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Games Set in Africa / Games About African Politics Comrade 07/24/2020 (Fri) 17:51:39 No. 3203
Help me out here /games/. Do you lads know of any games that explore African politics and history? I've started playing FC2 for the first time recently and I'm finding that I quite like that it explores the lingering effects of colonialism and foreign interference in Africa. I realize this is an extremely specific niche but I'm curious if there are other properties out there that are like this.
Wasn't one of the Resident Evil games set in Africa? (At least partially)
MGSV's second chapter is largely set in and explores a conflict of Africa during the late cold war, from the perspective of you being the private military contractor in a way as well. It delves into the same plotline about blood diamonds, but also plotlines about the exploitation for oil and the like. >>3204 RE5 yeah
Age of Empires
>>3205 Fuck MGSV and Kojimbo’s lib anti-soviet game. Metal Gear Ghost Babel is set in Africa and actually deals with USA imperialism as one of its major themes
>>3221 I'd hardly call V a specifically "anti-soviet" game. It's true that you fight Soviet soldiers at one point, but you also fight US marines in "Ground Zero" (who are explicitly portrayed as evil torturers) as well as Afrikaaner mercenaries who are probably connected to the National Party regime in South Africa (who were supported by America for a long time and Reagan wanted to keep doing so despite mounting international outcry).
>>3204 RE5 is kind of bad unfortunately, it's more or less a retread of RE4 (all the same plot beats and encounters) but with Africans instead of Spaniards (who speak Mexican Spanish in what's implied to be rural Galicia, for some reason).
In Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn if you choose the Nod faction all the campaign is set in Africa.
>>3261 RE5 is a miserable experience unless you have someone to play with too. Everything is balanced around having two people shooting so every zombie and boss is either a bullet sponge (several times worse than other RE bulletsponges) or requires a co-op trick to beat. The ai co-op partner is too stupid for either of those things.
I'm surprised none of you have mentioned Democracy 3 Africa, you can literally play as the ANC but do the good things they said they would in the constitution.


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