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(304.50 KB 920x920 newest 3x3.jpg)
Comrade 05/13/2016 (Fri) 22:42:14 No. 1286
what vidya does bunkerchan like
The Dark Souls franchise
Suoer Smash Brothers
Most Mario and Zelda games
pretty good taste

want to play a souls game but I don't have a controller for my PC
I'm a huge Zelda fan and love playing Kart Racing games tbh
Advance wars tbh lads
>want to play a souls game but I don't have a controller for my PC
My recommendation: buy a second hand Dualshock 3. It is pretty well supported on GNU/Linux system and the WinSCP driver makes it recognized by all games you love on Windows.

The D-pad is especially nice for retro games. I don't know if the Dualshock 4 is better, maybe it's more comfy in the hands.
80s/90s text adventures
Paradox RTSs
Tabletops (1st edition D&D especially)
90's JRPGs
Ill pretty much play anything thats DRM free and runs on Linux these days tbh.
FPSRPGS: STALKER, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Fallout: New Vegas

FPS: DOOM (it's all you need tbh), Blood, Shadow Warrior

RTS: Command and Conquer, Warcraft III

Text-based: Dorf Fort, Liberal Crime Squad

Turn-based: Darkest Dungeon
(61.67 KB 799x525 1456136411942.jpg)
Dark Souls, though I'm shit at it.
Civ 5 and Paradox games, mostly CK2.
Company of Heroes.

Classics are Age of Empires 2 and Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

I'd like to buy The Witcher but I'm stuck with a portable.

>mfw I haven't played anything in months now anyway bc coursework and theory
Stellaris is okay and the new patch should fix some of its glaring issues but it won't be great without serious modding or expansion packs
Deus Ex is required playing
(454.77 KB 680x619 D719HcZXkAIrLEo.png)
The Metal Gear games are my favourite by far. The stealth is fun to fuck around with, the boss fights are all great and there's a nice story to round it all off. It was actually the thing that got me to consider the cost of nuclear armaments and war. A close second would be the older Battlefields, particularly Vietnam. Lots of good memories with that one. I'm also playing through the old Interplay Fallout games for the first time and I wouldn't be surprised if they become long time favourite of mine. I'm interested in trying some more CRPGs.

Fallout New Vegas
Red Dead Redemption 2
Grand Theft Auto V
Titanfall 2
Rusted Warefare
Planetary Annihilation Titans
Assassins Creed BF
MGS2 (All of the Metal Gear games really, but especially Sons of Liberty)
Deus Ex
Metroid Prime
Metroid: Zero Mission
New Vegas
Titanfall 2
System Shock
Prey (2017)
Immersive sims in general
Metroidvanias in general
undertale tbqh
Does it still run like shit?

Also, I'm in it for the engie games:
Oxygen Not Included
Any Zachlike
sometimes spengies

And i've found myself playing Planetary Annihilation again lately as well
I love Zachtronics games as a concept but I'm way too much of a math/engineering brainlet to get very far into any of them.
(890.85 KB 1200x1200 skyrim.png)
I'm on this shit rn
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
Heroes and Generals
War Thunder
(23.47 KB 680x447 b2f.jpg)
>Rising Storm 2
AoE 2 and only playing vietnamese even though they're shit
Oh hey ISP I didn't realise you were a marxist.
Everything Kremlin Games make.
Recently Bloodborne and Danganronpa. I'm also trying to get into VNs in general and finished Saya no Uta yesterday. Any suggestions what else to check out?
Thanks r-word
U got discord?
A little bit of everything, but I'm mainly playing Overwatch right now.
does anyone else like mega man x?
(760.95 KB 1225x1225 4x4 vidya.jpg)
My 4x4
(515.62 KB 1440x611 cmrt.jpg)
Who /combatmission/ here? Recently grabbed Red Thunder and I'm liking it so far. Be nice if the scenarios included weren't so huge; my comfort zone hovers somewhere between platoon and company level but it seems like a decent amount of scenarios are around battalion-sized. Naturally for a wargame set in WW2, most of the user-made scenarios out there are German wank.

Also grabbed the original three games now that they're on GOG for cheap - devs used to have them on their site for fucking $25 each, and we're talking 15+ year old games here. I'd have torrented them, but the devs seem pretty religious about keeping their stuff off torrent sites (either that, or it's just an effect of how niche the games are) and the ones I did find had no seeders. I feel like they still hold up, if you don't mind potato-tier graphics that were outdated on release in the early 2000s.
(255.95 KB 704x469 Rockman X.jpg)
(166.45 KB 660x1011 Metal Slug 3 artc.jpg)
Used to be a big fan of the SNES X games, but since discovering the joy of arcade games I kind of don't have the patience for their pacing as much as I used to.
Oh i have a couple:
Dwarf Fortress
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
DeusEx: Revision
Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic
(66.73 KB 1024x768 Overload.jpg)
Thoughts on Overload?
Looks nice. I might get it.
>prime, melee, deus ex
top tier taste anonrade.

Super Mario 64
Super Smash Bros Melee
Halo: Combat Evolved
Pokemon Silver
Half-Life 2
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker
Deus Ex
Cave Story
Super Mario World/Yoshi's Island
Paradox is finally reworking the Spanish Civil War in HoI4.
>Collect em All grindfest redux
>Content Muncher 2
>Sailing: The Game
>Short Story
Megapleb tastes anon, level up.
I'm a fan of the ds pokemon games (Platinum and Black are my favorite) and osu!
coolmath games
slay the spire
I only play Bethesda games. Best in the business.
(35.78 KB 271x191 1.png)
Here is the list of all the games i own. These are my favorite video games since they are the only video games that i own.
You got a lot of Bethesda games missing there. At least you own Skyrim twice so that's a start.
Actually skyrim: se crashes so much that i had to buy the original with dlc just to play it
(719.79 KB 2696x4044 the todd.jpg)
Wargame. I exclusively play Yugoslavia these days.

And ya also obscure Grand Strategy stuff like Sword of the Stars n' stuff.
>I'm interested in trying some more CRPGs
Try Arcanum, it gets pretty class conscious at times.
Planescape Torment doe. wake up from the cycles of guilt
Which is the most based faction in TES? Bonus points if joinable in a game.

Also, how shit will TES VI be now that Bethesda is completely sold out?
(46.28 KB 500x376 418832-sheo2.jpg)
Sheogorath's court of couse.

What was that? My right ear's been talking to you? Well we can't have that, cheese for everyone!
The Thieves' guild is pretty based for a bunch of lumpenproles.
The Empire. The Stormcloaks could've been worth joining if they weren't so xenophobic, although i've joined them as an elf sometimes. The way i see it, they'd probably be a little less racist towards Mer if one of their leaders and one of their greatest champions was an elf.
>Skyrim Expansions
Dragonborn: The only option is fighting Miraak. There's no choice here.
Dawnguard: You can either join the vampires or the dawnguard. The vampires suck and their plan for Tamriel is retarded. They'll never succeed lore-wise, so they're not worth joining if you believe in dialectics. Sure, you can be a super cool super powerful blood-sucker, but it's just not really worth it.
The Empire again. You can't join anyone else. The only war going on is between the Empire and Mehrunes Dagon's daedra, so your only option as a mortal is to be an imperial champion.
>Oblivion Expansions
There's only one expansion, and that's the shivering isles. Dementia is better. Mania is just weird goofy shit. Finish the side-quests for both before you decide to become duke/duchess, otherwise you'll never be able to finish the quests for the townsfolk of the side you don't choose to become duke/duchess of.
House Hlaalu is the least xenophobic great house in Morrowind. House Redoran is sort of a warrior-culture thing, and thus respect strength, but they still have somewhat nationalist tendencies. House Telvanni is the great house of sorcerors, but they're the most nationalistic of the great houses. It's cool if you want dunmeri supremacy in Tamriel, but that's up to you.
The Morag Tong are the better guild of assassins. They're more principled and don't do it for pleasure. The Dark Brotherhood are sadistic and gae. Good thing you can't join them in-game.
The Twin Lamps are the guys you want to help if you don't like slavery, which is a commonplace form of labor in Morrowind. You can't really join them, but you can do a few quests to help them out if you want.
you're alright satan-kun
(103.02 KB 930x417 54332211111.PNG)
COOM for the porn stay for the gameplay
>coomer game
>good gameplay
Dont lie to me anon.
(78.22 KB 960x856 dagoth shapiro.jpg)
I'm actually a bit too much of a brainlet to play it. I've got a save where i haven't used cheats once, but man. I can barely hit giant rats with my sword, and the skeletons kill me quick. My tactic for fighting thus far has been using destruction magic since it hits as long as you successfully cast it, and i just run into a place then run back out once i run out of magicka and recharge. I might use cheats just to increase my sword and bow skills and carry weight at some point just to finish the game.
(62.42 KB 560x768 RealShit.jpg)
Im not though
Slog through 8 hours of gameplay and then you'll understand. Also abuse the game where possible. Current character is using fully enchanted Daedric Armor with Master Robes with 200 of each stat due to boosting and enchantments and can jump across the entire map in a single step and uses a Daedric spear that has an enchantment from a literal god so that it immediatly boosts my strength to 400 000 and hits the enemy so hard that it breaks after a single hit. Also I have permanent chameleon on so enemies can never physically see me so I run past them at 90 km/h with my 247 acrobats skill.

I can barely steal from shopkeepers without reloading saves several times just so they won't see me taking their shit.
Don't steal from shopkeeps, they barely have any money on them and dear god are the guards/priests(you'll find out why) tough. Shops sell jack shit anyways and have no money, you'll find the best stuff in dungeons, I'd say go on the wiki and look at the map for all the daedric weapons and armor and go collect them, all the enemies will be leveled but the items will not be so you can get max gear at level 10 (except the chest piece which is in tribunal) and sell everything, SELL EVERYTHING cause you won't need it trust me. You need to steal Daedric greaves though which are in a farmhouse near the starting location, you can find a Gnsis there'll be a small lake with a lady asking for you to get her amulet, look around carefully and there'll be cloaked enemies, kill them and the lady steal their enchanted amulets which have chameleon on them, go back to the farm house, use the amulet, and steal it no problem.

The only shopkeep you'll need is in Caldera, he's in the attic of the abandoned house and has 5000 gold and restocks every 2 days and he buys stuff at max price.

watch a guide on potion and spell making and you can boost your intelligence to over 100 for 1 second, pause the game, create another potion(which is governed by intelligence), and repeat and you can boost yourself to godhood.
Ok so this be my guide to get buff as shit (quick) in morrowind and basically make yourself strong enough to clear most of the early story / side quests and shit without breaking a sweat

>Build Character however you want
>Steal everything that isnt nailed down in the census office including the fancy silver platter behind the clerk worth 500 septims (Guard will see you but drop it before he talks to you and you can pick it up after without it being a crime)
>Steal everything in Balmora that also isnt nailed down and wont get you arrested (Crates outside peoples houses)
>Snuggle in Caius's bed for one hour at a time until a dark brotherhood assassin shows up
>Steal his armour and shit after you (Finally) manage to kill him
>Get caius to unlock the blades trainers (Will train every skill in game at least up to a decent level for cheap to boot!)
>Join the mages guild so you can go to Caldera quick and EZ
>Sell the armour and any other shit you can to the Gremlin merchant in the old mansion
>Steal the master alchemists set from the Caldera mage guild
>Do the first tutorial quests (Kill rat for the fighter's guild / Kill the thieves in the dwemer ruin and STEAL. EVERY. COIN. AND GEM. THAT. ISNT. NAILED. DOWN)
>Keep getting valuable shit to sell to the gremlin in caldera until you have about 5k gold maybe 10k (if you spam sleeping till another assassin spawns) remember the gremlin resets to having 5k seller cash every in game day so just sleep in the inn opposite his house
This is where that alchemy set comes in if you havent already gotten it
>Buy 200 of two ingredients that have "Fortify intelligence" as their primary attribute but DONT make anything yet
>Buy 200 of two ingredients that have "restore fatigue" as their primary attribute but dont make anything yet
You wont be able to carry all that shit so put it all in some OUTSIDE crates in Balmora or something
>Make 200~ fortify Int potions and drink all of them. this should push you're Intelligence into the high triple or even quadruple digits
>Make 200~ restore fatigue potions each of which will be Uber-Powerful because of how high you're intelligence was when making them

I found that about one stack of these super fatigue potions was worth about 5000~ septims from the gremlin merchant so go back to Caldera and spend a few days selling a few stacks to him again and...Well youve got enough cash now that you can buy virtually any weapon and armour you want / need and have enough cash to pay the blades to train you in whatever you're maining in basically forever
Skyrim factions

>Civil war
If you join a side, the Empire is the least retarded one. Stormcloaks are basically MAGAtards, and their war is going to make the empire more vulnerable to the Thalmor, which are the bigger imperial threat. If you support anybody it needs to be critical support for the Empire as national liberation so the elves don't conquer the humans. The most based option however is to join neither side. The edgelord option is to join the Empire to pwn the Stormcloaks and then assassinating the Emperor, which would plunge Skyrim into even more chaos and effectively ensure Thalmor domination.
They're mercs but they tend to go for soft targets, and they have overwhelming force on their side compared to normal citizens. They're cops.
>Thieves Guild
The only people with a political theory to speak of, but they go full cynic/nihilst with it. Basically vulgar egoists. The illegalism is largely justified, but they don't bother to try really changing things when they definitely have the pull to do so.
>Dark Brotherhood
They're serial killers crossed with doomsday cultists. The only sane option is to destroy them, and killing Grelod to start the quest is so 100% justified that you will catch no shit from it from anybody in the entire game. If you play the game without destroying them, you are a failure at being a hero to the people of Skyrim.
>College of Winterhold
The main plot is pretty lame 2deep4u shit, but collecting lost books for Urag could actually make a difference to the world by holding back the decay inherent to the TES universe.
Since capitalists are metaphorically vampires, and vampires function a lot like porkies, the Dawnguard are automatically based for fighting them. Possibly the closest to genuine pure heroes in the entire TES lore. The Vigilants of Stendarr are too autistic about opposing daedra in contrast.
>Miraak's cult
Dragonborn are automatically more or less on each others' level, so Miraak gets some credit for sending the cultists to kill you the moment he discovers you (assuming you visit the Greybeards right off). Bethesda could have put a little effort into the quest depending on your progress in the rest of the game. Maybe if you'd already beat Alduin and slain the dragon priests and such, Miraak might think twice about sending some cultists to merk you and then waiting for you to trample through Apocrypha before coming to merk him back. Pretty pathetic for such a dragonborn who's lived for ages in the realm of forbidden knowledge.
>Bard College
Pretty cool guys, regularly burn the effigy of a king. They also have a poem that each of them contributes to in turn as part of their career which is pretty commie.
Absolute trash, eat shit and die. Worse than the Dark Brotherhood. Useless cunts to the max. They just want a strongman to tell them what to do, but when they finally get you they do nothing but fuck with you, and worst of all they are central to the main plot, so you have to put up with their shit if you want to save the world. They have little to offer but insist on inserting themselves and extorting the hero into making them relevant, and they play LARPy spy games when the Dragonborn could just roll the Thalmor Embassy or sneak in alone. They are pure adventurist thrill seekers claiming to be true to your cause but constantly getting in the way. Demanding you kill Paarthurnax is the apotheosis of their autism. At least you have the option to recruit people who aren't shit so that canonically you can oust the original turds and fix the organization if you want.
>go full magic, no armor, stick spec, and every magic type spec
>immediately go to the first big town and join the magic club
This is where I started having fun
>find a flight spell
>every engagement with enemies is now me flying around throwing fireballs and dropping summoned monsters on their asses
>this strategy beats beefy badasses who would otherwise squash me easily
>have a fucking blast
I also later made a ring that charges my stamina slightly faster than running depletes it so I never had to worry about that shit again.

the only thing worth looking up is where the shoes that make you run super fast are
Yeah fuck the blades for forcing you to kill paarthurnax, but that was mostly the fault of the woman, what's-her-face.
Forgot to mention I also got a Daedric tower shield that replenishes my health faster than any enemy in the game can deplete it. CHIM=Achieved.
Also I should note that because I always wacked enemies with my blunt stick while they were surrounded by summoned goons anyways I ended up with that stat maxed by then end without realizing it. Also because my armor stats didnt really matter I just wore whatever gave the best boosts atm so by the end I was a magic hammer wielding armor warrior mage which is both awesome as well as an example of how the game systems are more for fun than strict balancing.

Fucking damn morrowind is awesome.
(230.36 KB 1203x677 maymay.jpeg)
>ctrl + f
>0 results
i'm disappointed, still nobody roleplaying as communist guerilla
oh great are we heaving the e-thot debate again
I don't have the money to build a nasa-tier gaming rig, my dude.
kek, now you reminded me of that time that ITV used arma 2 footage in a 'documentary'


the best i get is like 30 fps when nothing's happening, at least in multiplayer with little mod content
mostly it's the fault of either mods, bad servers and too high expectations
even expensive rigs can often not get past 30 fps
no idea what it is but heard it's because the current arma engine is ancient and poorly adjusted for modern hardware
that shit was hilarious
i already had people react to arma screenshots and footage think that it's real, and that's without mods
can't wait for what they cook up next
which will probably be complete dogshit now that they went with an alien story setting with the last DLC, maybe prettier graphics
the new engine they're going with for the next arma release is already used for current Day Z Standalone, is it any better with performance?
>no idea what it is but heard it's because the current arma engine is ancient and poorly adjusted for modern hardware
That's usually the reason for performance problems like that.

There was just a thing like this with I think CBS News? But it wasn't vidya footage. It was footage of some rich people playing with guns at the range, and they passed it off as war footage.
the empire has always been a force for good in the land

but it doesn't matter because skyrim is a piece of shit
same anon. currently however my PC is broke. just dropped a few hundred on some new parts im hoping will fix it but i am a brainlet and fixing it is a chore
Dark Souls 3
Fallout: New Vegas
The original Pokemon
Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl
Team Fortress 2
Almost forgot Assassin's Creed.
Robot Alchemic Drive
Addie's Present
El Shaddai
Lifeline (PS2)
Parasite Eve
Dark Souls
Pokemon Crystal Ico
Ys Book I & II (TG-CD)
Harvest Moon 64
The Tomorrow Children (when that existed)
Crusader Kings II
Victoria II
Sims 2
Simcity 4
Sins of a Solar Empire
Star Wars Empire at War
Darkest Hour
Aurora 4x
Fallout New Vegas
Super Mario 64
Touhou series

There's probably some other ones I can't think of at the moment.
Right now I'm working my way through the Rance games. I also enjoy playing Counter-Strike and old-school RPGs.
recently I've been playing Noita
Anybody play Champions Online
Did you finish the fallout games yet? What do you think of them?
Mostly playing League of Legends and Red Dead 2 right now. I also like R6 Siege and CK2.
Same that and Caves Of Qud, Multiwinia, Prison Architect (insert Foucault joke), and the occasional game of FEAR and various Paradox grand strategy games
Crusader Kings is great
Indie games are killing it right now if you look in the right places. Oh and since I like roguelikes I should do a game of Unreal World again sometime soon
Is city skylines the best city planner or is there better?
>>1370 I would say it's mainly a traffic manager as almost everything is road transported. I never could get my heavy industry areas to have decent traffic flow.
>>1371 Is it worth it thou?
>>1372 Yes.
/leftypol/ has a thread on Disco Elysium right now. Is it good? >>>/leftypol/161062
God I love Deus Ex 1. It’s amazing
>>1374 Yes
OpenTTD is a great game and it is free (in both senses of the word)
Been getting into games again, been playing an old version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, and Doom2. I want to get into Freeciv, but I remember getting frustrated by the fact that I couldn't beat one enemy on easiest difficulty no matter what I did.
>>1330 >>1331 I'm having a real hard time getting into fantasy, know any good sci fi or modernist RPGs?
>>1300 This guy has the right idea, engie games are the shit. I mostly play Stalker Anomaly 1.5 and Kenshi right now. Both games waste way too much time.
>>1331 >cycles of guilt >Not play EYE Divine Cybermancy Come on now. >>1330 It’s on the weird border of class conscious leftist concepts and “da jooos!!!”-tier /pol/ bait with the (((gnomes))) conspiracy. The whole subplot of half-ogres and gnomes rape dungeon and the good/evil alignment are pretty dumb.
>>1382 EYE is so fucking good in spite of all its jank. I never did manage to get co-op to work though, apparently the game is finicky and just port forwarding isn't enough.
>>1383 It’s a third party Source game so of course it’s gonna be janky. Just like the equally good Dark Messiah. Too bad nowadays Streum On is too busy making 40k trash, and Arkane got stuck with Zenimax (which made both the founder and the voice actor for the Outsider left).
(734.10 KB 190x190 dans.gif)
bst gaym evr
>>1384 I think Streum On only ever wanted to make 40K games based on how much EYE is inspired by 40K. It's a shame because EYE is the only game that makes cybernetics as overpowered and fun as they should be, in every other cyberpunk game you're not all that much more powerful than a normal human.
(1.06 MB 400x305 laughing sonic.gif)
Speaking of vidya, Sonic Movie is out and its a lot of fun. A good nonspoiler review by thoriasunlimited https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgwS05X3saU
I have been doing another play through of fallout 4 so I could focus on base building and I have been turning the wasteland into a socialist state with collective farms built out of old vault tec parts turned into above ground vaults.
>>1388 nice anon. >>1386 I mean, there's a limit to how much power cybernetics could actually have when they still have to be attached to a squishy human body. Like, if you had superlegs that could run 100mph, they would just destroy whatever part of your leg they were attached to.
>>1389 That's why we need full cyborg bodies. Put the brain and some artificial organs inside of a big armored box in the torso, cover everything in armor. .50 bmg would be a mild nuisance to them.
>>1286 Endless Space 2, Stellaris, Command and Conquer, Deus Ex, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Fallout 2, Kenshi, and Lobotomy Corporation.
SSS Shadow of the Colossus Dwarf Fortress Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Morrowind SS Bloodborne / Dark Souls Metal Gear Solid Vagrant Story Devil May Cry 3 S Parasite Eve Warcraft 3 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core STALKER Deus Ex Metroid Prime A Fire Emblem 6 Final Fantasy 6 Darkest Dungeon Witcher 3 (only with Enhanced Edition mod) Factorio Super Mario World Disco Elysium 2hu (IN my favorite) About a million more in A tier, can't get em all.
(178.40 KB 1200x900 osamas cat.jpg)
>>1392 Why Binding Blade over any other FE? Just curious.
>>1393 There are many good ones but this was my first one. I also prefer sprite art to the 3D models of gamecube and onwards. It's a damn shame FE story is always 100% skippable garbage.
Dustforce Alpha Centauri (I'm finished with it though tbh) Minesweeper Catacombs of Solaris Cross Channel
(66.53 KB 1080x720 animal.jpg)
I got the new animal crossing game and it is pretty good. (Pic semi-related)
>>1286 Immersive sims and turn based games. My reaction time is too shit for actual fps and rts. Also anything related to Soviet sci-fi.
I don't wanna be that guy but fallout new vegas
(200.71 KB 661x716 new vegas threads.jpg)
(59.21 KB 274x230 what in the god damn.jpg)
>>1396 >playing new animal crossing >find a new character wandering around >a hippie dog named harvey >he has his own island like the player, and invites you to come hang out >get a ride from the dodo birds to fly over to Harv's Island >find out you only have access to one house on the island >go inside, and immediately see a casting couch setup >it's a photo studio, and Harvey's gimmick is doing photo shoots with your neighbors >you can dress them up and tell them to pose for you >mfw Harvey Weinstein is telling you to traffick your neighbors to his private island Little St. James to take special pictures of them What in the goddamn did Nintendo mean by this? What else is on that island that you don't have access to? And why is one of the photoshoot sets literally a dank basement?
>>1396 fuck u nigga
/v/ is now the roulette board, please go there for your video game related discussions. >>>/roulette/
(175.80 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault[1].jpg)
we need a game that combines megaman and sonic. you play as metal sonic, your bossfights are all the characters in mania, and after each one you get their abilities. you can play the first half of zones in any order just as you can the second half.
Darkest Hour Ace Combat Red Dead Redemption Metroid Metal Gear Burnout
last few months its been Monster Hunter World Risk of Rain 2 Terraria really pumped for journey's end
Is there a leftypol factorio server?
(373.92 KB 920x920 most favorite.jpg)
Have no console so I mooch on my roomies Shadow of the colossus - classic Halo CE - also classic Horizon Zero Dawn - fun combat with robot dinosaurs Dreams - I mak gam
the vidya that I'd consider my favourite games ever, no particular order Left 4 Dead Half Life 2 STALKER Bloodborne Silent Hill 2 GTA San Andreas Red Dead Redemption 2 more lately I really enjoyed Control, by Remedy, the game is a huge homage to the House of Leaves novel, it's incredible


no cookies?