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(479.74 KB 1920x1080 20200511233059_1.jpg)
/gsg/ Comrade 05/15/2020 (Fri) 22:39:24 No. 605
We have a HoI4 thread but why not just have a Grand Strategy general thread? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people here who play the other grand stratgy games/think hoi4 is too dumbed down shit. Plus /gsg/ on 4chan is infected with /pol/yps and I really want an alternative place to discuss the games. So what's everyone been playing? Here's the results of my recent Serbia to Yugoslavia campaign.
>>605 Are there any non-paradox gsg worth playing? Looking for something different.
>>606 The closest off the top of my head would be Age of Civilizations 1 and 2. Never played either game, though.
(1.22 MB 1280x1000 freeciv.png)
Playing a lot of FreeOrion and Freeciv lately myself. Are there any grand strategy games that properly deal with the micromanagement problem in late game?
>>622 Bruh those games can be fun for the first time, or if u play with a friend but otherwise it just gets too damn boring
(841.14 KB 600x600 moonblade.png)
>>606 Does Dominions count as grand strategy? You play as a god trying to knock off all the other gods and become the big guy at the top. The game mostly focuses on building and arranging armies and giving your spellcasters orders. It also has some fun memes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLyWKkAZn2w
>>657 The last time I played Dominions I encountered a weird bug where I spawned on an ocean tile and couldn't move units. Couldn't find any info on that bug, so I don't know if it's common.
>>674 I've never had that happen, although Illwinter is one of those "two guys renting an office in a strip mall" type companies so crazy bugs happen. They're a pretty dedicated pair of guys, though, so patches come out regularly, known bugs get fixed, and they're cranking out loads of new free content for Dominions V in the form of some cool factions that I won't play because I'm too lazy to make their gimmicks work when I can just play MA Ulm or EA Ermor, but the existence of a Prestor John inspired faction makes me happy.
>>605 Communism in Victoria is pretty restrictive. If a nation adopts communism, it still has primary nations, primary religions and due to mechanics it attempts to go back to slavery. Same with Anarchists, where it is just Ancaps on steroids who don't live long due to mechanics pushing them into adopting democracy.
>>1609 We should make a mod that improves the politics of V2 since only God knows when we'll get V3
>>1609 Play CWE, it adds enough shit to make a commie run good (including Market Communism à la Deng). Granted that sometimes it might get weird, like having a Jingoist Market Communist Albania that's a member of the EU, NATO, OECD, etc that goes around declaring wars all over Africa to get that sweet pop ideology boost event.
Anybody still play Darkest Hour? Was gonna see about porting over some scenarios from HOI2 and maybe adding some content as well
any good Victoria 2 mods to paint the world red with?
(151.87 KB 1400x1883 0amy2rt.png)
Hello, there is a Victoria II multiplayer campaign starting this Saturday (August 22th). If someone here would like to participate sign up in discord server https://discord.gg/QHtx3p
(19.33 KB 474x251 glow.jpg)
>>3847 >discord
>>2805 The Cold War Enhanced mod is pretty good, starts in 1947 and still being updated. https://github.com/settintotrieste/Victoria-2-Cold-War-Enhancement-Mod-CWE/tree/master/CWE/localisation
(82.30 KB 600x336 screenshot1.jpg)
>>606 What about games from Kremlingames like crisis in the Kremlin? Are they worth playing?
Who /Darkest Hour/ here?
>>3867 Hell yeah comrade I've been thinking about trying my hand at modding DH again, now if only I had graphical skills
>>3867 I still play it, it's the right amount of autism and has actually in war events unlike hoi4 hoi3 straddles the line too much between fun and autism and at that point I'm just gonna fire up War in the East/West instead War in the East 2 soon
(223.48 KB 981x719 paradox fags.png)
>>3885 >googles war in the east holy shit and I thought HOI was autistic
>>3886 WitE isn't that bad honestly, they have a ton of small scale scenarios for you to dip your toes into the full scale 41-45 war where you control the entire front literally takes years to play through tho
Bump, this can be the new HOI thread
If anyone's feeling nostalgic a few Hoi3 workshop mods have been made for Hoi4. Makes the map, division counters, SFX, loading screens, and music all from Hoi3. it's pretty dope.
(112.39 KB 572x303 1458583466342.jpg)
What is the best way of getting into HOI4? Are there any good up to date tutorials or playthroughs made by youtubers which explain the mechanics? I'm a bit of a casual who only played EU4
>>6197 Are you buying it or pirating
>>6198 I'm appropriating it so to speak.
>>6197 You box select units. You use the "draw front line" tool on a border. You draw a "plan" of attack. You declare war and watch as your dudes automatically carry out the plan while you afk and watch national foci complete. You modify the crap basic division to be 7 inf and 2 arty If you have industry and doods you make it like a 14 inf and 4 arty, and eventually toss in a tank destroyer. This makes you invincible last I tried. You enable NATO logotypes to feel like you are a real general and not just a larper with a broken game. You invade Japan and kill yourself from the pain that is to actuly do it. You decide that vanila is not worth it and play mods. You, just maybe, finally have something that can be called fun. Ok. Half way through that I realized that I was starting to spill too much bile but fuck it. The game isn't hard to get into really. I imagine you'll try vanila either way, but my advice is just don't and go for Kaiserreich as the first experiance. I think playing something like the Bengal Commune might be a good starter experiance, as it gives you a nice early medium-scale personal war with mostly equal sides to dip the feet in. Perhaps Central States of America are also good in that, but the war is smaller and might be more fiddly. Anyway, to get mods for your cracked version, go to https://steamworkshopdownloader.io or http://steamworkshop.download then find the mod you want on steam page, copy url, download, find your cracked files and using the launcher menu create a mod folder to store the files. Currently on mobile, but there was a proper explanation for this in the bumplpcked thread.
>>605 Am I the only one who hates modern Kaiserreich? I've been playing it for 2 years now and it just feels so much off from what it used to be At first: Semi-realistic mod about a German ww1 win, most things are jokingly hyperbolistic and meme centered Now: Hyperrealistic mod about trying to win as X country, manual wargoals are hard to get making fringe playthroughs impossible I can only really play the 2ACW now because it's tolerable compared to the rest, but they just destroyed my 2nd favorite (NFA)
>>6203 Thanks anon, that's helpful. I played it once as Spain before man the guns was released but I didn't really get the meta and don't really know how to prioritize stuff or what templates to use. I stupidly invested in 40width divisions in 1938 and didn't build enough planes to defend against the fash
>>6218 It’s pretty boring now. I left for Kaiserredux.
>>6225 When it comes to planes just do 1:1 fighters and CAS, less fighters if you already have enough for air superiority. Also check https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1944416524 for proper templates stuff. I'm not sure if the "add 1 Tank Destroyer" to the 40 width division trick still works, so use it at your own risk. Also, perhaps it changed now, the best doctrine group was the Superior Firepower one.
>>6185 At that point just play the new era mod for vic2
>>6197 Download TNO and play Germany. The TNO ui looks cancer but it’s much easier to use and understand than the vanilla ui
So, just pirated HoI4 to give it a try, and holy shit, this game is dumb. Just the fact that aircraft ranges are calculate from the center of the made-up strategic region, rather than from the base where they are stationed, and that you can't choose where to put the fucking airbase is enough for me to give up on this game. I'm going back to hoi3, from where I should never have left .Fuck this piece of garbage game.
>>6251 Aircraft ranges are dumb and suck, but the game has to be simplified somewhere.
>>6266 The whole game was simplified. Aircraft was gutted. This game is trash garbage
played as Lanius, and it was quite good fun. Obviously went ahead and did a world conquest with Caesar, and had a good time with it.
Any good HoI4 total conversion mods to follow other than these? >Godspeed >Kaiserreich and the submods >Red Flood >Red World >TNO and TWR >EaW >OWB >>6273 I pretty much just play the game for the modding scene. The old games where god-tier but the scenarios are really lacking.
(707.75 KB thats disgusting.webm)
>>6287 Millenium Dawn depending on your taste, and 'End of a New Beginning', though I'll admit I haven't played those that much.
>>6287 From what I saw, isn't TWR pretty shit, and even more liberast than TNO? Like there maliciously isn't a single ok USSR path. Its all either muh 1984, muh total cleptocracy or, seemingly just to spite lefties, Zhukov and all his government officials die no matter what by big building, leaving brainlets incharge.
(144.22 KB 441x259 hoi more like oi.png)
>>6287 >Cold War : Iron Curtain Historic cold war >In the name of the Tsar What if the Russian Empire (somehow) wins WW1 scenrario >Fuhrerreich Weird alternate WW2 >Star Wars the Clone Wars Pretty unique mod with a different scale, star wars mod obviously >Unification Wars Warhammer40K mod i think >Old Europe 1300 Somehow transform HOI4 into a medieval game, with high effort >Lords of the rings A bit glitchy but pretty cool overall >Hearts of Azeroth Warcraft mod. didn't play too much but it has effort and content >The Fallen Eagle what if WW1 never happened scenario >Après moi le Déluge long ass story but overall what if Napoleon won scenario
>>6290 Honestly, the worst thing I find about Zhukov's tree, is that after you complete the mini path after Zhukov bites it, outside of a submod that lets you justify war goals manually, there's literally fuck all to do, shit, I mean, at least Konevs tree can allow you to declare war on the Toronto Accord if you feel like it
>>6292 >>Fuhrerreich >Weird alternate WW2 Eh wouldn't exactly call it weird, I mean shit, its premise is literally "What if the Entente won WW1" from the Kaiserreich universe lmao
(319.04 KB 905x678 20201107155238_1.png)
Check the tabs in this teaser lmao
>>6295 What mod is this?
>>6292 Is the Napoleon mod any good? I saw it a while back and it seems quite cool, but is it polished to at least KRish standart?
>>6297 My review of battle for the bosphorous (also kinda a longplay so I'll just post it here too) I'm not going to go too far into the stuff about how the price is the same as other DLCs that have actually had new mechanics in them, but even with the stuff that is there, I had a shitty time. The Ottoman empire tree: you don't achieve your goals until well after 1939, so the entire world is at war and you can't claim any territory without waging war against the Allies/Axis/etc. So, if you want to reclaim any of your territory, you have to settle in for a long, miserable war that stretches across the whole globe. I only finished 'Hardly Anything Sevres' in 1950, which as you can imagine was fucking miserable, as vanilla becomes borderline unplayable due to unit spam after 1944. Also, it was absurd that the Ottomans could instantly core territory as far afield as Romania and Algeria without even needing to build compliance. The Bulgarian communist tree: This tree barely even worked. The mechanics for building support with internal factions were okay, but by the time you managed to get your country to communist, you couldn't intervene in the Spanish civil war (which locks off one of your focusses and best army leaders), but the bigger problem is that the mechanics that are supposed to allow you to flip your neighbours to communism to create the Balkans federation do not work. Yugoslavia will join your faction regardless, but the decisions to grow their communist popularity do not work past 55%, and they never flip to communist aligned. For other nations, it takes far too long to build their communist support and they too do not flip before the world war starts. For example, Greece did not flip to communist until after Italy declared war on them and they had joined the allies. Romania flipped in 1941 finally, but would not join my faction because it preferred to join the Comintern. Then, their focus tree led them to join the Axis anyway. I raised Turkey's communism support to 90% for gods sake and they didn't flip to communist ever. It would have been faster and easier if I had simply invaded my neighbours one by one but in that case why even include focusses which are supposed to allow you to build the federation? I even tried this playthrough twice, once on non-historical, and once on historical, and neither time did I manage to get anyone to join my faction. Just don't buy this, it sucks.
>>6297 Sorry didn't mean to reply to you, but since I have >>6292 Half of the mods this guy is listing are totally incomplete so I'm guessing no it isn't polished. For example unification wars only lets you play as the emprah until he conquers the Himalayas. Fuhrerreich is more complete but I would say it's far below the standard of Kaiserreich/EaW/etc.
>>6292 >Unification Wars >Warhammer40K mod i think Didn’t this stop development halfway through? They didn’t even implement the correct map and having starships in that period is just plainly lore breaking. Also chaos is communism for some reason. >>6295 >no porn tab >resetretards and brainforce Cringe. >>6293 I mean of course it would be. The scenario is thought up by an ultra lib, they didn’t even implement puppeting right. With just complete map gore if Vietnam and India won the war against the ROC.
>>6296 A mod called The Fire Rises lmao Basically, it's a mod set in the year 2020 and everything goes to shit, up to and including a 2nd American Civil war, the pic that I posted precedes a civil war in the DPRK
>>6292 Playing WW3 on the Cold War mod is really fun. It’s a lot of buildup sadly. But the huge variation in unit types allows for a really great playing experience.
Millennium Dawn is a great mod. But only if you play as China or US and do WW3. The combat, naval, and air units are pretty realistic and interesting. >>6302 But can you fight WW3 on it
>>6297 Check out Deluge Revolutions, it's a more up-to-date version of the mod
>>6287 >>6292 >Kalterkrieg and Krasnacht Two Cold War mods set in the Kaiserreich Universe. >Bring the War home Civil War breaks out in 1960's America >Millennium Dusk Modern Day mod where the whole world goes to shit >Decorum Est A substance called Hephastium exists and its use in World War I contributes to a far greater number of deaths >Long and Happy Life A Nazbol rockstar become president of Russia in 1996 and the whole world goes to shit afterwards
>>6308 >Krasnacht Just went and check and holy hell the devs are pretty damn based. Even when bombarded by libs posting the same god awful red scare crap they still btfo’ed them in good faith. Actually retconing back Marxism is pretty good too.
(57.81 KB 600x790 kane.jpg)
anon from >>6292 here >>6300 Its true that most of the mods i listed aren't completely finished, but i tried to give playable overhauls, because mods like Godspeed or Long and Happy life are still not available. The anon i responded pretty much cited the most important mods in the HOI4 community. I can recommend a mod, not a overhaul but still a great one, called "New Ways" it adds multiple focus trees, releasable nations and you can play as an anarchist nation (from Ancom to Ancap, with mutualism and egoism) with unique mechanics. So, what mods are you hyped for ? Mine are Millenium Dusk (the GFX is fucking awesome), Bring the War home, Red Alert Last Dawn and Mushroom Wars (a crack mod in the Mario universe, unironically looks great)
Ok, so I have just spent a good few hours trying to get all info available about Godspeed and damn, it seems like possibly the best mod yet. TNO is cool and all, but it is way too, ehh... how do I say it... self serious, too auteur? Don't quite know how to describe it, but the feeling it leaves behind is that it is a piggyback vechicle for the lead dev to show off his epic story ideas, which kinda steps on the cool creative shit you could explore in an alternate cold war. Meanwhile Godspeed seems to be like Kaiserreich when it was still cool, but even more creative and wonderous in all the stuff it could house inside, with the added effect of a wider story of a global crisis that isn't a predetermined "Burgundy is the final boss" shit, which hopefully means the end result of the mod will be a good synthesis of the strongest parts of KR and TNO.
>>6311 Pretty much anything with a balkanized USA or more fair depictions of socialism Spartacus looks pretty good, as does Legacy of Anarchism and Fraternité en Rébellion I already mentioned Deluge Revolutions but I'm interested in that too And while it's not a HOI4 mod, I am hyped for the mod I may or may not make myself
It’s a shame that the Kaiserreich devs are horseshoe theorists. Like Mussolini is a totalist... and mixing extreme communism with national populism. But I do feel like some of the devs did their research into leftist rhetoric, because some of the decisions and pop ups are pretty based
>>6327 I allways find Foster, both his path and community perception, to be funny. The guy is literally the single best actual socialist in the mod, but for some reason the devs felt compeled to also shove in weird "muh 1984" crap in his path. So the community just sees him as "da funni ebil path", even though, ya know, can just choose not to do the stupid stuff like child kidnaping. Also he is the only American path to my knowladge that actively does something about racism.
>>6304 >But can you fight WW3 on it Probably As for Millennium Dawn, I've had a bit of fun playing as Russia and bringing back the USSR
>>6311 >Red Alert Last Dawn Same, speaking of Red Alert, there's another one based around a mod of RA3 called Paradox (Sadly though, only a demo of it got released before it got canned because of limitations of making mods for RA3) >Mushroom Wars Hol' up, there's a fucking Mario themed mod for HoI IV? Fucking kek, and I thought the Sonic the Hedgehod themed mod that's being developed was pretty crazy
>>6347 I mean, its Goebels logic. You get the community to accept EaW, and then nothing else is too crazy anymore. I mean, HoI4 Star Wars, middle ages and Warcraft mods sound weird, but hey, its not as crazy as Brony mod. Then Mario and Sonic is just par for the course.
>>6290 There is blessed Sablin
>>6360 That’s from TNO.
(229.80 KB 402x468 Screenshot (23).png)
(277.54 KB 435x544 Screenshot (25).png)
>>6346 The main problem for MD Russia is that Russia has so little research slots unless you use cheats. Also in MD in general Strat bombers are extremely OP in that mod. Same for naval bombers. WW3 is by far funner in MD then WW2 in main game though. I'd love to do a multiplayer MD WW3 game of NATO vs USSR and PRC or something like that.
>>6386 >The main problem for MD Russia is that Russia has so little research slots Yeah, that is unfortunately true aswell
>>6387 Can't believe they only have four. They should have at least six.
>1962 NPP national-convention. <Inside Wallace's mind "NAZBOL PARTY IT IS THE GANG FOR YOU NAZBOL PARTY LETS KILL THE BLACK BOURGIESIE" <Yockey's mind "i hope the R-D's put that Jew Goldwater on the ticket so i can test out my list of racial slurs!" <Inside RFK's / Humphreys Mind(s) "Wowzers guise we cant wait to implement a European Social-Democratic economy and a comprehensive reform plan to end racial segregation (POGGERZ!) anyway hope nothing goes wrong on the short walk from the convention centre to our limo!" <Le'Mays mind "Wealth Redistribution?, Protecting White-American Identity? What does any of this shit even mean? I just hope Wallace wasn't lying when he said he'd let me lead the invasion of Japan..." <Margaret chases mind "Yes im NazBol but less racist how did you know?" <Gus Hall's mind. "HAHAHAHAHAH All according to plan..."
>>6395 Oh yeah and btw if La'Rouche isn't a possible NPP candidate at some point this mod is officially dropped imo
>>6396 La Rouche is too TNO to be in TNO. All of his shit unironically sounds as if it was straight from the mod: >Trans-Continental roads >Hyperfocused on space shit >Anti-Windsor conspiracies >Aristotelian-Platonist war
>>6396 If I remember correctly there’s a submod that adds both La Rouche and J Sakai. It’s amazing.
>>6400 Eh, not a submod per se, but more like some dude on reddit made for fun
>Vicky 2 with mods >USA >Save the FRCA. >Send Dixie divisions to die in Central-America in no infrastructure / 10 supply limit provinces. >Ally Federal Republic + Texas + Brazil >Mexico allies Colombia. >Colombia wants some piece of jungle off of Brazil. >War goes very very badly for Mexico-Colombia. >Panama Independent. >Yucatan, Chiapas, Rio-Grande, California all independent. >Central America all on its own unified with Chiapas and Panama to completely unify Central America. >Wait 6 years declare war for the northern Mexican territories. >Betray and balkanise Brazil
>>6451 Oh yeah and then. >Ally Argentina. >Decide that since I just murked Brazil I might as well LARP as a Republican revolutionary. >Trigger UK into declaring on me by playing hard ball over Washington. >Wait for the UK to come for me. Playing defensive and whittling down their forces / letting them drop from attrition. >When I see them start sending suicide stacks of 3 / 6 k men to take states I push. >Proto-Canada murked Now all that I have to do is beat Spain and the last stain of monarchism will be removed from the new world.
>>6427 Yeah, this image
>>6395 Who would be a good Burgundian system leader for the US be?
>>6477 Someone else suggested William Luther Pierce, the guy who wrote The Turner Diaries
>>6478 maybe the guy who wrote siege would do, probably to young though
>>6478 That sounds like a good option since he literally wants nuclear cleansing
So is there any good mods for Victoria 2 for suggestion? >>6484 Looks dumb as shit. There's no way that schizo would ever beat Germany in an actual war.
>>6522 >Looks dumb as shit. There's no way that schizo would ever beat Germany in an actual war. nah, the AI is very eassy to beat
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbPUG1MzXp0 New Russian Reunification video for TNO, what do you all think ?
>>6522 >Looks dumb as shit. There's no way that schizo would ever beat Germany in an actual war. Stranger things have happened, imagine a world where the Nazis were the better faction, and the lost. TNO is less of a grand strategy and more of a horror game, that's what makes it so good. It explores true horror in a way traditional horror games can't. True horror isn't jump scares but a knowledge that the thing you fear is their, and you can't beat it, you can only lie down or join it. I guess this is why reactionaries are the best horror writers. Because they are against social progress, a force that can't be stopped, only sped down or speeded up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek5bCXrqxmg
>>6478 >>6482 I'm p sure the devs have said that burgsys is inspired by his beliefs.
>>6529 burgsys exists because natsoc isn't edgy enough for this mod
>>6526 >>6526 what makes WW3 scary is the fact it will completely annihilate all the progress you made during your wholesome 100 Harrington presidency The game just ends after the 2nd superevent (glitchy vid), you can't play on
>>6525 I like the little additions like the clock ticking or the rocket launching with some specific paths, the game has a lot of love put into it
how do you get the john glen path on tno
(1.21 MB 1248x724 Screenshot (29).png)
absolutely based
>>6538 Its either: Loose 1st to the NPP, win 2nd as R-D Or win as R-D LBJ, go Glenn 2nd term I don't remember which it is.
>>6533 >>6525 >yelsin reunification <liquor pouring sound Sensible_chuckle.gif
Business idea, submod for TNO that adds some elements from Wolfenstein (Like supersoldiers, Tesla cannons and shit like that) Since the demo for TNO was first released, I had an idea like this floating around in my head where Deathshead from the Wolfenstein games was a possible successor to Hitler, who has a rivalry with Himmler as to how the Reich should obtain total victory, where Himmler aims to bring about the apocalypse via the paranormal rather than nukes (Or combined with the use of nukes) whereas Deathshead wishes to conquer the world with superior military technology (And unlike Goerings retardation of making the sungun, Deathshead simply straps some nuclear missiles onto a satellite) Oh and Lysenko could make actual supersoldiers and the other shit he can do could actually have a chance of working
(1.21 MB 1249x734 Screenshot (31).png)
>>6541 Went NPP as RFK and he got killed at the same time Japan declared war on me over a diplomatic crisis (didn't know those things could become wars) Storm Thurmond then became POTUS and repleaed the civil rights act while American troops were just cackewaled throuch Japanese occupied China. I then swept into Japan and took all their VPs before the nukes could fire and won WW3. While at the same time I got this event. TNO is a very strange mod, you spend a decade in game pushing a country as left as you can and then you just get couped. I played an Italy game where the Fascist party became reformists, had elections, and socialists got elected but then the King launched a coup. Very strange.
>>6573 I feel like the game will have a lot of cop-outs where you get coup'd but the very last stretch of the game will always have the people you backed coming out on top. seeing how much it focuses on narrative, this is basically building suspense for that eventuality
>>6573 >>6575 RFK getting elected and then dying and having his reforms reversed by Thurmond is meant to be a lead up for a potential Gus Hall (M-L communist) presidency. A similar thing unfurls if Wallace gets elected then impeached within his first four years. Le-May can choose to basically become a NPP-C president and pass an even more comprehensive civil rights act which if coupled with the goldwater presidency can usually lead to a Hall win, If Le-May chooses to double down on the whole 'Just scream nigger at people' thing then he coupled with goldwater can lead to the yockey presidency
>>6573 Probably the “shrimp boat bug” acting up again. It’s a bug where a flavor text event that was supposed to create short-term tension but always have the AI choosing to escalate to open warfare. They’ve tried to prevent it from happening when the player doesn’t control the US and Japan but they could theoretically still happen when you control either side.
>>6573 >Storm Thurmond then became POTUS and repleaed the civil rights act How does he even do that without a senate majority? That part needs to be rewritten
>>6573 >the King launched a coup That is what happens when you try to abolish the monarchy. There may be a republican Italy path added later but for now the only socialist Italy path is monarcho-Eurocommunism.
>>6577 nah it was the "Japanese submarine in American waters" event
>>6579 that is cringe
So how about that Heydrich redemption arc?
>>6626 Forget it, Jake, it's TNO.
>>6573 I'm pretty sure Thrumond coup is desirable for the most far-left outcomes. 1, it can easily lead to Hall (and I am pretty sure the coup + repeal is the most comprehensive way to get NPP-L in charge), but also 2, it can lead to a more left-wing than RFK Harrington presidency, if I am not mistaken. Also I do really wonder how the second decade will go if you get Yockey or Hall elected. Devs said they can both loose AND win in 1976 vs six other candidates (and I can only assume that one of those is the other of the two, so Hall if Yockey won 1972 and vice versa). So I actually kinda want to do a 100% "funni" run as US, which would be something like RFK > Glenn > Yockey > Hall.
>>6690 I hope hall and yockey get content
>>605 >New Hall update <Make his path even more difficult to get through by shilling The African Mandates with huge buffs and even when they collapse won’t even affect the R-D popularity at all <Make him bad because “he’s a hecking homophobe” beyond what he is in OTL because he’s a logger’s son The amount of utter hatred for the working class of the liberal devs are showing. Utterly disgusting. I guess they had to resort to this because people are starting to see that being a tankie in TNO is actually a sane option.
>>6704 Everyone was homophobic back then, no twnetith centenary communist is going to have modern views on every subject, no one from that time period did. Especially if Nazis won the cold war and the only ones preventing them from world domination is a very pathetic and weak version of NATO and a very very very weak russia.
>>6704 >The amount of utter hatred for the working class of the liberal devs are showing. Utterly disgusting. Couldn't say it better myself, but for some reason I just can't look away; its like a horrible train wreck.
>>6706 The entire thing is just so much of a desperate attempt to control the fanbase opinions: >Hall is the second worst presidential choice because you will have to ruin the US to get him in <But we can totally turn the US around with socialist policies >No he’s a tankie! <Supporting the USSR is actually good in this timeline though? >No, he will shut down the FBI and CIA. Not the heckling based CIA! We need uncle Hoover to rule like a corrupt shadow government to fight the Germans and Japanese! <The CIA and FBI are shit even in OTL. Killing them is good. >Hall is a homophobe!!!
>>6727 Funny thing is that Panzer apparently wanted to make Hall WORSE than Yockey, and the rest of the devs not being comfortable with going along with that was one of the key reasons he retired. Of course, I'm surprised that the same dev team who approved "make Heydrich into a tragic villain" drew the line at "make Hall worse than an actual nazi", but it's something I guess
I'd like to make mods for Paradox games solely to counter the usual liberal/conservative biases you usually see in them
>>6727 >>6728 these are the people who call us ideologues
>>6728 >make Heydrich into a tragic villain This makes no sence, the purpose of burgsys is that its so horrible that its horrifying in a way that makes the hair on your head stand up, I understand them having some German leaders that aren't bad for balance reasons, but making Heydrich good destroys the meaning of this mod.
>>6734 You think it's bad for you? Try being a guy who's literally part Czech and who's great grandparents took part in the effort to kill that monster. It's positively revolting to see Heydrich get last minute redeeming qualities, especially considering that there's ample evidence that the real Heydrich was a total sociopath who had no "loved ones". And yet Panzer considers this an absolute masterpiece of writing.
>>6728 Wow. Never thought that Panzer was such a faggot. I guess Krasnacht and EaW devs are the only HoI4 modding people who aren’t cringe liberals. Kalterkrieg and Red World are unabashedly monarchists. Kaiserreich are ultra-centrists and Kaiserboos. Red flood had an actual schizo Nazi from Montenegro. TWR on the other hand have the creator a neoliberal cuck while the devs just dumbass centrists.
>>6732 Basado
Someone needs to make a Cold War mod for red flood I’d do it but I suck at coding An anarchist-objectivist Cold War is the most interesting scenario but it doesn’t make sense because the only paths for those ideologies are in the same country
>>6687 >So how about that Heydrich redemption arc? >>6728 >approved "make Heydrich into a tragic villain" Wait, what did I miss? In the old version he's basically a fucking reptile who happily nukes the planet if he wins. >>6740 >Red flood had an actual schizo Nazi from Montenegro Based schizo Nazi, Red Flood Germany is the best communist country in all the mods inb4 some autist singles out Goebbels, the meme leader


no cookies?