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(11.02 KB 234x250 cia.jpg)
Sputnik##SgNipD 06/28/2020 (Sun) 03:32:58 No. 5042 [Reply] [Last]
>call someone a nigger >get banned >call someone a kike >get banned >say slur >get banned come on you're better than that guys
>>5042 They don't ban anyone for this. cope and seethe.
>>5044 i've seen it, shit happened to me
>be idiot >get banned >repeat forever >never learn anything You're doing great, dude. Keep it up.
>>5046 You've now been banned from /r/leftypol for ableism

(22.87 KB 370x202 0713.jpg)
retroshare? Vox 06/20/2020 (Sat) 21:13:00 No. 5017 [Reply] [Last]
I know this is going to end poorly but I've gotta try and hopefully it wont be as bad as anticipated. Hello are you desperately lonely? Incredibly paranoid? Scrabbling for meaning in an empty and pointless existence? Wishing you had a way to experience human contact with minimal risk and (provided you take appropriate precautions) relative safety? Do you want to have friends but are deeply afraid of having anything you say used against you in one way or another. Wish that you had a way of keeping contact with one person without having them know who you are? Well I’m hoping to setup a friendly way of talking with other people in your same circumstances. To do this I’d like to invite as many people as possible with the above set of problems to join me in using Retroshare to reach out blindly into the darkness surrounding us. (and hope for the best) To do this in a safe and secure manner, I suggest following the instructions available on this page (https://retroshare.cc/downloads.html) to install, and route Retroshare through Tor, to ensure additional anonymity. Once that's done feel free to post your public key in the thread below. Have a nice day. I hope to have an interesting conversation with you in the future tl:dr I’m lonely I know your lonely too lets talk. CQEGAcGUxsBNBF7fDqoBCACwC7pl2MTJmJ5dHEgJmQxuJ/weVS/UfbUwgUgiEUHW Gy3SuGEmNAdMycVrKY3zUc0p2yUQA2z9QAS4B+cp2lIpbqgzHjZpVF59yfWyNk9w itbAupWpvV7/c4wbJZo0o0ZKwHKeaMtK6gUx0RHnCITyEKe+GK7CYwfuqgQkzrPV Hun8z0bHvEAl1LdLep9QTDiLAEFZIFO2V6naoGxrfXuqhFHrAip8ON/95CVY/YVG QLglQySfHn0sUk0StbkWABfKZdq77peSHLB4sjkW6CS44ZEuOTurhMAqOupSzQBe QCcoJKgdZsfA8m0Zu0IhtbSjtKoYZXSzJZKDQC2tWVlHABEBAAHNIFZveCAoR2Vu ZXJhdGVkIGJ5IFJldHJvU2hhcmUpIDw+wsBfBBMBAgATBQJe3w6qCRBxjMmYyjX4

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(173.65 KB 800x388 kek.jpg)
Bunkerchan is falling dowm Space_##m0Wyzz 07/05/2016 (Tue) 21:27:50 No. 436 [Reply] [Last]
falling down, falling down, bunkerchan is falling down, my fair lady.


Current problems
1) Deep_comrade Brought something up with the CSS
2)SSL has expired Hoxha, jny needs to update it.


Please add more to the thread.
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Come on, a
certbot certonly -w /var/www/servers/bunkerchan.xyz -d bunkerchan.xyz
isn't that hard
Piss off!
Certs been renewed!
>>436 >checks date how is this post 4 years old? i was 14 when this got posted for the first time and it is still here?
>>5010 It's the meta board, what do you expect? I deleted all the old shitposts so there would be more space in the catalog too. So old threads like this will stick around a while.

(65.96 KB 561x562 Small_b1073d_6144616.jpg)
bear's solution to serve space bear 03/30/2020 (Mon) 02:54:57 No. 4519 [Reply] [Last]
Bunkerchan was down for a while on 3/29/20, and while it was down, I was talking to a fellow fa/GET/ on how to fix the situation. I came up with this solution. Much like Margret Thatcher, we're going to need to do some austerity. Move any threads like people like, but are kinda slow burner (EX: /dprk/ , /prc/) and put them into a less active board, /ref/ being a perfect example, so that they don't die as easily. Then cut leftypol's page count by half to have more space in the servers. While you're at it, also move all country specific thread to /ref/ as it seems more appropriate the it would be there, as /ref/ is kinda like Bunkerchan's /int/ anyway **and would boost activity in that board, which may lead to more activity, see this thread >>321740** This is what i believe y'all should consider for this to not happen again, cause I don't want to see anything about topology anymore
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(2.02 MB 2100x1170 bears_ussr.png)
(314.27 KB 1280x853 kuma_chilling.jpg)
Why was Bunkerchan down this time?
>>4741 502 Error. Basically, bunkerchan fucked up talking to cloud-flair.
>>4554 Based and Honey-pilled, comrade bear-kun
(8.31 KB 260x194 kuma_computer2.jpg)
I gotta question. Has there been any talk among to staff or Space to get more servers. I remember during the riots when Bunker went down, Space was talking about getting another server on CyTube I believe

(64.68 KB 510x680 feel the chop.jpg)
Comrade 03/21/2020 (Sat) 13:57:14 No. 4406 [Reply] [Last]
someone just posted child porn, someone should be locked up, mods do something
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>>4407 Sadly it is posted via TOR so we cant do much.
>>4408 okay understandable
YO IT'S BACK UP I HATE THIS I FUCKING HATE THIS I ONLY HEARD ABOUT IT BUT NOW I SAW THE THUMBNAIL BAN THESE PEDOSHITS Is there a option to disable overboard thumbnails. I don't want this to happen again.
Hi, sorry I am unknowledgable with this stuff, but I wanna help. Do you guys have an image filter? Are you reporting to authorities anyways just to cover leftypols ass/on the off chance he fucked up and leaked his ip or something?
>>4989 bump his request would also like to know if you are reporting to the authorities

Comrade 03/31/2020 (Tue) 15:16:00 No. 4546 [Reply] [Last]
What's your excuse for not using the best theme in the game?
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>>4626 ITT: Seething windows tards.
>>4626 this, but unironically. you know journalists in countries with repressive laws use TAILS pendrives all the time for this exact reason right?
>>4628 Nah bro just trust windows. They got it all under control. :^)
Cuz it's a fucking eyesore. Fuck Colgate, fuck Yotsuba, fuck default, Dark is where it's at.
>>4984 how can one man be so based?

(17.10 KB 529x87 WTAF.JPG)
WTF IS THIS SHIT?? Comrade 06/09/2020 (Tue) 22:32:59 No. 4972 [Reply] [Last]
Pic related. What in the absolute hell jannies? I've never once posted anything remotely nazi-like, and I've been consistently reporting all the /pol/tards and twitter nazis who come and derail threads. Can you explain to me why the hell you think I'm an "insane twitter nazi?"
>>4972 Do you use a VPN or Tor then there's your answer. If not that's weird.
>>4974 I use Tor.
>>4975 Well there you go.
>>4976 So was it for suspected ban evasion, or are Tor users banned on sight or something? Cuz I've been posting using Tor for months now.
>>4977 The tor node you're using was previously used by a user who got banned.

(174.47 KB 900x605 19180902-red_terror-banner.jpg)
Comrade 06/05/2020 (Fri) 01:04:36 No. 4927 [Reply] [Last]
I request the enactment of Red Terror in the /bürgerkrieg/ thread. It's not so much the raiders themselves who are ruining it but the horde of drooling idiots who think that replying with "I'm not being baited because I know it's bait" makes them the love buttbaby of Marx and Bakunin. Lord knows I don't mind silly shitposting as long as it's funny, but what's going in that thread is not it. Please at least probate everyone who replies to the bait posts.
I have to thank you, the thread improved massively. But 5 hours later, one of the trolls returned and all the cucks are taking the bait. Oh well. There's at least one troll who I'm fairly sure is a chatbot, he replies almost exclusively with janky greentext contrarianism. Does the board have some way to botcheck?
Are all the mods asleep? If it's an issue of time zones, make me a mod, assuming my post history is not too autistic. We need to crackdown hard for now on obvious bait, until these trolls leave.
I'm fairly sure there has been a chatbot shitting a few theads up for a while now with the cheapest contrarianism ever. Nothing but one-liners with keywords plus a variation on "no u". When the conversation swerved rather suddenly about drugs, I think it became a bit more obvious. Are these posts by the same person? >>/leftypol/593444 >>/leftypol/593428 >>/leftypol/593386 >>/leftypol/593363

(26.15 KB 718x538 1590886057576.jpg)
Comrade 05/31/2020 (Sun) 20:43:16 No. 4890 [Reply] [Last]
Why was my post deleted? I fly a nazi flag, I'm open about what I am, and you delete my post? I know the rules, and I didn't break a single one. I was here 6 months ago, and I while I may have been banned, my posts weren't deleted. I was able to appeal and get unbanned because mods seem to play fast and loose with the rules, but this is a whole new fucked up direction you're going in. Why are mods suddenly allowed to delete posts? WTF happened to this place? My post: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/541168.html#q554609 How was this breaking any rules? I want it restored and to continue my openly Nazi good faith discussion in a highly relevant crisis.
5 posts and 2 images omitted.
(371.26 KB 667x792 1579064222323.png)
>>4896 >maybe if you didn't derail a thread Bullshit. I replied to people. Why weren't the people I replied to punished for this so-called derailment when I was dicussing their post which they were discussing? They said antifa had no leadership or hierarchy, and posted that they were wrong and explained why. It was a riot thread, about riots, about various groups in the riots. It was a completely different take which included information regarding nationalist sentiment and refusal to engage in the riots for the first time. It was completely on topic and better than 60% of the posts which were just shitposts. My messages were deleted because I am a Nazi. You can't even admit you, you coward. Explain how I derailed? I was banned for 'evasion' even though I wasn't evading. Can you explain that shit? I read other complaints on /gulag/ from communists who have the same complaint. They too were banned for evading even though they never evaded. Your system is bullshit and it is fucked. You know it is. >>4897 >implying you weren't banned from reddit under the justification that you were a 'class reductionist' Don't lie to me. I've engaged with leftypol for years. I know the shit you get for being anti-idpol. I read and engaged in the threads of marxists who were on reddit and complained about being banned for class reductionists. Shit, that's why they made separate reddits which were more ironic. I'm not at all surprised the numbers of nazbols have arisen due to these bans and the demoralisation that comes with separation from a collective they had bonded with. We're social creatures, and we get tribal. Politics is surprisingly fickle amongst most people, especially in radical circles. >>4898 >It's a fucking image board my dude, not an actual political entity. Quit chimping out. If you can't enforce your worldview on a forum on a micro scale, how the fuck cooed you possibly enforce it on a macro scale. Factions of yours want an equal society of stateless democracy. You have a forum with unnaccountable mods banning not only a Nazi like myself for NO REASON AT ALL, but I have read threads where other communists get banned for being part of a faction some mod has a personal opposition to.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>4895 >>4899 Mods rarely check this place. t. mod >I have read threads where other communists get banned for being part of a faction some mod has a personal opposition to. such as? sounds bullshit. nazbol or other simarly less bootlicking than fascism but still reactionary ideologies don't really count. As for your posts, we're getting bombarded by nazi retards even more now than ever. A lot of them in bad faith. If you posted something reactionary without the nazi flag, maybe I deleted it by IP. And also, if you weren't banned, stop crying, the thread is moving so fast it cycles every couple of hours.
>>4899 > Don't bullshit me and tell me this place has the same users it had 6 months ago. > Heavy handed tight grip moderation always kills image boards and forums, even a Marxist one like yours. >We're here to engage and bantz, not circlejerk. This is in a sense a leftist safe space. All other online community is infested with liberal idpol. We keep it this way by being protective of the community and allowing discussion, you should know this. BTW, your bullshit about this site being slower than 6 months ago is unadulterated pure bullshit. We've never EVER had this much traffic on bunkerchan. fwiw, I spoke with the other mods about your situation. your post is long gone btw. the thread cycles insanely fast.
>>4899 Bro you were acting like a faggot because no one wanted to stomp your dick. You deserved it entirely
Just wanted to add, you forgot your place OP, this is a communist board, as a neonazi, you are here by our discretion. You should probably kill yourself, offline, if you can't help but use fash virtue signaling in a thread complaining about your ban.

(228.52 KB 1600x1517 human_zoo_pictures (2).jpg)
Mods stop it. Concerned effort poster 05/09/2020 (Sat) 13:44:01 No. 4809 [Reply] [Last]
The mods should only delete what breaks the rules. Stop deleting larouce. Stop giving bans to anyone whos ideology you personally don't like. The left is a big place with a lot of history it can't all be eurocoms and vulgar MLism.
(1.43 MB 1100x3000 examples.png)
>>4809 I posted this in the /leftypol/ moderator thread but I had a feeling someone might be mentioning it in /gulag/ too so I came over here. I just wanted to give an example of how many random idpol, troll, Sakai and anti-Sakai threads we have up at any given time. I think one thread for this topic would be fine, but this is a lot of bullshit to be dealing with.
More focus on moderating the threads and less on people's takes on shit would be better. Lots of low effort threads tend to be made, it kills too much of the other stuff.


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