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What are you playing right now? Comrade 08/14/2020 (Fri) 12:56:39 No. 3723
I'm revisiting nfs underground 2 and most wanted, they're still quite fun. Also got Total War: Troy for free but didn't get to it yet.
>>3723 I am finishing a replaythrough of Dead Space 2, I didn't like the game when I played it when it first came out but replaying it now more slowly I'm enjoying it a lot more. It has its faults but playing on a higher difficulty it still has the survival horror roots to it and I'm having to think tactically how to deal with certain encounters. Its still a bit too corridor shootery though, DS1 was linear but it didn't feel like a set of corridors. Also playing Doom Eternal and Hell let Loose for the multiplayer. Both are fun.
trying out some meme builds on dark souls 2, game surprisingly isn't all that dead except for a few covenants
>>3723 Terrorist gusano simulator or Brigador. Always a fan of isometric 2.5D games. Also Blade of Agony because it’s damn good for something that’s completely free. Way better than the modern wolfenstein.
going back through demon's souls after years of abandoning it, I might just be a hyper autist but understanding dodge iframes has kind of ruined the game for me.
I’m pretty addicted to Predator: Hunting Grounds these days
Started reading Hinterlands which reminded me of the game Kentucky Route Zero, which I've heard about but never played. It is, well, very dense I guess is the word here. It's pretty heavy as well, at least from the mood. Probably will try to finish it in short sessions over the month or so. Also Horizon Zero Dawn just got cracked it seems, so I will try that as well.
(342.00 KB 330x468 Factorio.png)
>>3723 Picked back up Factorio since is now out of early access. Amazing game
>>3769 I've been playing itself, but to me it's an amazingly disappointing game. The developers straight up threw their hands up in the air last year and renounced all goals of ever finishing their game. No levels to be designed, no more monster variety, just a set of mechanics to be fine-tuned forever.
>>3770 The main fanbase of the game seems to prefer it that way, its weird.
>>3958 Is it that weird? I think the people who were expecting more out of it are no longer fans.
Virtual Tennis on the Sega Dreamcast
(1.41 MB 1280x1024 Factorio-end.png)
>>3769 >>3770 And done. Speed clear on a Death World. I have never seen the level 4 biters and spitters that supposedly exist now because controlling populations is utterly trivial if you simply keep nests out of your pollution zone. What a sorry joke of a game.
(170.18 KB 220x312 220px-Fate_Coverart.png)
FATE (pre-school Diablo 2). It's a lot better than I remembered it being. Steam version has achievements now if you're into that.
>>4104 I remember that game actually, I played it some as a bored teenager. you could turn your dog into an angry lizard and beat goblins to death with sticks.
>>4104 I remember checking that out on some demo disk and thinking it was some awful skinner box targeting the nascent phone audience.
I played through Tacoma today. What it is is it's a 2nd privacy invasion simulator from the devs of Gone Home, but centered around a space station disaster. The setting is slightly interesting and shows you a crap future where you pay for your son's college in company scrip. However, without spoiling anything union-busting plot, the plot completely fails to excite. The big reveal happens and you're like "What? That's it?" and it's over.
I replayed Spec Ops The Line (last played it around when it released) on a whim and I'm impressed how much it held up despite knowing the major story events. Once you know he's insane all of the signs showing his descent into madness (and the fact he's dead) are really well done along with little things to show the people you are shooting as people instead of moving targets. The gameplay is pretty alright for a 2012 cover shooter too. Also it is of course still based for showing a CIA agent dooming an entire city to a slow and agonising death to slightly preserve Americas reputation.
None, don't enjoy vidya anymore, wat do?
Mindustry. You should try it, industry based tower-defence game that is free software released under the GPL. It has a following in the tens of thousands. Also, hoi4 absolute ripoff you need all the DLCS (except death or dishonor) to actually make this game enjoyable and even then it is just shit.
>>4492 Thats standard paradox practise, the secret is to just either pirate the DLCs or grab them when they inevitably give them away in a humble bundle (be sure to set the slider to maximum charity)
>>4134 good choice. the infamous WP section was such a moral and narrative cop-out from the studio, but I enjoyed it until the end as well. Apocalypse Now is still the best piece of fiction dealing with that subject matter, in my opinion.
(14.24 KB 848x480 rgbzue9wtg451.jpg)
CoD Warzone, csgo and eu4.
>>4552 I find the WP scene works better if you view it primarily as a criticism of the death from above section in modern shooters. The original plan to have the game diverge by allowing you to not do it would have undermined the point it ended up making about how these segments in the shooters of the time were railroading you into committing atrocities and then patting you on the back for it. Its also the first major point where Walker diverges from just being the self insert and becomes the deconstructed military shooter protagonist with some aspects of the kind of person that plays military shooters left in which is why you see the "its guilting me for something the game made me do", it only attacks Walker the character for doing it, the guilt trip loading screen messages are aimed at the player for picking up a game where you shoot foreigners for entertainment in the first place. The best part of the scene in my mind is the immediately after where he's attacking the un-mortared command centre of the gate and desperately hoping for some secret revelation because in a regular game of the type they would stick some meaning to justify what just happened instead it was for nought. I do find it interesting how hyperfocused people become on that scene, its far from the only atrocity you commit in the game (I think the aquatic Colosseum is far better executed too) but I suppose most people just block out the fact that they gunned down refugees or slaughtered masses of deserter soldiers so they can make more refugees die of thirst because theres no burned baby at the end. >Apocalypse Now is still the best piece of fiction dealing with that subject matter I agree there, it really captures the spirit of the book which the game pretty much doesn't beyond the descent into madness and critique of something that was popular in society at the time.


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