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(386.20 KB 1920x1080 1993520361598230.jpg)
Comrade 07/22/2020 (Wed) 21:04:41 No. 3124
>Why are we still here? >Just to suffer? >Every night, I can feel my writing... and my direction... >Even my story... >The missions I've lost... >The content I've lost... >Won't stop hurting. >It's like they're all still there! >You feel it too, don't you?!
(87.64 KB 1280x720 1927235780136985.jpg)
>That's a Phantom Schizophrenia, Boss. >Regular meds won't help you cope with it. >You need to find a way to make it whole again. >GIVE BACK WHAT WAS OURS, DAMMIT! >MAKE THEM PAY FOR IT!
(15.42 KB 640x360 9128651251897.jpg)
>Boss? >Why do I sound like you Boss? >Wh-what happened, Boss?! >"SHITTY WRITING, SON!"
(54.73 KB 1280x720 1971362782538.jpg)
>I guess this is it then, Boss? >From here on out, Ill carry your honor. >"Not so fast, Ahab, you're forgetting something." >What is it Boss? >"A voice actor, apparently the director blew his budget on our assassin's tit physics, so here's my vocal cords LOL."
(1.30 MB 1230x662 19237650291865.jpg)
>Doesn't feel like this is over >It's not whole again... >It's missing... >Like my arm and my leg... >This story... >This fight... >ELI, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! >"In the Collector's edition disc, goodbye."
(85.80 KB 1920x1080 897001923650219315.jpg)
>Big Boss can go to hell. >We will make it whole Boss. >We will take back what was ours. >But first, you need to take off what's yours.
(647.36 KB 1920x1080 1902185610198653.jpg)
>There he is, Boss! >Hideo Kojima. >Nine years ago, he was the one who was pulling the strings behind Cipher. >He's the one who took it all from us.
(798.56 KB 1042x672 1902813659125.jpg)
>"Kaz, no!" >This one's for the unfinished story!
(123.70 KB 1920x1080 19127894187591.jpeg)
>Boss, wh-what are you doing?! >"Friendship ended with Miller, now Ocelot is my best friend."
(480.75 KB 667x416 10289659603412.jpg)
>*BRAAAAAAAAAAAPS* >"Age hasn't slowed you down one bit, Snake."
(264.63 KB 1920x1080 19198725127041.jpg)
>Boss, this can't be. >Our intel suggests that you have been spotted with the new sniper recruit. >I'll find a way to FULTON us out of the hot zone...
(1.05 MB 957x750 192513875102931.png)
>Now that the Sniper girl's out of the way, I'll be your replacement Boss.
(700.19 KB 1159x663 192064223951296.png)
>The dirt and the pathogens in the battlefield are too risky to be brought back to Mother Base. >Guess we should shower together more often, Boss. >STAFF MORALE INCREASED
(234.46 KB 1486x836 1912894618580231.jpg)
>Keep heading in that direction, Boss. >Our intel suggests that the man is being held in the village. >Hideo Kojima. >Name ring a bell? >He's the one who was involved in the downfall of Mother Base nine years ago. >Rumors are, his body is made up of movies. >Once you're up close, DD should be able to sniff him out
(67.34 KB 1280x720 1923890156121.jpg)
>What? >You're going to extract him? >Fine, we'll get the intel out of him.
(66.00 KB 1095x795 1919247825415.jpg)
>Kaz! >Kaaaz! >Kaaaaaaz! >KAAAAAAAAAAZ! >"What, Snake?!" >I fucked Ocelot.
(514.65 KB 977x509 9128046159121234.png)
>Boss! >Remember the guy you extracted out in the village? >Turns out, the guy's a bit of a smooth talker. >He has already begun asking around Mother Base for GMP to fund his project. >Word of the project gets out, we will have the whole army demanding us for a demo of his project. >Head back to Mother Base right now!
(139.09 KB 1920x1080 1919206517581021.jpg)
>Happy birthday Boss. >As much as I wished for it, there is no time to celebrate. >Kojima has holed himself upself in the R&D platform, Boss. >Looks like we will have to pay our old friend a visit.
(91.70 KB 802x1200 10981257812153.jpg)
>Snake, I have been expecting you! >Looks like you guys are quite mad at me for what I did to you. >You see. >I was still a child, when we were raided by movies. >Foreign movies. >Torn from my culture, I was forced to watch their movies. >With each new day, my movies changed, along with the ideas they made me think. >With each movie, I changed too. >My writing, my storytelling, how I saw complete and incomplete. >Movies can kill. >Now I present to you, my new weapon. >Death Stranding. >"Death Stranding?" >"Boss!" >"A weapon to surpass Metal Gear!" >Death Stranding will unleash that storytelling unto the future! >Happy birthday, Snake.
(1.00 MB 1280x720 9010589191529581.jpg)
>My new associate! >This shall all be over soon. >Soon we will be free from the chains of this rusted franchise, if only we can find a way to get out! >"Boss, we can't let them escape, dead or alive, its up to you!"
(47.42 KB 1026x578 850296059861032.jpg)
>Boss, they are getting away! >The project was a ruse. >Kojima managed to rig up Mother Base while we weren't paying attention. >It will all be up in flames soon! >He played us like a damn fiddle!
(59.31 KB 1280x720 9018265018921.jpg)
>Death Stranding will unleash that thirst unto the future. >Those were his last words. >Pretentious to the end. ------------------------------------ THE END ----------------------------------- For concept art of the next episode, refer to Original Post >>3124 (OP) , and thus the retcon cycle continued to make a full circle. Unfinished thread, just like Hideo Kojima's game LOL.
(35.00 KB 300x180 slap.gif)
>quote "game" endquote
Yeah I don't want more missions of killing Soviet soldiers and protecting the based mujahideen thx. MGS was always shit
>>3153 Yeah you can tell the extent of Kojimmy's hollywood poisoning on its portrayal of russians in these games. A russian Hind-D in MGS1 being in an American military base to serve as a boss fight for no reason. The enemy soldiers in MGS2 are russian despite both the tanker and the plant being american property located in fucking NYC. MGS3 features soviets as enemies and has the KGB and GRU fighting each other in gunfights wtf? Also Volgin is by far the most deranged villain the series bar none and he happens to be soviet russian hmm curious. PW Zadornov was a complete caricature but I'll give that a slight pass because everything in that game was absurd. Granted, americans tend to serve as "bigger" badguys but that's always portrayed as a twist. were there any russians in MGS4? I kinda deleted that game from my mind
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