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(121.46 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
recommend me a chill fps game, /game/ Comrade 11/09/2020 (Mon) 05:30:03 No. 6258
>don't care for story >don't care for graphics other than it should have more co lours than just gray and brown shit >should have controller support >singleplayer >should be re playable so far, i think the borderlands series, far cry and doom fit these niches do you have any other suggestions? i basically just want to binge youtube videos and shoot at enemies leisurely this mario micro fps ticks all boxes but it's extremely short
The best game to play while stoned is Team Fortress Tw- Oh, you want a singleplayer game.
>>6259 lmao how do you play tf2 while being stoned i'm bad at it just while playing sober
if you want a wildcard, try this game in this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXMtQ1ptQh4 if you don't mind modding, the SPV3 mod for Halo:CE is good fun. You just need a valid Halo: CE Custom Edition install (you can get a free permanent key for it by google searching) then you can install the mod for it via its download on the SPV3 subreddit. Likewise, there are lots of fun single player custom maps for the original Star Wars Battlefront 2, if you want a more arcade-y type of shooter.
STALKER Call of Chernobyl
>>6261 i think spv3 is quite bloated, original halo ce is just fine too and so is Ruby's rebalanced mod for it you can get halo 2 for free without torrenting or anything by searching up "project cartographer"
(71.49 KB 700x700 spgame.jpeg)
>>6258 South Park, the fps from 1999.
thank you comrades i looked at all your suggestion gameplays they're great
Very much recommend BPM: Bullets Per Minute. Its a roguelike FPS that is quite similar to the new Dooms in terms of gameplay. It has a gimick where you can only shoot on the song beat, but it can be turned off and the game still is a blast to play without it. Very replayable but colours might be a turn-off. Should be perfect while listening to something. The new Wolfenstein series. Old Blood and New Order are great. New Collosus gets a bit meh, but if you like the previous two, it is also pretty good. Not overly replayable though. Don't know if they are great while listening a podcast. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and its Breakthrough and Spearhead expansions. Played them a while back, like 6-7 years ago when I had a potato PC. Were great fun and just as you said in OP, I'd listened to YT shit in the background. Wildcard suggestion: Dishonored 1, 2, Knife of Dunwald and Death of the Outsider. You'd think these are story-based stealth games, but they are also an absolute blast to play if you go full schizo killer. The fact that they are supposed to be stealth games means the combat can be quite hybridized if you want it to be. Also its allways fun to find creative outside the box ways to horribly butcher your enemies. Arguably quite replayable, but there also is a lot of it, so doesn't matter much. Also I'd listen to YT while doing these kill everything runs as well.
>>6258 Since you already know about DOOM. Take a look at this DOOM mod: http://adventuresofsquare.com/
>>6265 Is the one that has snowballs and shooting eggs out of chickens??
>>6278 you alright in the head there lad
>>6275 Exactly!
>>6274 getting into doom mods in general is good idea for OP
>>6260 you can get away with playing pyro, engie, or spy without much hand-eye coordination at all if you have good positioning.
>>6258 Painkiller is good Hell and damnation is great, recommend it. Although, it's grey and dark shit Ravenfield is decent as well Wolfenstein too
(461.41 KB 1000x1000 overload.png)
Go play Overload right now.
>>6473 seconding this
(251.60 KB 2518x1152 0128371.jpg)
kind of the opposite of chill, but I suppose the point of the game is that you build muscle memory with repetition until you can clear stages like a robot.
>>6497 what is this game?
>>6498 >what is this game? SYNTHETIK. It's an top-down tactical shooter with randomly generated levels, in-depth gunplay and a perk system.
(56.51 KB 758x462 caliber.jpg)
Caliber, a recent Russian one where you play as Spetsnaz soldiers.
>>6274 this is perfect it's an fps about food and very much bright
(170.29 KB 640x356 Mr. Plinkett - Oh...-1.webm)
>>6505 >game from the creators of world of tanks
>>6258 Deep Rock Galactic kind of fits. No story to speak of per se, Grapics are low poly but well made, and isn't "realistic" drab grays. Definitely has controller support, and is very replayable since the levels are randomly generated. Only way it differs from your list of requested features is that it is also multiplayer. However you can defiitely play it singleplayer and you get a (literal) bot that will help you out if you only do solo mode, and there isn't really any content locked out if you are playing singleplayer.


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