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New Chinese AAA game - Black Myth:Wu Kong Comrade 08/20/2020 (Thu) 11:34:22 No. 3832
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2nNljv0MOw How has nobody posted this yet? It is developed by a Chinese indie studio named ‘Game Science’. From the looks of it it's a Soulsborne inspired action adventure game. I think the artstyle is great it looks absolutely gorgeous as well. What do you guys think of this? Is this finally a response to everyone that says commies kill muh vidya?
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>>3832 I've noticed that a lot of Chinese fiction media is set in ancient/feudal China but almost none of it is set in like the communist/maoist era. Is that censored? This looks pretty cool tho ngl
first time hearing about this, looks cool still going to torrent it tho
>>3838 There was a horror game released a while ago that was set in late 20th century China made by a small Chinese studio, so I don't think they censor that sorta stuff. I forgot its name though. It got censored after release though, but I don't remember why exactly.
>>3838 China is just back to "bring back Chinese culture" phase. It's pretty harmless. I think that the chinese just like fantasy shit in general and urban fantasy is not something they've really came into that much contact with.
>ANOTHER Journey to the West adaptation
>>3842 What do you want them to adapt into a triple a game? Dream of the Red Chamber?
Ah! This game has furries in it - GOTY 10/10.
Gotta love how everyone is calling out 'probable Chinese labour abuse' since it was developed by 30 people, but they are forgetting the crunch times in the West like CDPR, Rockstar Games, Naughty Dog; developers trying to unionize, etc. Why do they seethe so much? Also can the janny fix the link in the OP?
>>3844 Walking simulator in Qing China full of tragedy, the critics will love it.
>AAA game So, trash?
pretty neat
>>3849 Imagine a huge Taiping Rebellion game
>>3852 The devs is like 12 people that got frustrated with Tencent’s bullshit and formed their own studio retard. >>3832 The controversy surrounding the studio is also interesting. The devs previously had Tencent funding their game at first, then came corporate meddling that forced them into making a piece of online microtransaction-laden piece of shite that disappointed everyone. Tencent is literally the worst thing to come out of the Chinese game industry. They’re the Unicronic Arts over there except they’re backed by the state to continue their monopoly, consume any small fry studios, liquidate the employees then turn any business model into online live services. >ib4 Dengoids suck Tencent’s cock again calling it the pinnacle of communism
>>3872 any further reading on this?
>>3872 >12 people >AAA Who's the retard, retard?
>>3832 looks neat; I hope they finish it
>>3875 More like AAA quality developed by an Indie studio.
>>3872 >Unicronic Arts Ah, a fellow fan of Jim Sterling I see
>>3878 >AAA quality AAA means overproduced garbage. Please don't insult games by calling them AAA when they don't have a small army of developers behind them.
>>3832 >Is this finally a response to everyone that says commies kill muh vidya? No, sorry. Soulsborne games are shit fam.
>>3871 Imagine a Panthay Rebellion game, basically a Muslim led secular regime parallel to the Taiping
>>3840 Do you remember the name of the game?
>>3841 They LOVE fantasy shit. I can't even count the number of fantasy dramas that are coming out over there. They're long as fuck too.
>>3832 >no Xuanzang or his juniors Literally what is the point of making a Wukong game if you aren't going to tie it with Journey to the West? That is like making a game about Odysseus after he reached his home. At least start the story about how he became a king, got his staff, anger the gods and found penance from the Goddess of Mercy.


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