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(876.33 KB 1280x646 L197L_sDsoo.png)
/games/ meme thread Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 18:01:56 No. 3244
Edited last time by krates on 08/11/2020 (Tue) 14:43:46.
I don't get it.
I don't get it.
I get that the ! and the ))) is an epic Russian calling card, but that's kind of it.
>>3249 bloodrayne. It's an old game about killing nazis as a titty vampire with police baton design swords..
>>3244 Should we make this the /games/ or /v/ meme thread?
(161.96 KB 440x471 200%regret.jpg)
>>3252 Why not. Here's the one I made some time ago, a variation on the famous 200% mad meme. What do you think.
>>3253 Quite fitting TBH
(590.30 KB 834x1826 V vs 4chan.jpg)
A classic
Can the mods edit the OP post to have the word meme thread in it so that people can find this meme thread in the catalog?
(474.15 KB 1500x1500 Gamer Seuss.png)
Red Button Blue Button Green Button too! She owned all the noobs and she might even own you! She spells the word girl with two Rs and an L All you Gamergate haters can go straight to hell!
>>3643 Meant to be an ironic post, but its not a bad rhyme TBH.
>>3244 >meme thread edit yay
Found this funny, that poor blonde girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLMkUKAiVDY
(505.23 KB 1400x1400 Snake Feet Suess.png)
>>3643 The other Seuss pic by ZP92 (that I'm aware of)
(179.84 KB 483x787 level200MAD.jpg)
>>3254 I've remembered I made a similar meme about Drakengard, how about that?
(210.95 KB 800x757 bethesduh wasteland.png)
A bit of a stretch on the "class disparity" point, but a classic nonetheless
>>3244 Post some classic /v/ memes
>>4648 Like /v/ vs cancer or something?
>>4161 people who post this are retarded pseudes.
>>5150 Why so?
Has anyone looked at the board description? >/games/ - Games Vidya, Table Top games, Hopsotch, etc <HOPSOTCH This typo has been up for months
It feels like there ought to be way more memes, at least some mocking /v/fags
(3.99 MB 2350x1140 Ghost Gals.gif)
Pacman was a favorite arcade game.... and Minus8 just makes it better
>>3990 Does it suck?
>>5357 Not in my recollection (not the same anon)
>>5150 assblasted bethestoid spotted
>>5356 Which one would you hug? I'd go with the Orangette.
>>>/hobby/19143 Post Merula memes
(126.41 KB 1200x675 z spitshit.jpg)
自分より目線が下の相手には噛み付いてくるギザギザした歯のIL-2 (1941)。タラーン攻撃でプロペラがりがり。 #いい歯の日
>>6543 translation please
(718.10 KB 946x855 New Vegas.png)
(417.92 KB 631x785 new turn to be protag.png)
(804.51 KB 1837x925 disco elysium.jpg)
(261.86 KB 699x917 disco elysium last comm.jpg)
(18.81 MB Tonight We Riot.mp4)
(214.58 KB 1920x1080 wargame 3.jpg)
(119.56 KB 1024x963 wargame 2.jpg)
(223.09 KB 494x590 wargame 1.png)
>>5356 left to right Femme Fatale, Sexy Smug Partygirl, Tomboy, Cool Nerd
(149.38 KB 718x889 late term abortion boruto.jpg)
Post some Jumpforce memes m8s that unfortunate trashfire has plenty to go around.
unsubtle social media garbage thread
(184.13 KB 485x301 Be Silent worm.png)
>>6621 >sagefag is assmad again <got kicked off /anime/ so he's shitting up the board here now with whining 1) Chans ARE social media you retard, just anonymous 2) It's a fucking meme thread, this has nothing to do with any other social media or "muh ecelebs" as you love to whine about. Stay mad 4cuck.
>>6608 Reminder that Serbs weren't communists, they betrayed Tito's principles so they could hijack the federal government and create a greater s*rb empire.
>>6640 This post brought to you by NATOgang
>>6632 What the fuck are you talking about you fucking schizo
>>6649 >hurr schizo No argument. There is a consistent spammer who uses sage as a reddit downvote and posts the same content every time "hurr this thread is shit", "Hurr muh soshul mediu!!!", "Hurr muh ecelebs" It's the exact same garbage for months on both /anime/ and /games/. It's obvious samefag spam.
>>6649 >>6621 Post memes or go away
(1.34 MB 842x1037 zx8yfuv8i2441.png)
>>3244 >meme thread >all whining and almost no memes
Let's get the thread going again. (pic 1 translation: History teacher, Physics teacher)
>>6710 >almost no memes <*scrolls up past the 6 or so whining comments* Huh? But you're right about whinging.
>>6711 >pic 3 It would be funny if that was modded into a game and shattered in one hit.
(70.60 KB 1156x943 Tok gf.png)
(229.87 KB 600x717 It's Tok time.png)
(169.89 KB 715x499 tokhaar everything.jpg)
CYOA memes


no cookies?