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(1.15 MB 1800x1373 Equestria at War Canterlot.png)
Equestria at War Comrade 10/13/2020 (Tue) 04:21:37 No. 5159
Who is your favourite nation in the best HOI4 total conversion? What paths do you think are best? Or anything else? I just played through the Pax Chrystalia content last week, it was pretty fun, though I should have gone after Equestria quicker rather than taking the time to knock out all the other nations in Equus, then I would have had more options as Manehattan for expansion. Also feel free to share any other pony related stuff, longplays, et cetera.
>>5159 Based. Kind of a shame only /mlp/ cares about the mod, and while they usually contain themselves, having one or two autist have an absolute fit when they see something even just resembling centre-left thought. According to them, the entire development team are a bunch of commie fucks who want to disregard a)ponies to play with their griffon ocs and/or b)like, are TOTALLY historically illiterate and force communism into everything. I think Yale Rectorate under Erich Mühschnabel (communist leader) is interesting, because it kinda resembles how the Bolshevik ended up forming the Soviet Union. And how the unfavourite son of a industrialist family ends up leading the revolution, tries to transit to communism, have it collapse around you because tried to skip the transitional stage of socialism and of course counter-revolutions, and become increasingly authoritarian in order to actually be able to deal with the chaos. And once he achieves his dream, his neurosis and mental stress causes him to shoot himself, and your syndicalist follow-up ends up denouncing you, while hoping that someday, people will see the whole of the situation. How, even though their revolutionary leader was a power-tripping mental case, he genuinely DID improve the world at the end.
>>5159 Not a brony, but the mod is unironically still the best total conversion mod for HoI4. Much less liberal wanking than other mods.
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(1.07 MB 2560x1440 20201014161505_1.jpg)
(948.94 KB 2560x1440 20201014163248_1.jpg)
>>5162 Well, not anymore, cause now we're gonna care about the mod too! Maybe we should even go and post on the subreddit too idk. Also, I do get the impression that the dev team is pretty commie, only cause most of the commie routes are seriously blessed. However, I do find it funny that fascism is literally synonymous with evil in EaW, and liberal democracy is synonymous with goodness, yet it doesn't come off anywhere near as sanctimonious as TNO. Yale Rectorate is one of the few 'developed' nations that I haven't played, so maybe I should. Most recently I got around to playing Longsword, got the Abba Povner route due to being too merciful to purge Golden Morning before he did his coup, which was uhhh, interesting. >>5166 Yeah, it really is good. Plus I like how it's a true 'alternate universe' where you can experience new countries not just one where certain events were different.
(620.53 KB 1920x1080 2vkkstl8inm51.jpg)
>>5240 >However, I do find it funny that fascism is literally synonymous with evil in EaW, and liberal democracy is synonymous with goodness, yet it doesn't come off anywhere near as sanctimonious as TNO. Well, I don't mind too much, because it is still MLP, where Equestria is headed my immortal, enlightened monarchs, so a bit idealization is given. Although I didn't get the impression of liberal democracy as you got. Plenty of ways to fuck that over as well (I mean, River Lands can end up getting couped by their CIA, and only because their former leader was unwilling to let socialists legitimize themselves by winning the elections fair and square) Also, what all that memeing about Golden Morning? what is his ideology? Haven't played Longsword, and can't find any info on him. Only thing I know is that he is some madlad trying to BEAT the CEO OF RACISM with LARGE SCALE SOCIAL ENGINEERING. And he crowns himself king of a griffon kingdom.
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(999.96 KB 2560x1440 20201013062022_1.jpg)
>>5241 I didn't play his route so I don't totally know, but this is the events I got explaining his personality/ideology (such as it is). Apparently his route either has to or just has a path where he makes pony/griffon intermarriage mandatory which is kind of a trip. Also I'm triggered by that person having 1500 political power but not assigning a naval company/chief, I know investing in naval technology is pretty pointless in both EaW and vanilla but still.
(17.00 KB 480x360 unamused_charlmers.jpg)
>>5242 Kodėl tavo bronių mod'e yra gėjiški poniai integralistai su mano šalies reakcionierių teroristų vardais ir estetika, Seimūrai? Tai turbūt šitaip juodžkiai jaučiasi girdėdami baltus raper'ius
>>5313 Because Equestria at War is essentially "My Little Pony suffers from their own WW1", and all that it entails. Although if their is one thing that kinda should be remedied (although it mostly refers to early content), was pushing RL personalities into the mod, i.e. there is a horse Oswald Mosley, a griffon Mussolini, and Karl Marx is called Caramel Marks. The weirdest result of it is Stalin, who exists as one of the founders of Communism in the lore (as Steel Stallion, judging from the name) and as an actual leader in a peasant republic, who comes to power in completely different way opposed to RL, has two expies, and both are completely torn out their context, making their inclusion nothing more than aesthetic.
>>5313 Most countries are a mishmash of cultures/histories, Longsword who I was playing as is the rough history of Nazi-occupied Lithuania, with names/locations based on Finnish. Apparently. >>5315 To be more exact, Equus is more analogous to WW2, with Olenia representing France/Czechoslovakia/Poland and Equestria as the USSR, whereas the conflicts on Griffonia are somewhat analogous to victorian-WW1 era wars of conquest with various other stuff thrown in.
(604.55 KB 2560x1440 20201016104211_1.jpg)
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