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(83.30 KB 640x652 Metroid - Fusion.jpg)
Abominations Comrade 07/18/2020 (Sat) 17:31:04 No. 2996
ITT: when capitalism ruined a game series
That's not Metroid: Other M
>>3003 Correct, instead it's the abomination that set the precedent for half the shit wrong with Other M.
(19.44 KB 250x345 Mass_Effect_3_Game_Cover.jpg)
I think it is important to understand that while capitalism does fuck over gaming quite a lot, many times the fuckups of game series are a results of the devs themselves shitting the bed by following a retarded vision of what the game should be. For example the story part of Starcraft 2, the transition of Fallout to the abomination that is FO3 onwards, Paradox games like EU4 and HOI4, FarCry 5 with the story made by a resistance lib trying to portray his horror that Trump won in 2016 and so on.
>>3008 > For example the story part of Starcraft 2 You mean not the fact that they split the game into three parts and B.net 2.0 for maximum nickel-and-diming? Just the story? >the transition of Fallout to the abomination that is FO3 onwards Fallout was garbage from the very beginning though. I think the fact that they spent more money on useless voice acting than playtesting or creating content is a great example of how capitalism ruined a game.
>>3012 >I think the fact that they spent more money on useless voice acting than playtesting or creating content the very story of Daggerfall/Morrowind into Oblivion/Skryim eugh 'ate befesda
>>2996 Bad example, Metroid Fusion was fine imo. I mean it wasn't as good as Super Metroid sure, but I still enjoyed it.
>>3114 But that's wrong.
>>3003 >>3005 I'm pretty sure other m is purely a result of Sakamoto's fuck-ups. like most every choice was specifically what he wanted to do, it was just a bunch of shitty ideas.
>>3117 Much like Metroid Fusion was also a result of Sakamoto's shitty ideas.
>>2996 Shitty series no one but westernoid creeps like yanderedev care about. Nintendo made a huge mistake by confirming Prime 4 instead of just letting it die in irrelevancy like F Zero
>>3123 F-Zero games were good though. Well maybe the GBA titles weren't that hot.
fallout 4
How did this game start anyway?
>>2996 Aside from the hilarious memes. Red Alert 3 was dogshit compared to the last two games. >Warcraft mining mechanics >Warcraft army building >Actual porn acting >Retconing shitloads of technology of previous games just because EA Los Angeles don’t know how to advance the setting >Going too far into naval combat with transformers
(136.78 KB 1024x640 0dzfi32u6xg31.jpg)
(426.61 KB 2835x1498 wow.jpg)
It ruined the Warcraft franchise. It ruined Blizzard itself. It ruined the nascent MMO genre. And set the bedrock for the modern "live service" bullshit. It's also funny how the game itself became as predatory as it could without being direcly P2W once they stopped reporting subs and started using other metrics.
(78.30 KB 600x396 wizard101-pvp.jpg)
>Imagine being a kid >seeing this shitty game on a TV Ad. >Finally getting permission to play it on your mommies computer. >You finish the tutorial and starter quest. >You're sent to an important quest. >Progresses the story of the game >Its locked behind a paywall.
>>3118 Yeah, it's the foundation for Adam's character but the game itself had a very spooky and chilling atmosphere, nothing compared to Other M. The bosses were great too. If you want a great non-cucked Metroid go play Axiom Verge.
>>3234 Am I a retard for still playing both live and classic, while enjoying both?
>>3237 If I want a DRM-crippled piece of shit, I'll definitely pick up Axiom Verge.
>>3234 Underrated post.
>>3239 Don't buy it
>>3241 I won't play it either, fuck DRM peddlers and fuck their games.
>>2996 Watching a video series on botched video games, almost every time a bad game ends up bad it has nothing to do with developers or poor ideas and is almost always because their parent company orders an unrealistic release date, and engine change, or just bogs down some dev team with work they cannot handle. Really capitalism is the direct cause of a lot of games being bad, more than people realize.
>>3012 petition to ban the "fallout sucks" poster
>>3276 Fallout is a shallow, low-content, bug-filled mess.
>>3012 >Fallout was garbage from the very beginning though Wrong
>>3288 How so?
(15.71 KB 358x240 halo macworld 99.jpg)
(109.25 KB 1000x563 half-life-alyx.jpg)
#1 example for me will always and eternally be Halo, though how much of that was the devs wanting to retire at 30 after cashing out, and how much was M$ 's launch window, will always remain a mystery. Though I'm certain Bungie wouldn't have felt the temptation to do such a hackjob on their swansong if professional game development weren't such a grueling crunch-time burden not to mention the riskiness of being self-published that Bungie experienced in their brush with death during the "Myth CD recall" fiasco: >huge open world, giant nonlinear levels >dynamic responsive nonlinear campaign >huge multiplayer popcap for coop and pvp >(then) typically sophisticated bungie story with rich presentation spanning beyond cutscenes & npc barks to reams of in-world texts >(then) typical bungie modding tools >another rare mac game <bought by M$ <dumbed down from ambitious genre experiment to ultra-linear fps with a few vehicle segments to fit in 64 megs of memory on console <made console shooters even worse with introduction of auto-aim and regen health <in-game story dumbed down with removal of all text and overall linearity <story so dumbed down a tie-in advergame outdoes it <tie-in novels also share the burden shirked by halo's storytelling <multiplayer stripped to pvp cobbled together in a week by one guy and basic 2-player coop mode <other game for rival console already in production, oni, rushed out to its detriment And then the cherry on top, while I haven't played it (and most of the O.G. Bungie team were never involved), is Destiny's fumbling of what seems even more like Halo's original concept on paper, complete with a seemingly open world stripped of freedom or consequence, and a story totally separate from the actual game. This also brings to mind a game series commonly cited as an example of the OPPOSITE OF capitalism killing it: Half-Life, and Valve's work in general. I'm still unsure as to whether this represents a genuine flaw of utopian conditions, or if Valve are just exceptionally undisciplined fags. >>3008 Agreed with your other examples, but >the transition of Fallout to the abomination that is FO3 onwards That was textbook capitalism. Jefferson/Black Hound/BG3, Van Buren/Fo3, Troika's Fo3, FoOl, FoT, FoBoS, Lionheart, Bethesda's own internal dumbing down from Morrowind to Oblivion. Even Fallout itself is the result of greedy porkies, the screwing over of Wasteland. Really the only thing I'd blame on the devs was biting off more than they could chew with LithTech for Torn. >>3123 Sure, Metroid Prime is an excessively easy kiddy game, just like everything Nintendo-branded since the SNES. But it still represents a great design compromising with the thumbsticks by making auto-aim explicit, integrating platforming better than the studio's previous Turok games, and has an awesome unique atmosphere of fierce warrior spirit tempered by serene spiritual wonder and a sense of longing. >>3234 Oh! Oh! What about its culpability in killing the original Blizzard North-authored Diablo 3 because the WoW team was jealous of them stepping on their toes! >>3012 >>3283 >>3291 Are you the anon that pointed to Exile/Avernum as an example of what cRPGs should be?
>>3337 Someone would've come up with auto-aim eventually, aiming in shooters on consoles was shit for the longest.
>>3371 Plenty already had come up with auto-aim. It was Halo that normalized permanent auto-aim that you can't disable.
(7.03 MB Console "FPS".webm)
(108.34 KB 1000x683 x360 trackball.jpg)
(26.18 KB 405x325 sidewinder-dual-strike-1vb2.jpg)
>>3375 Also that was on by default, and done deceitfully, rather than having some UI indication such as crosshair/weapon movement. On top of that and regen health, I suppose there's also 2-weapon limit and mud-slow movement. But perhaps worst of all is that pretty early in development Halo pretty obviously became one of if not THE headline launch title for the system. So redesigning the controller to accommodate Halo (and the trend of other games using the right thumbstick for camera/aim control) with some kind of trackball, motion aiming, or other higher-precision input could've and should've been done. Especially since Microsoft itself already had experience with all these technologies through their Sidewinder brand.
>>3376 >if we do our job well, you don't have any idea this is going on Well they really fucked up then, because coming off of hardcore Perfect Dark sessions (where you intentionally disable autoaim so you can get headshots easier) I knew something was fucked with the aiming the very first day I played Halo.


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