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Sterdust and liberalism in gaming journos Comrade 07/15/2020 (Wed) 13:51:38 No. 2904
Recently people like Sterling and Schreier actually made a lot of shit that actually came close to class concious. Especially about gaming escapism and the kind of "anti-political" hypocrite mentality, showing that most rightoid actually DOES want politics in their games, but their kind of politics like having CoD imperialism simulator and America wank. Like this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q2ibrU5Xpg >The "it's optional" reasoning is only applicaple to consummer products like games but not the entire system of capitalism >every criticism exist in its own bubble is practically applicabe to most defenders of neoliberalism Why can't these people just connect the dots and see all of this is a systematic problem with capitalism itself? Or do they actually know it but choose to remain silent because themselves are afraid of alienating the normies?
Both of them are posterchilds for contrarian clickbait, they're gonna have to do a lot more pandering than that for me to ever take either of them seriously.
>>2904 >Or do they actually know Sterling sure as fuck does but he needs that patreon cash
>>2904 Jim sterling's content is something I've enjoyed, for purely entertainment purposes (the load of videos he did on shitty Steam games years ago is a prime example of videos that are just plain funny) and also informative (he has loads of videos documenting abusive and manipulative practices in the gamine industry and has hinted in a video before that he is well aware that these dynamics are at play in virtually every industry beyond just video games. But at the same time, I find him to be rather frustrating. His content and him as a person. First of all, he is clearly in line with identity politics and as far as I can tell, more liberal even if he has an inkling of class consciousness. I've stopped watching his videos for the most part, not out of bitching about him being an "SJW" or whatever, but he repeats a lot of the same points, honestly because nothing changes. I fear that if there ever was another Gamergate-esque moment (yes, I know, there will never be another capital G GamerGate because the conditions that produces it have shifted, and social liberals have won a LOT of ground in that space) but something like it, another BIG controversy in gaming or gaming media that libs can spin to panting their opposition as all a bunch of nazis, He just seems like the kind of guy who would abandon honest analysis like the kind he is perfectly capable of when scrutinizing video game companies and publishers, and would hop on board the lib/sjw train of calling the opposition fascists. IDK something just rubs me the wrong way there. Was he outright anti-gamergate in the past? I honestly don't remember if he took a strong stance on it
>>2918 >Gamer gate was about ethics in games journalism
>>2918 His current coverage of Ubisoft figuratively and actually raping its employees has a huge lib bent to it that I always find annoying. He to this day still trying to portray it as something sensational that is only indicative of only Ubisoft when literally anyone especially him can see it as a systematic problem with capitalist corporate structure itself. Only through the power of the manager over the code proles and how lenient the stockholders still consider the “rock star” culture of game directors (which has already reached the real end by the time John Romero tried to make people “his bitch”), these slime bags can do whatever they want without impunity, including just drugging and fucking their workers in the ass. This also makes me realize how much of “cancel culture” is just a gigantic sham of radlibs cope dependent on shamming the offenders without giving them any actual convictions. No wonder the big corporations still support them so much. No matter how “canceled” these people are, they’ll just leave the limelight and continue raping as usual.
>>3177 Yes.


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