shut down?

WEBMS MP4s Comrade 08/18/2019 (Sun) 04:10:22 No. 1843 [Reply] [Last]
I can't neither play nor download webms on bunkerchan. It says something about bunkerchan certificate not being trusted and not having a know issuer.
Fix this shit fam.
phone/OS/browser/etc? you're the second person in 100000 to complain about certs
Firefox 68.0.2 on Arch Linux.
GNU/Wget 1.20.30-2 also on Arch.
Also my system is up to date with the latest ca-certificates package.
And I also have tried replacing https by http at the link beginning but it doesn't work either.

(38.39 KB 796x342 leftypol ad.PNG)
Am I going to get banned here? Comrade 08/07/2019 (Wed) 02:16:17 No. 1365 [Reply] [Last]
I didn't know where to post this so I'm assuming the meta board is the place for such questions.

/pol/ refugee here. I'm going to be completely honest, I'm a Fascist. Well, Fascist in terms of 'worldview' but politically a Strasserist and here's my beef:

>-attempt to cloak reactionary politics in left-wing rhetoric (Strasserism, "Nazbol" Strasserism, National "Socialism," Zionism, "Die cis scum"/"Kill all white men" SJW shit)

So is the person advertising this place unaware of this? Wtf do I do? Am I not welcome and is anything I say gonna get me banned? I'll be blunt, I've been a 'National Socialist' since 2012, but I was a little 's' socialist. Over the past two years, I've become a big 'S' Socialist. I used to think SJW'ism was Marxist, but it's become very clear this is a product of liberalism and capitalism. I slowly began to see the impact of capitalism and industrialisation. I'm anti-capitalist, big unionist, worker collective anti-'porky'. Is my input allowed on this board? Are threads discussing race, race-class dynamics allowed? I have multiple threads ideas that feel more comfortable here than on /pol/ but frankly, might be better on /pol/ if only to bring others over to anti-capital ideas. Or at least to oppose 'conservatism'. I wouldn't know how to not 'cloak' my views in left-rhetoric when those are my views and I hold an economically left but socially hard right perspective.

Or should I take the hint and go elsewhere? I don't know why you'd advertise this with such an odd rule which clearly tells people like us to get lost.

Also, no offense, but this interface looks like shit, is there a way to change the colours and fonts?
24 posts and 2 images omitted.
There should be a board/website specifically dedicated to reeducating and integrating people from a /pol/ background and discussing ideas that are on the fence of acceptable within our communities.

People from /pol/ are educated by very specific articles of propaganda and ideas that are rarely directly refuted in a serious positive discussion from people who come from the same background. I feel that if there was a place where fascists who doubted their beliefs to go to talk about what is considered wrongthink in their communities it would help many people transition away.
I say this as somebody from a /pol/ background myself. Because I've never bought into any of the cultural or super racist elements of fascist ideology that circulates on /pol/ but have always found myself critical of leftism too, resulting in me having no real "home" per say to discuss things without my opinions being unacceptable.

Point is that we are all ideologically and personally evolving from exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking and simultaneously unlearning ideas and theories we are no longer interested in or find relevant to our personal take on the world. Right wingers are just like left wingers and have arrived at their position for what they consider completely rational reasons because of what they've been exposure to up to this point, and gatekeeping due to the perceived ignorance and brainwashing of opponents prevents those few people that can doubt their dogmas from being accepted and learning about the other side of things and seeing that their enemies too arrived at their points for rational reasons and this can lend to a mutual understanding across both sides as people pursue what they believe is right together.

However I rarely see this kind of engagement on the chans or elsewhere due to specific ideological lines that do not tolerate each other enough to seriously engage with each other and hence create echochambers for radicals.

I figure a chan managed by /leftypol/ administrators that tolerates fascism specifically within the context of debate, refutation of propaganda, and reeducation would be pretty successful. I don't know, maybe something like rtspchan(reeducation through shitposting chan) with a specific board pipeline for people to go through.

Board for undoubting fascists to debate head to head with leftists.
Board for doubting fascists and the refutation of propaganda.
Teaching and education pipeline to instill theory for those who've dropped their beliefs and are ready to accept leftism.

Maybe it can host some essential books as well, and the presence of a specific zone for spoonfeeding curious fascists would lead them away from pure leftist areas. Sorry for rambling it's just something I'd like to see and that I'd use as an educational resource if it existed.
somehting similar to r/debatefascism?
except with out reddit faggotry.
/leftypol/ is fine, though
Nah reddit sucks, if reddit provided the experience we wanted thats where we'd be. Instead Chan environments are actually pretty fun and challenging explicitly because they're anonymous and memes and shitposting can be shared easier with people with otherwise controversial opinions. Our communities were never meant to be serious its just meant to extrapolate the style of shitposting about obscure anime to obscure politics. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah, /leftypol/ and other explicitly leftist communities counter to /pol/ are great which is why I figure a bridge would be useful to alleviate the misery of leftists trying to hold a conversation on /pol/ and vice versa.


no cookies?