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Metro thread Comrade 07/30/2020 (Thu) 17:40:53 No. 3378
So I'm playing exodus and it's just another boring shooter - you run, you shüt, you grab loot. But this part, when I've arrived at Yamantau, I've shit my pants at. They literally portray soviet (or russian, idk about the lore) government as a group of blood crazed cannibals feasting on their braindead subhuman people. Holy shit. Ukres just can't keep their bullshit off. Is this kind of subtle sociopolitical commentary gonna continue?
Dimitry Glukhovsky is a turbo lib who portrays nazis and communists as the same kind of misguided individuals blinded by ideology (muh both sides) while the hansa liberals prosper because of their """apolitical""" pragmatism. I feel kind of ashamed of owning the metro 2033 book from back when I believed in european liberalism. I remember a specially cringe section of the book where there was an anomaly in the red star of the Kremlin and if you looked directly at it you would get mesmerized and end up getting killed. So subtle lmao.
huh, I thought the metro games were good, I mean Red Line = The Literal Fourth Riech is BS, but, huh
>>3378 you missed the environmental storytelling my dude. it's ok, I'll explain it to you. the bunker was never finished. there is no soviet government, they're probably dead. those dudes in Yamantau passing for the soviet government are the workers building the bunker. they had to resort to cannibalism because they've got no food left. they use the "we're the soviet government" lie to attract people since they desperately women (lol, there were only male workers) and food (more people = more food)
>>3397 source: multiple notes you find in-game, btw, I'm not making it up
(188.67 KB 1000x562 1000.jpg)
>>3397 I do know that but that still doesn't deny that the scene is a weak political statement. It doesn't matter what the lore is because the image that was created in that level leaves the foremost impression and that most people see and the image is what I described in the post and the image was deliberately created. There was even a controversy about it and the baron arc in the russian web. The writing on the wall says "It was you, bastard, who drank away the country". https://dtf.ru/games/41204-politika-v-metro-exodus-ne-rusofobiya-a-bezzubaya-kritika-rossiyskoy-vlasti
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(81.24 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Not even one third into the game and I've already found the ultimate weapon.
Metro is probably the most fanatically anti-communist series there is. Not going to lie. Less so the books, which I haven't read in a decade, but the video games, especially Last Light could have been written by Anne Applebaum and Henry Kissinger for all we know. Keep in mind that Last Light is a game where Nazis perform cranial inspections in a concentration camp, and still manages to make the Red Line the most morally reprehensible faction. Funny enough, at times they couldn't even manage to present their anti-communism properly. All throughout the series, we're told the standard liberal BS about commie soldiers soldiers being more poorly trained than the Nazis, using human wave tactics, no food BS - until the second half of Last Light, where you have to fight their soldiers equipped with the most mall ninja shit you'll ever see, with laser sights, NVG, waves and waves of dudes in full metal armor, equipped with shit like miniguns and flamethrowers. Even their army possessing a running train and tanks, both of which are supposed to be extremely rare in this universe, but alas, even when the protagonist and his faction LOSES to the commies in a surprise attack, he's given the option of going full fucking ALLAH AKBAR to destroy himself, along with several hundred-thousandish healthy able men in a post-apocalypse universe Ukrainians are absolutely fucking wild man.
>>3404 The game isn't exactly subtle that its not the real Russian government in the bunker. Environmental storytelling is probably too far a word for leaving things on the critical path that explicitly say "oh no the government never arrived and the bunker was never finished then we all caught kuru". But you missed the actual remnant of the Russian government in Moscow that was shown at the start of the game to be keeping Moscow under wraps out of fear of the NATO strike. Pretty much every other remnant is shown to have either been killed or disintegrated.
>>3418 Is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. anti-communist though? They were the same devs I think?
>>3432 originally STALKER and Metro were one dev team working on only STALKER, then the team split over creative disagreements, one going on to make STALKER and the other Metro. STALKER doesn't really touch too heavily on politics beyond interpreting Duty and Freedom as an extension of politics somehow. Most of the stalkers there are usually poor men who are trying to make it by in the capitalist economy of the post-USSR Ukraine and other post-Soviet states, and there is a nostalgic element built into the soivet era, but not really explicit commentary on communism.
>>3434 Adding to this Duty and Freedom's politics have parallels to the real world but there's no endorsement of either, and the ideology instead revolves around their attitudes to anomalies and the zone and what's to be done about them, the parallels come from these attitudes rather than the ideology being inserted in for flavour or whatever.
>>3439 >but there's no endorsement of either Metro is pretty much the same, its just far more cynical with everyone being portrayed as bad with the exception of Polis which is a city state. Despite all of the focus on the Reich and the Red Line when Hanza (the capitalists) are shown they are still depicted as corrupt, heartless and opportunist.
>>3442 Red Line was definitely portrayed as much more loathsome and disguisting than even the fascists.
>>3443 dafuq did the red line do?
>>3444 They infected a station with a virus then set them all on fire
>>3443 the reichs whole thing in last light is that they are pathetic and ineffective at anything except killing their people. Its just this hyper cynical view that had to have a bad guy. the depiction of the reich and red line barely holds between 2033 and last light. then exodus comes along and reveals that all of their evildoing was actually being orchestrated by the invisible watchers.
>>3378 >>3397 >>3404 Exodus seems to be an adaptation of this book, even if not officially https://metrovideogame.fandom.com/wiki/Towards_the_Light_(Novel) It's basically about a group of stalkers from the Petersburg metro going out to the surface to investigate a strange light coming from Kronstadt. A member of a weird religion called "Exodus" also joins them who claims that the light is actually the sign of the Ark which will bring you to paradise. Well, the "Ark" actually exists (a ship which survived the bombing on the sea and people actually live like they lived before the war), but it has nothing to do with the cultists who are just trying to lure people to Kronstadt so they can eat them and they are also the descendants of high ranking military officers/government officials who hid in a bunker and at first devoured the workers hired for renovating the place.
(2.09 MB 500x194 Anna.gif)
Lmao imagine paying attention to the fucking story. You only play metro for the qt3.14 waifu and nothing else.
>>3487 She's cringe.
>>3497 if you keep badmouthing my wife I'm going to dox you
>>3501 Doxx deez nuts gay boy
>>3497 still got arty to clap those cheeks on the train
>>3389 Lol I forgot about that. Also the classic "red brigade" expedition: The people of the central committee are revisionists but they five weapons to us to keep fighting. Kek, 7 years since I read that book.


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