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Disco Elysium Anonymous Comrade 10/30/2019 (Wed) 01:01:10 No. 2527
I think this game is on to something lads
Anon, I really don't get where you're coming from with your theory. I didn't see anything that would indicate I was somehow playing a different person than Harry, and there are several points throughout the game where he is confronted with the actual memories and traumas of his past, not just the actions of some past him, and this can also be seen from the quotes in the thought cabinet. The ending was just the culmination of that, not some shocking twist. This isn't Planescape. You read it wrong, that's not the game's fault.
Bumping out of the spam hellhole
>>2573 >I don't get where all those "best RPG in years" reviews are coming from. Name a better one
>>2587 She cucked him with a gay man, how do you get cucked by a gay guy.
>>2592 There is no such thing as a gay man, females are pure sex and anyone who is blessed with the fortune to be able to sleep with them does so.
Is there a theme to putting in skills points? I am scattering it as and when i feel like it
>>2594 you get funny dialogue and behavior from maxing things out because there are draw back from having skills really high.
>>2594 >Is there a theme to putting in skills points? Generally speaking, there are a couple of needed skills, the rest of the points are better stored and invested directly in-dialogue, when a relative check comes up. >there are draw back from having skills really high. No there are not. High faculties "overflow" sometiems, but you can choose to think about it and not act on them.
>>2596 >>2595 How high do you have to go? I went to like 7 but I didnt see much change
>>2597 Most important "passive" stat is perception. There are one or two perception-like stats depending on your build (e.g. Drama to percept lies). You do not need to invest the existing points though, because when you see a dicethrow check, you can put points right in the dialogue. If it is a "white" check, you can put points only if you fail. Yeah, 5 is good, 7 to late game for passive checks.
>>2597 At ten encyclopedia starting listing every mundane detail about everything in history until I told it shut up
>>2599 >>2598 Am I seriously the only one that went a full well balanced individual route skill wise?
>>2600 "balanced" build only means you see less funny shit.
Reposting this here from the main board I never really played Planescape Torment since that is kinda before my era but this game reminds me of the Deus Ex series, especially Mankind Divided with the running around intruding on people's lives in a very small area and the underwhelming ending. There should have been a second shoot out or fight scenes like the one against Musclehead or the dream should be made mandatory at the very end. Other than that, extremely kino game Politically, this game does pay lip service to Leftism in general while funny dialogues and mechanics favoring heavily towards it. The Suicide of Kras Mazov lets you never be reliant on magnesium while Mazovian Socio-Economics lets you farm more XP (The real currency in this game). The Traditionalist, Ultra and Moralist just can't compete with their disadvantages. Also it is very hard to a race realist fascist when your partner is a minority(albeit quite stereotypical Asian) But they never really show why leftism is dope or good. The labour dispute is quite both-sideism, especially with Evrart vs Joyce. Even assuming Evrart is being earnest with you in his devotion to socialism and the working class, he is still a massive asshole compared to Joyce. Their opposing vision for the slums is also interesting, with a social complex vs a fishery. I personally don't see the latter as the necessary as the former but I won't deny that the slums needs both. Hell the resolution is like the Solomon's baby situation with Joyce being the 'deserving' mother. At the very least the PMC and coporate spy vs Hardie Boy and the black lawyer balances out the assholery dichotomy. The pale shit is kinda reeks of idealism but imma let that slide I guess. Overall the game is like a well, small but very very deep. How many games let you engage in politics, communicate with the city and throw a Molotov cocktail with a talking tie? I hope the sequel (and it sequel baits hard but at least is very well written) will at least expand on this genuinely groundbreaking game. Viva la the future revolución
>>2602 Since we're x-posting, here was my take on the game being leftist: >I don't think it's "resigned" in any way. I see it more as a portrait of the neoliberal era. The revolution failed, capitalism and apathy reigns supreme, communism is nothing but a fashion symbol, and everything is slowly falling apart. But underneath that there's a conflict brewing that might one day spark a new revolution. It's extremely leftist, more so than a lot of supposedly leftist games which are sometimes paraded around here. Just because the game doesn't say "communism good" doesn't make it non-leftist, and vice-versa. >I think what i mean is that it has a more nuanced and grounded view on communism than what is expected of a "leftist" game. It puts in no uncertain terms that communism was a massive failure that lead to immense suffering - in one of the first conversations you have about communism, you are literally told "communism is about failure". But even so it is the only hope we have left, and something that should be striven towards, because the only other option is to give up. A quote from one of the thoughts you can unlock sums this up well <How *not* to lose? It is impossible not to. The world is balanced on the edge of a knife. It’s a game of frayed nerves. You’re pushed on by numbers and punitive measures: pain, rejection, and unpaid bills. You can either play or you can crawl under a boat and waste away -- turn into salt or a flock of seagulls. Your enemies would *love* that. Or you can fight. The only way to load the dice is to keep on fighting. In short, the game isn't leftist because it favours communism or portrays it sympathetically, but because it addresses a very leftist issue: Coping with the failure of communist revolutions and keeping the flame alive in a crumbling late-capitalist society.
>>2603 >Coping with the failure of communist revolutions But not a single praise of Pol Pot. In the trash it goes.
>>2604 The game isn't set on Earth
>>2604 You can defend North Korea equivalent there though
>>2566 So you are a nazi
I can't help but cry at the "Of all the creatures I've met you are the kindest" part every time I think back on it. For some reason that one sentence hits really hard, harder than everything else in the game. Something beautiful did happen...
(213.30 KB 1464x1106 retard.jpg)
Finally got to play this game. It's good and I love it. Would recommend. Wanted to say it somewhere.
>>2527 there are anarchists in this game?can you play as one?
>>2609 I picked it up yesterday. Can't wait to jump in after I get home from work tonight
Piece of shit still doesn't launch even with the hardcore update. Fuck the baltic shitters.
>>2610 There's one girl doing ACAB street art and a Spanish guy siding with the union who could be representing the Catalunya anarchists (but I have doubts about it because he seems careless about politics). So pretty much nothing since they are not central to the main plot and forgettable. >>2527 or see the second pic I guess
>>2613 >who could be representing the Catalunya anarchists (but I have doubts about it because he seems careless about politics) The one calling people scab? One of the voices suspect he is a communist/anarchist pretending to be a moderate to sell said ideas better
(3.15 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (164).png)
(3.28 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (222).png)
(2.90 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (304).png)
I usually don't like characters like this, but something about conceptualization makes her impossible to dislike. She has very funny and helpful observations.
>>2615 If Im not wrong conceptualization is the one used in the check to learn the meaning of the title Disco Elysium with Joyce, Its probably the most amazing part in the game when you connect that with the church quest, and also expands every meaning of every action in the game learning that, absolutely recommended to put many points in conceptualization
(111.05 KB 200x278 inland empire.png)
>>2616 Ya second this, that's my favorite part of the game along with the ending when you-know-what appears. I almost got locked out of it because I kicked out the ravers, because I thought that would lead to letting the programmer do her work in the church alone and figure out the mystery. But she can't figure out the mystery if the ravers and her don't work together, which I thought was a really weird and unintuitive choice by the devs. Glad I restarted from an old save. I wouldn't consider it a complete playthrough if you don't solve that mystery tbh. It reminds me of the existential dread we are faced with from climate change today, idk if that was an intentional metaphor or not. Also another cool detail about that is that the portrait for Inland Empire looks like what Joyce describes about the world. This game is full of neat shit like that. Lots of love clearly went into it.
>>2617 The thing about the pale reminds me more of DialHist, or just how history weighs on us at all time. Climate change is only a part of it.
(1.12 MB 864x1200 Arch_logician.png)
>>2617 >It reminds me of the existential dread we are faced with from climate change today Didnt think of that, it always surprises me how desensitive they made me about a lot of things like the climate change, but if I extrapolate te feeling that I got learning of the pale (which is valid because its a very simiilar situation) it realy makes me feel existential dread
(44.17 KB 1011x71 true detective.png)
>>2539 bitch
>>2527 Someone explain this game in better terms than wikipedia's mess.
So is this game anything like Bioshock? I've heard that on /v/.
>>2624 No.
So what genre would the setting of DE be? It clearly has fantastical elements with the Pale, however they are very down to earth. Also the technology is quite clearly different than that of our own 20th century, yet no more advanced, basically a "sidegrade" to what we have. So is there a genre for something like this? I know there is the "weird fiction" term, but it seems rather wide, so I was wondering if a more concrete term exists. I mainly ask because I am myself trying to brainstorm a setting that, while different in tone and story, would take a very similar approach to the world - a huge fantastical change from reality, and then an examination of sorts of how would this change things in a realistic way for the society, how would it develop, look relate to itself etc.
>>3284 It is an inspired setting that cannot be so easily quantified. You could say it's something, but it's not exactly whole to the experience of what it is.
>>3284 >a huge fantastical change from reality, and then an examination of sorts of how would this change things in a realistic way for the society, how would it develop, look relate to itself etc. It's called science fiction. The kind Phillip Dick wrote.
>>3284 Dieselpunk vacuumwave doomcore alt-cosmology science-fantasy
>>2624 Not in setting but it does have the 'after the end' vibe. >>3284 Dieselpunk.
>>3410 >>3319 Come on, those aren't genres. It's like saying baroque or futurism is a genre.
>>3411 I thought we were talking about setting? Genre wise DE is pen and paper RPG.
>>3436 Pretty sure he meant literary genre.
It seems like /vrpg/ doesn't like disco elysium that much.
>>3441 /v/ was in love with the game until the devs shouted out Marx, making them super butthurt
>>3437 Hard to pindown. Cyberpunk but shitty
>>2589 even if that anon is right, we know that memories are stored in the body. If you and I swapped bodies, we wouldn't take our memories with us, would we?
>>3455 You'd think it would be more obvious that the themes to this game was more marxist than they thought it was.
>>3529 The music was its weakest aspect tbh.


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