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help Comrade 07/08/2020 (Wed) 15:58:25 No. 2248 [Reply] [Last]
Help me to make the chinese flag in Hk in Pixelfun. https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,20759,-4352,28
>>2248 no, pixelfun is run and inhabited by inbred fascists on reddit. get out of there

(440.07 KB 1024x768 asdf.jpg)
(476.92 KB 640x480 tomo4.png)
Impressions Games Anonymous Gamer 04/02/2020 (Thu) 22:19:40 No. 484 [Reply] [Last]
Have you guys ever played these two masterpieces? Literally no modern historical city building game can compete with these two, they are the most polished, well designed games I've ever seen. Caesar III which was already great, was succeeded by the much superior Pharaoh, which expanded on what Caesar had already done right, and made it even better, and was so succesful that even had an "DLC" with many more levels. Also, you guys can use this thread to share your custom maps aswell
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What is so special about them? I feel like that genre is pretty limited in modern iterations anyways, and I'm not sure what counts. Like, the only series I can think of that still does that is Anno, and 1404 is pretty good.
>oh shit I ran out of tea. better reconstruct my mansion into a hut What did they mean by this?
>>493 Just put your warehouse on >>>/GET/
(145.98 KB 256x308 Machines_Coverart.png)
>>484 Machines was good rts for the time, sadly it's en limbo state

(55.36 KB 528x704 download 1.jpg)
(25.12 KB 256x324 download 2.jpg)
(9.23 KB 183x227 download 3.jpg)
4X Games - Civ, Alpha Centauri, Shadow Empire Comrade 07/01/2020 (Wed) 11:57:55 No. 2093 [Reply] [Last]
General for 4X games, but also an opportunity to introduce you all to a new game called Shadow Empire. The game has an incredibly deep planet generation system that affects gameplay massively, including rotation of the planet (lol), makeup of the atmosphere, terrain, mineral deposits and alien life. It also has a logistics system to make you supply your units with food and ammunition, if they run out of supply they'll be very weak so you need to keep expanding the supply lines to the front and also making sure the enemy cannot cut you off. Obviously being encircled is very bad news for your troops. You start as a minor "Regime" and your goal is to conquer the planet after the previous galaxy wide regime collapsed sending most of it into civil war and apocalypse. Each regime can be run differently and has different perks based on decisions you make throughout the game. For example if people start striking you can send in the army to deal with them (autocracy) or just pay them off (democracy), alternatively you can avoid the situation entirely by administrating the zones well, but that may lead to other troubles like a lack of credits for purchasing resources. You can run a mix of different systems so your decisions aren't set in stone for you but there are bonuses to always picking a certain method like unique units and stratagems, which are like ideological playing cards. TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8XAh8Wii4k PURCHASE: https://www.matrixgames.com/game/shadow-empire (more screenshots here showing off features) CRACK: https://www.skidrowreloaded.com/shadow-empire-v01-03-00/
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Domai is too easy of a choice and all other DLC factions are stupid. So let's look at baseline ones only: >Morgan A porky. >Yang A sociopathic barrack communist. >Lal A centrist who just wants to keep it all together while operating on the old bourgeois Earth UN laws. >Godwinson A religious schizo. >Santiago Unironically based comrade mustering militaristic Espirit de Corps to build a socialist society. Literally was a member of an armed socialist community org back on Earth. >Zakharov A technocrat with no humane morals. >Skye A libtard who would sacrifice humanity for nature, probably fine with the blooming and abandoning human bodies as well. Yea I'm going to say the Spartans are the best faction here.
(29.80 KB 321x383 commissioner pravin lal 3d.jpg)
>>2146 >peaceful mission established to create a new home for mankind as Earth dies >captain of the ship is murdered >everyone else decides to go bunker on head retarded and immediately declare succession from the mission we all agreed to so they can run retarded hellstates according to their own autistic ideas about what humans should be and kill each other over it >mfw
>>2093 Wait, why is this thread simping for shadow empire?
>>2150 Staple moment. >>2151 I wanted to talk about it but it's such an obscure game in a relatively obscure genre I put it into the main body of a 4X general instead so it wouldn't fall into irrelevance. Do you not like it/surprised to see it/think I'm being paid to shill it?
>>2146 Eh, I don't think Santiago is a leftist at all, she's more of a militarist to the point of nearly a fascist. I read the info on the wiki and she goes from being in the Red Panthers to being a cop enforcing martial law with distinction which speaks for itself. I think the writers just didn't think of or understand what they were writing, plus these descriptions were written for GURPS Alpha Centauri according to some other page on the wiki. From what I remember of my /tg/ days the creators are huge libs, and have 0 real understanding of politics or history. I wouldn't be surprised if it was something retarded like a Native American Panther offshoot full of Mexicans going by the average RPG

(75.10 KB 616x353 ttdot.jpg)
Through the darkest of times Comrade 07/03/2020 (Fri) 17:53:35 No. 2142 [Reply] [Last]
Has anybody else here played this? What do you think about it?
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>>2145 But what kind of game is it? Is it a shitty game that you shill just because you like the story?
>>2147 It's a strategy game where you try to organize a resistance cell against the Nazi, you get to recruit followers send them on missions and make tough decisions on what to do and how to react. I wouldn't say that the gameplay is something never seen before the most interesting part is the setting for sure. You basically get to live the rise of the Nazis to power I actually learned a few historical events I didn't know about. I'm worning you tho that the game can get pretty heavy if you are a particularly sensitive individual.
>>2142 Is there any way to win the game in any chapter that isn't 4? Can you stop the nazis before they fuck up Europe or is more about annoying them? I tried a "pacifist" route and i did barely any changes to history.
>>2142 Are there socialist or trade unionists agents?
(26.44 KB 120x120 really.png)
>>2187 >I tried a "pacifist" route and i did barely any changes to history.

(160.26 KB 724x400 Atom RPG.jpg)
Comrade 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:20:35 No. 603 [Reply] [Last]
Atom RPG Is it based?
It looks like soviet flavored fallout 2 , with some improvements.
we have two of these threads now
>>2213 So that's a yes?

(837.99 KB 1920x1080 external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)
Brigador Comrade 06/27/2020 (Sat) 16:16:49 No. 1981 [Reply] [Last]
Wow epic super cool le warcrimes simulator xxxxD GREAT LEADER IS DEAD. SOLO NOBRE MUST FALL. (hehe SO COOL ;P)
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>>2012 They are literally called New People's Army
>>1989 Well, he does end every one of his videos with a long running gag about jews controlling him. Even though he tries to create a persona who is just a horrible person in general, /pol/ meemees are everywhere. Also, his fans love to flood every youtube comment section they find with *wink-wink* "hey, do you know sseth" "sseth sent us here" "join our ebin sicreet klub" talk.
>>2197 Which means nothing, a name is just a name and reactionaries have always tried using the language of the left. What we can see of Solo Nobre absolutely doesn't track with any kind of socialist state.
>>2203 Solo Nobre is clearly supposed to be a degenerated workers state ala USSR.
>>2204 I dunno, the Soviet Union didn't have any casinos. It really feels more like Syria or Iraq

(1.48 MB 1920x1080 cyberpunk2077shows_3108293b.jpg)
Cyberpunk 2077 Comrade 06/26/2020 (Fri) 07:19:29 No. 1955 [Reply] [Last]
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If the add mod support it will turn I to a porn game in a day.
>>2184 Tencent has already on their way to make an animu porn parody of it. Certainly with the level of character creation of Black Desert. >>2170 An rpg with limited mod support is automatically trash. What do you mean I can’t make my own deeper quest lines and have to buy shitty DLCs?
>>2174 That's more an issue with Bethesda games that ship unfinished every time without fail.
>>2184 It's already going to be a porn game. They said you are going to be able to customize your genitals and there will be sex scenes.
>>2184 Good Virtual porn is the most ethical form of porn

(90.42 KB 960x720 dbzmshsl2tc41.jpg)
VR is cool. QUEER_BIRD 06/29/2020 (Mon) 23:19:29 No. 2045 [Reply] [Last]
I don't get why it isn't mainstream yet. They are cheap AF for how awesome they are, I got a WMR headset for 230 bucks new. Literally every genre is better in VR. Even if I could only play Pavlov and Elite Dangerous I would still be obsessed.
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Has anyone tried neosvr? Looks like a big stepup from vrchat. https://youtu.be/uDORSb4kxps
I'm building a new PC for VR at the end of the year and buying a headset. The plan is to get the Valve Index, but I guess that depends on what my money looks like after Christmas shopping. I really do think it is the future of games, but I still don't think the price is quite there. For it to work well we still need much better accessibility and more than the exactly one AAA title. I know weebs would blow all their dakimakura money on VR if a AAA MMORPG got released. Normies might pick it up for heavily marketed titles and free VR porn.
>>2083 This. Even though I've tried it and it was awesome, it's still too expensive. I fear if I get tired of it I will have a 600€ paperweight.
>>2161 Honestly I enjoy it a lot precisely because it's not a place for AAA shittery, feels like early computer times with janky experimental shit for enthusiasts only. If the pokers fail to make it palatable to the normies, lose a bunch of money and leave the scene for people who really care that's like two birds with one stone.
>>2057 yes pls

(28.58 KB 650x446 Steam-Linux.jpeg)
Linux gaming general thread - /lxgm/ Comrade 05/24/2020 (Sun) 15:11:53 No. 655 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for gaming in linux Recommendations, software, critiques anything like this
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>>1641 Is that a tiling plugin for Kwin? Personally I don't have a huge need for such a thing now that Konsole has tiling terminal windows.
Hello frens, I have this old laptop with 3 GB of RAM, I installed Linux MX 18.3 on it and I was meaning to play CSGO on it, but it doesn't even start. Does CSGO support Linux 32bit? Left 4 Dead 2 works flawlessly. Thanks frens.
>>868 < almost no mods > 625 mods that you can download directly in the launcher without the need of entering fucked up websites that gives you 52798523706 types of malware
>>2169 Is that a recent feature? Last time I played I had to grab my mods from the web.
>>2171 Depends on what you consider recent, I use version 5.0.1

(467.30 KB 1207x440 goonswarm.jpg)
Comrade 06/23/2020 (Tue) 02:38:23 No. 1890 [Reply] [Last]
Who does bunkerchan support in EVE Online? I'm partial to Goons/Imperium because Le Mittens is a pretty decent leftists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYg7BSt5YCs
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Woah I didn't realize there were so many EVE players here. Anyone wanna make a leftist corp? Maybe do NPSI roams?
>>1915 I don't play it anymore, I only did briefly, life is already stressful enough without playing a game where you can lose 100 hours of work through a split second bad decision or whatever
(74.44 KB 640x480 PSO - BB.jpg)
EVEfags must go, this is a PSO website.
>>1919 just fly cheaper shit then. combat frigates for ambushing explorers aren't that expensive
I joined the Pandemic Horde for World War Bee and fought in a couple battles. I don't really get PVP in the game so I did jack shit. I usually spent my time on exploration, station trading, and other things I could do solo. >>1915 If you actually get a few other people I might start playing again. >>1920 I have had a little fun with the "new" PSO.


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