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(1.05 MB 1600x871 Soviet Invasion of Britain.jpg)
Civilization 6 Comrade 08/16/2020 (Sun) 10:20:34 No. 3760
Opinions on this game and what can be added or done better?
Isn't it just pretty much the same as CIV5?
>>3763 Its plays very differently to Civ V. Changing from global happiness to amenities along with removing a lot of the penalties per city founded makes it so you can play a lot wider. The district system changes up how you actually build up your empire now too and the use of swappable cultural policies instead of the Civ 5 constant buff makes it play very differently.
(11.91 KB 350x350 Slavery.jpg)
DRM-crippled turd.
>>3760 I played it when it first came out cause I like that Civilisation series. I liked that cities can occupy more than one hex, but I didn't like the district method of doing it. Roads getting built by traveling is a very nice touch, building roads and 1 gold maintenance per tile was annoying in CivV. I remember not liking the combat/unit system (something about combining them, although I liked that feature in CivIV), and a few other things. It's been a while since I played it. Have they made significant changes/improvements in the last two years?
>>3760 Gold should not be a resource, but a tool of management. An error that hasn't been solved since the day of Civ 1. Population should be the main resource for everything. Civ 5 has taken a right step, that is making science generated by population, but that isn't enough. Population should be necessary for building armies and construction. Moreover, foods shouldn't be resources that make population growing, but resources for maintaining population level. Population level will directly depended on your policy, it should cost at most twenty years to drastically increase the population to the cap, if your foods and healthcare technology allowed it.
>>3779 (cont.) So capping the population will be a dilemma. If you let your population to the max, then your empire will be strong, however, in the case of climate change or natural disasters, it will make your people starving, collapsing your empire. On the other hand, you only cap population at 50% level, your empire will be poorer, but when a disaster happen, you still have enough foods to keep your empire stable
>>3764 I like to play wide so that's cool. I still feel like no civ game has ever matched up to the eternal chad SMAC though.
>>3795 SMAC truly was the perfect 4x.


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