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Vidya Cliches You Hate Comrade 06/26/2020 (Fri) 01:45:40 No. 1949
>Game features some type of Kalashnikov assault rifle and an SVD as available weapons >They're inexplicably the weakest, shittiest weapons in their categories whereas some type of NATO or Amerifat weapon is the strongest The only series I can think of that doesn't do that is STALKER, where the SVD actually owns. On a similar note: >Fire a shotgun >It has an effective range of like 10 feet STALKER also thankfully averts this, as does Far Cry 3 from what I recall.
(6.46 KB 184x184 ded bigfed.jpg)
>we're making a horror/atmospheric game so it's important we have shitty controls Worst cliche of all time.
>Chosen One plot Should have retired this bitch after FO1
>battles you are supposed to lose, but can win, and you still lose in the cutscene anyway
>>1966 The game would be over if you really beat Yggdrasil early.
(992.22 KB 1279x720 2020.06.26-23.54.png)
>>1949 Picrelated.
(998.24 KB 500x264 1520027541073.gif)
>game with post-apocalyptic setting >all the fucking buildings have tons of notes and logs detailing the history of the survivors I'd rather have environmental storytelling than having to read paragraphs upon paragraphs of poorly written bullshit.
>>1949 >political options <communism!!! <democracy Did Civ the first game that started this shitty trope?
>>1969 Japan is classcucked as all hell though. They probably would kill themselves befor jump over it.
>>2032 In Civ II or III communism is democracy with extra bonuses as long as more than 50% of people are happy
(27.59 KB 500x500 chaddy.jpg)
>>1984 >horror game >found notes end with SpOoKy 'demented' scribbling or blood stains
>>1951 i quite like tank control and the resident evil camera
>>2050 Pat?
>”open world” game <everything is a fetch quest >rts game <devs constantly try to shill to game for consoles and e-sports
>>2034 Actually it's more like turbo monarchy/despotism.
(39.35 KB 381x266 s-l600.jpg)
>>2111 What are you talking about, Starcraft was made for the Nintendo 64
>>1949 Weapons cliches are some of the stupidest. Ther was this one game (a cheap one) where a fucking automatic grenade launcher didn't shit to target unless you hit them dead on.
Stealth that consists of crouch walking, pressing one button to execute enemies, and hiding in tall grass in lieu of actual levle design
>>1949 >Any game with the Soviet Union <Muh human wave tactics Fuck CoH2 and Red Alert 2 for popularizing this meme.
>>3361 I know the soviets were fond of full frontals, but can you elaborate on their tactics so no one has to fuck this bit up
>>3361 nvm, it was actually designed to win wars of atrition by (for ww2 era shit) attacking varying locations before steamrolling in, hopefully having left the enemy reeling from the first part, it's a two-punch KO, first punch to weaken, second to kill
>>3361 You're forgetting the <1 rifle per 3 men and <le evul commissars shooting soldiers in the back
>>3366 most of that shit was right at the start I think, and any other army executed deserters, the worst the soviets did was have it done on the spot
>>3366 also it wasn't lone commisars, there were full on 'barrier units'
>>3366 most of this didn't happen with the army, rather penal battalions and militias, any shortages occured there, so sometimes they would be armed with melee weapons, grenades, and molotovs, but no rifles
>>3366 oh, and barrier units typically arrested soldiers, and deserters were normally sent to penal battalions instead of shot, not to mention barrier units consisted of the worst of the worst because commanders didn't wanna waste their men
>>1949 the AK owns in Counter Strike tho... RDR1-2 and Max Payne 3 have realistic shotgun ballistics
>Cursed or evil stuff is more powerful Very poor game design if you have to buff up the evil side to be threatening
>>3320 Jumping off of this because of how prevalent the mentality is in stealth games, freedom of choice being executed as separate delineated paths rather than varying options to a challenge. In other words you're not really focused on figuring out a strategy to overcome a challenge, you're deciding on what flavor of gameplay the devs have laid for you.
>>3485 You can especially feel this in the Divinity series
You know what's bullshit? The graphical setting caps. Some of them are capped at "high" but some are at "highest" or "ultra" or whatever so you have to recheck every one. Fuck this shit.


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