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(535.88 KB 718x692 Jerm.png)
Vibeo Game Streamers Comrade 06/25/2020 (Thu) 03:38:05 No. 1931
Anyone here like any game streamers? I don't mean people like Ninja who are interactive advertisements, but more the people who play strange and obscure games and are entertaining in their own right. I like Jerma, Vinesauce Vinny, and Vinesauce Swedish Vinny.
I prefer to actually play games than listen to some youtube/twitch attention whore who has shit tier vidya skill.
My physical and mental health has been shit for the past 2 years and I've been watching a lot of videogame streams. My take is: don't watch streamers unless they're your friends (actual ones).
i put vinny vinesauce on as background noise because i like his voice
Supergreatfriend is as good as he is virtually unknown. His best known work are lps of deadly premonition and illbleed, but nowadays he mostly does streams. I take a lot of pleasure in his dry wit, nonchalance and lack of pretense.
>>1932 same, I used to watch let#s plays when my parents wouldn't buy me any games but these days I just play everything myself
I rarely watch twitch, however I do quite like The Lorerunner who does live reviews of different games and generally is quite wholesome to listen too. Though from what I gather there is a rumor that he once ate pizza
>>1940 I watch lp'ers for games that I wouldn't wanna play myself but which are otherwise amusing. Like the mentioned deadly premonition and illbleed.
(881.80 KB 640x644 xvcb2ne6t2v31.png)
I sometimes watch ludwig, I find him funny
>>1935 >My physical and mental health has been shit for the past 2 years and I've been watching a lot of videogame streams. There seems to be a correlation between depression and watching game streamers, isn't there?
Nah, I believe game streaming is the third lowest form of entertainment there is... right before conspiratorial punditry and reality tv.
Nice that there'll be a vacuum in the streaming market after the allegations are over.
>>1998 ? What allegations fren? against whom? I am curious as I truly have no idea what you're talking about.
>>1999 Twitch (along with the gaming industry itself) has it's own #metoo going on right now with a lot of popular streamers allegedly being rapists/sexpests.
(1.29 MB 1909x916 Trovo.png)
>>2009 huh, neat. guess that's why Tencent's starting to push this right now
>>2013 >Tencent I can already imagine the seething Gamers will do if they beat twitch.
>>1944 I think so yeah. Most "power viewers" I've spoken to tend to be either children, or friendless losers as is my case.
>>2013 >they copies twitch's shit gui oh nonono
>>1931 I watch Northernlion
sometimes I watch people play games I am otherwise not good at playing, it sometimes teaches me how to be better at the game and get into it myself.
(15.94 KB 300x302 Reckful.jpg)
>>2122 I never really watched him but RIP. F
>>2122 >multi millionaire >play video games all day >famous Woe is me. S.
>>2122 he looked better with hairs
I only watch professional CSGO and now Valorant players. Generally if I'm watching a streamer it's because I'm too tired to play after work and want to learn a little from them.
>>2013 I hope it fucks twitch to death.
>>2149 This honestly. Can't stand big streamers who bitch about how terrible their streaming job is. These are the kind of fags who'd suicide a week into a common low end job.
I only use Twitch to use Grand Theft Auto roleplay as background noise.
>>1943 But he's not funny
>>2200 >Not feeling suicidal while working a retail job full time Cringe
>>2803 That I can understand. But not feeling suicidal over "working" at home playing videogames on flexible hours.
Hashinshin got permabanned today, that was the only channel I ever subbed to back in 2017 even though I stopped following in 2018. Kinda surreal seeing a gargantuan channel like Destiny pay attention to a guy I knew as a rather obscure league player who picked offmeta stuff.
>>1931 I watch Vinny's Sunday streams.


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