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(34.02 KB 300x300 poleague.png)
/leftypol/ in the 4chan Cup /pol/eague Anonymous Comrade 06/14/2020 (Sun) 23:12:53 No. 5447
/leftypol/ has gotten to the finals of the most recent poleague! https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//leftypol/ However, this team is actually run and controlled by ULP... The poleague has asked us however if we would be interested in either joining together with ULP (if they agree) to manage the team, or possibly just creating a separate team of our own. However, none of the mods can really take on the responsibility right now, so is there anyone else who is interested in being involved with this? ULP's team is pretty cool, they have custom models, custom music, and all sorts, so there's definitely a lot of scope to experiment with the engine (blender models can be imported into the game). Thanks for your attention!
>>5447 A rigged game to play with /pol/? Sounds terrible.
>>5447 bad idea
To be honest, I’m more interested in that logo competition. Also, how did a /leftypol/ team even get to finals?
last time we won one of these, the guys running it got buttmad and pretended we didn't
>>5451 so much for the fair and "tolerant" right
>>5450 Apparently ULP had a good strategy, I guess. Also I guess it's semi random so, yeah.
(4.29 KB 269x91 lmao.png)
>>5447 Why even bother playing with those assholes?
what the fuck is "the ULP"?
>>6432 Unofficial /leftypol/ discord. That's all I know about them. It seems like some anons from 8/leftypol/ who started their own discord server.
>>5454 Looks like Poland is under Soviet control once again
This stupid idea has mystified me since the very first time came across it on /v/. Why don't we compete in a game instead of some shitty sports simulation?
>>6440 >>6432 its one of the largest /leftypol/ discords to exist mostly known for high tier banter and having the word nigger posted 100,000 times
>>6432 >>6440 >>6494 The astro turfing is tiresome, how many times being told to fuck off do you need before you take a hint that lefty anons don't like corporate spyware?
more lefties use reddit than this site anon :^)
>>6495 As I said it's probably some anons from 8/leftypol/ (might be 8/leftpol/ idk), as it was never mentioned /leftypol/. Bat'ko linking to ULP in his channel and talking about discord drama. Danov did link to ULP as well. Again nobody talks about ULP here it is non-existent in /leftypol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYxtxQ1xVaE (Bat'ko's alternatives to /leftypol/ after old BO contreversy) https://youtu.be/T3SM40yI8ec (Danov links to ULP) Finally, /leftypol/'s community strongly rejected a suggestion to open a discord server for /leftypol/ and instead decided to have a matrix room.
>>6520 Here is the thread about opening a discord for /leftypol/ https://archive.is/2f7x7


no cookies?