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Word filters 01/07/2020 (Tue) 12:02:08 No. 3915 [Reply] [Last]
Please change the /autists/ wordfilter to /zion/ Polyps aren't autists, they're zionists
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If you filter /pol/ it fucks up hyperlinks and makes it inconvenient to do embassy thread shit. >>3916 Dollar signs are better. The Hibernian conspiracy is kind of obscure, and not useful for agitprop. Ironic racism <<<<< unironic class analysis. Both can make memes.
>>3919 Isn't filtering brackets to dollar signs just anti semitic in a different way though lol?
>>3920 How? Jewish or not elites do plot and fuck people because of money.
>>3919 >Dollar signs are better. The Hibernian conspiracy is kind of obscure. It might be obscure but it is part of the board culture. Also I don't think the /pol/yps would mind dollar signs, for in their minds rich = jewish.
>>3922 Exactly what I meant about it being anti-semitic

Comrade 12/31/2019 (Tue) 07:00:22 No. 3896 [Reply] [Last]
Fix VPNs pls
Bump VPNs keep getting blocked. Pls fix
Please 0rovide pics and explaination of what is broken since I don't have a VPN to test it. Thanks in advance. T codemonkey kun
>>3907 well, they are blocked from posting. If you try to make a post you get the message: >Your IP was recognized as a known spammer. instead
>>3909 Testing from a VPN.

(379.23 KB 4090x2935 2.3Logo.png)
LynxChan 2.3 Stephen Lynx 10/05/2019 (Sat) 17:32:32 No. 2220 [Reply] [Last]
This release, 2.3, enters beta today and brings many features built on the feedback of kohlchan, that adopted it a few months ago. The highlighths of this version are as follows:

Exif data stripping.
User warnings instead of bans.
Board language.
Global filters.
Mime validation.
Dnsbl integration.
Log user name redacting.
Unbound board settings.
Quote adjustment on thread transfer.
Last replies page.
Board logs.
Post and file history of users.
Mod view for board pages and preview posts.
ASN bans.
Transferred thread redirect.
Opt-out hyperlink processing on posts.
Post-login redirect to failed attempted access.

Manual reset for automatic board locks.
Proper ip ranges handling.
Immediate orphaned file pruning.
Configurable captcha font.
Opt-in http2.
Simultaneous banner upload.
Tor dnsbl detection.
Self account deletion.
Trusted proxies.
Separate and longer flood timer to thread creation.
Added reason and expiration to all kinds of bans.
pretty cool Lynx, and many thanks!
That's a shit ton of cool new shit.
Pretty dope shit, you the real mvp Comrade Lynx
>"does arrow quoting work?"

Upgrade to 2.3 Comrade Board volunteer 12/19/2019 (Thu) 19:55:31 No. 2865 [Reply] [Last]
Bunkerchan has upgraded to lynxchan version 2.3 New features: - Not going down from captcha attacks, hopefully - Last post view - Logs per board - Some mod shit like being able to give warnings instead of bans, better history overview, etc Bug fixes: Fixed anchor plugin to actually import neccecary values from the backend, rather than just crashing the website. Oops.
I can't post images, it says 'The site has reached it's total file capacity.'
allow me to post new files reee
shit's broken plz fix space

(136.44 KB 125x71 155788767910s.gif)
Changes to the board and ideas moving forward; Comrade Admin 10/29/2019 (Tue) 17:02:22 No. 2437 [Reply] [Last]
So, since 8chan is obviously not coming back and, 8kun glows brighter than a fucking quasar, it looks like we're gonna be sticking around here for a while.
In lue of this, I have noticed an uptic in the amount of stickies we have on the site. Namely in /gulag/ but also in other places.

So here's the deal: /gulag/ is now going to serve its purpose for the site as the meta board.
/gulag/ is going to be the meta board where everyone discusses everything and does your general bitching about the staff and everything else here for the time being.
We have having a discussion on dissolving the other threads and having /gulag/ act as the permanent meta itself; Making one dedicated sticky in gulag, or making two dedicated cyclicals for /get/ and /leftypol/ here in /gulag/ for bitching about the mods.

As of now post your ideas and complaints here and I will deal with them for the time being till we come to something definitive.

For now, feel free to discuss the current idea floating around: Should we let /gulag/ act as its own meta for everything from new ideas for boards, the expansion or retraction of the site to "Mods fucking suck and did xyz" or should we have one dedicated sticky for bitching about mod action, OR, should we have two dedicated cyclical threads to complain about mod action individually from /get/ or /leftypol/?

This has been a public service announcement.
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If you use an android phone you're maybe interested in using Dashchan with the bunkerchan extention >>2091

Personally I like using it, but it has some issues
>it's hard to access /hobby/
>it still has /tech/ and /e/
>you can't fill in captchas (you can't make threads on /leftypol/)
>some people don't like how dashchan shows links (pic related)
can't access captcha getting a error 500 on the image also mods please delete >>167054 for spam
i'd like to see a bit more of an allowance of nationalistic discussion, it seems only fair as it seems that recently liberal ideas/threads have been more allowed, that is not to say that having liberal threads should is itself a bad thing i think freeflow discussion is best for this site and for the boards in general, otherwise it turns into a bunch of generals and bait/troll threads
Just looking at the top of the catalog there's these shitshows
and also this
What more do you need?
>>2854 >missing and depricated boards kek I need to add it to the sidemenu.html >Busted captcha's Sadly a known issue. The Alt Chan Alliance is hopefully going to be working on an actual lynxchan mobile app so we finally have a good working app one day. >>2620 Lynxchan has a archiving function. It's off because no space_ :^)

(10.58 KB 307x263 1.png)
Comrade 11/25/2019 (Mon) 15:19:41 No. 2772 [Reply] [Last]
I cant post, it always gives this error and the timer never appears.
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It should be X
I’m having a similar issue but I can’t upload images. This means I also can’t make a thread so I’m complaining here. The page just reloads and nothing changes. I’m phoneposting if that matters.
same here cant make posts, it keeps telling me to have a block bypass.
As of yesterday I was unable to load the Capatcha on both my mobile and laptop.

(88.27 KB 1245x870 default css.png)
The default css Comrade 11/07/2019 (Thu) 09:40:04 No. 2616 [Reply] [Last]
What is bunkerchans opinion of the default css?

Personally I believe that Yotsuba should be the default css because:
-Yotsuba is already the default of /GET/.
-It used to be the default of /leftypol/ on 8chan.
-The current default can scare new people off.
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It looks like we should change the CSS. Even then, how much are we willing to change the actual CSS.

This also happened to me. It happened to me mostly while I was browsing Bunkerchan with a smartphone.
(400.80 KB 1080x2259 bc-bar.jpg)
Posting here because it seems like a decent enough fit.

This is a relatively minor change, but one that I feel would do a lot to help with site usability: Make the top bar collapsible. On mobile browsers, it takes up a good chunk of screen space and makes the whole experience feel cramped. Something like how 4chan handles it would do so much toward making the site comfy to use on mobile.
If you use an android phone you're maybe interested in using Dashchan with the bunkerchan extention >>2091

Personally I like using it, but it has some issues
>it's hard to access /hobby/
>it still has /tech/ and /e/
>you can't fill in captchas (you can't make threads on /leftypol/)
(473.44 KB 1080x2265 Screenshot_20191212-141336__01.jpg)
I've tried using the dashchan app, but one thing I've run into that really affects user experience is this weird thing that happens with links. For whatever reason, any link in a post shows up as 'link "> link' (pic related). I'm honestly partial to clover, as it feels more polished, but as far as I know, it doesn't have support for this site yet.

(5.90 KB 510x179 made-up reason.png)
Accountability for false accusations Comrade 12/11/2019 (Wed) 19:38:05 No. 2839 [Reply] [Last]
There should be punishment for moderators (like caballo) who completely make up a reason to ban you just because they don't agree with your posts. I never posted any "gore", this is quite a random reason to come up with.
Do you use a vpn?
(198.01 KB 800x1280 1452838635856-1.png)
I am able to look at your post history, yes you did. Of course it is also possible that you shared your IP with someone but that's not something in my control.

Overall though, your posts were garbage and I would have probably banned you regardless.

t. Caballo

(252.53 KB 800x800 gay.png)
Comrade 11/09/2019 (Sat) 20:50:03 No. 2630 [Reply] [Last]
will we ever return to the glory days of old /leftypol/ when it was a chaotic mess ?
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(64.58 KB 1680x1050 dq9ALU.png.jpe)
Nevermind the outflux due to overregulation.
lefty ban lefty good
>le old days
>unironic tranny twitter radlibs who created a board to spurn /pol/
>genuine socialists took over and brought over the real far left
Your nostalgia for "old leftypol" is cringe. Old leftypol was terrible, and while good for a laugh and the occasional based take, is like comparing Hunter-Gatherer tribes to Babylon.
Actually the troons came later

(59.70 KB 1360x764 Xi-Jinping.jpg)
Comrade 11/30/2019 (Sat) 01:52:05 No. 2789 [Reply] [Last]
Put a reply button at the bottom of thread pages please.


no cookies?