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Comrade 07/18/2020 (Sat) 01:32:14 No. 2987
What is the longest game you've ever beaten in a single sitting? Do you notice any characteristics about that game that made it compelling enough to play for so long without break?
(42.30 KB 640x440 Majora's Mask.jpg)
I'm not sure myself, but I think it might have been Majora's Mask. A glitchless 6-day playthrough (i.e., get the Deku Mask in the first cycle and then beat the entire rest of the game in the next 3 days) took somewhere around 7-8 hours of play time if I remember right. I thought it was an interesting challenge that needed to be completed as soon as I realized it was possible. The toughest part is getting the powder keg to open up Romani Ranch before the end of 1st day so you can get Epona. I would say both Goron rolling and Zora swimming mechanics are key aspects that make the game exciting to speed through. Not a fan of some of the unskippable cutscenes and exposition (fuck the Stone Tower) but it's still enjoyable. The fact that basically every enemy is allergic to arrows in Majora's Mask (normally a con because it presents a substantial drop in difficulty from Ocrina of Time) might also make it more compelling for single-sitting speed play.
I just played lisa the painful for like 6 hours. longest though hmmmmm probably I dont remember
(965.42 KB 1280x720 def.png)
I finished Conker's Bad Fur Day in one sitting the other day. It was a boring afternoon and if I stopped playing it, I wouldn't play it again another time which would bother me etc. Honestly it was better in my memories, the humor is very dated and the controls are shit, the multiplayer is the highlight of the game
I don't think I ever really completed that many games in one sitting. Guess all three of the Kremlin games as they are rather short. I think I also beat SURVEY_PROGRAM in one sitting but only because it was rather short and fun to play.
(52.88 KB 380x298 1593076222074.gif)
Currently? Hotline Miami. It's just so good, man.
I played Skyrim for three days straight, like legit 72hrs no sleep, only getting up to shit, piss, and stretch. Housemates were constantly refilling my coffee mug with the strongest coffee they could, so I was jittery as hell. And my eyes started to blur, so by the night of the thirday I was sitting only two feet away from the screen. Game wasn't even that enjoyable tbh, just hadn't played games for a while and went full autist.
When I was a kid, me and my brother would blow through coop games like Baldur's Gate:Dark Alliance in 24+ hour binges. The most recent one was a platformer of some sort where the Characters were "puppets" and you were enslaved by cats who could fly in UFOs and there was a plot about an evil top hat on a cursed island I think? It was another coop and, again, the only reason I burned through it was because me and my sister played it while I was visiting her over a three-day weekend and we just kind of got carried away. We played from one afternoon into the next morning and were very drunk by the time we fumbled our way into the end (I can distinctly remember that part of our "strategy" involved one of us advancing across the map and the other becoming an hero so they could respawn to catch up). So in answer to your question: coop play. Other than coop play, I can say the main factor in long playtimes is having lots of things to be doing and no/few Game Overs. Game Overs or just feeling stalled on the only thing I can do are the main times I realize I could just stop playing for today or perhaps forever. A useful modern example would be Disco Elysium, which I started really dedicated to when there were all kinds of things to do anytime I felt I wasn't ready to pursue a particular path, but as the game goes on it starts bottle necking you and by the Tribunal pushing on through to the end became a drag.
Chrono Trigger Damn I miss short and tight RPGs and not padded 100 hour slogs
>>2987 Ghost Rider and DMC3 for the ps2 back when I was a kid, both of them took a whole two days (one each) to complete.
>>3011 I don't remember Chrono Trigger being short enough for one sitting.
>>3494 It's not padded so you don't notice all the hours
civilization 5 over 9 hours w/ mods, it was fun as there was always something i was planning or looking towards - eg. "if i research this and that, i can get that wonder" or "i can sense a war coming soon, i should mobilize my army and economy, maybe try and get that technology so i can get an edge in combat" as well as constantly having to balance resources and manage my luxury resources + trading with other nations
>>2987 kind of sad really but my most cherished family memory is going through mgs2 in one session with my brothers back in the day.
>>2987 Frostpunk in 8 hours or so. It's basically a cinematic citybuilder. I basically lose all control when it comes to autistic building games like C:SL or Transport Fever 2. The addition of a melodrama to vindicate my autism is completely irresistable.


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