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(28.09 KB 460x215 like1.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 11/10/2019 (Sun) 22:00:32 No. 2780 [Reply] [Last]
New DLC coming for Ostalgie!
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(87.04 KB 900x584 gonzalo poster.jpg)
Why is there no option for radical left China to support Shining Path in Mao's Legacy?
>>4537 Peru isn't in the game, maybe it'll be added in later updates or DLCs
>>4549 I don't think they will do a DLC for China anytime soon. They are doing another game right now. Plus, I don't know, it would be a DLC for an event. I guess they didn't thought about it.
>>4575 As a commemoration of the 28th year of the capture of the 4th sword of marxism here's an idea PERU: REVOLUTION IN THE ANDES In 1980, after 11 years of a military coup that alligned with the soviet union and carried the agrarian reform waited for centuries and 5 from the countercoup of the rightwing faction of the army alligned wth the most common dictatrships in Latin America the new bourgueois elections have come. The fields are grazing with revolution and so are the cities, the communist party of Peru is fractured since the Sino-Soviet split in many factions, one of them, the Communist Party of Peru (called Shining Path by others as a diferentiation) has begun a people's war in the highlands of Ayacucho. How we are going to respond? Shall we cooperate with the bourgueois peruvian goverment, sending help to end the insurgency? We will send money and weapons to arm the guerrilla? Or we will proceed to behead the structure and with some pressure force the parties alligned with our line to win the next election? A)Help the peruvian goverment (only allowed if you are a liberal) B)Send money and weapons to help the guerrillas (Only if you are a marxist-leninist or better, if you are in the gang of 4; I guess it would end up in Peru with a Hammer and sickle banner or a Authoritarian banner-since Gonzalo was Gonzalo-. C)We need to unite them all, arrange a takeover by another top cadre (I don't know, just memeing here, fucking reformist flag kek).
>>4549 It isn't on the map for some reason Angola and Mozambique are also not on the map despite them having long lasting proxy conflicts

(61.64 KB 618x800 birdofprey_1.jpg)
Was Kane a based Posadist? Comrade 09/12/2020 (Sat) 18:12:49 No. 4580 [Reply] [Last]
>Anti-imperalist >lived multiple times >brought aliens to earth by tricking GDI into using the ion cannon on the liquid T bomb

(23.31 KB 577x453 kkGF9XL.jpg)
What are you playing right now? Comrade 08/14/2020 (Fri) 12:56:39 No. 3723 [Reply] [Last]
I'm revisiting nfs underground 2 and most wanted, they're still quite fun. Also got Total War: Troy for free but didn't get to it yet.
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Mindustry. You should try it, industry based tower-defence game that is free software released under the GPL. It has a following in the tens of thousands. Also, hoi4 absolute ripoff you need all the DLCS (except death or dishonor) to actually make this game enjoyable and even then it is just shit.
>>4492 Thats standard paradox practise, the secret is to just either pirate the DLCs or grab them when they inevitably give them away in a humble bundle (be sure to set the slider to maximum charity)
>>4134 good choice. the infamous WP section was such a moral and narrative cop-out from the studio, but I enjoyed it until the end as well. Apocalypse Now is still the best piece of fiction dealing with that subject matter, in my opinion.
(14.24 KB 848x480 rgbzue9wtg451.jpg)
CoD Warzone, csgo and eu4.
>>4552 I find the WP scene works better if you view it primarily as a criticism of the death from above section in modern shooters. The original plan to have the game diverge by allowing you to not do it would have undermined the point it ended up making about how these segments in the shooters of the time were railroading you into committing atrocities and then patting you on the back for it. Its also the first major point where Walker diverges from just being the self insert and becomes the deconstructed military shooter protagonist with some aspects of the kind of person that plays military shooters left in which is why you see the "its guilting me for something the game made me do", it only attacks Walker the character for doing it, the guilt trip loading screen messages are aimed at the player for picking up a game where you shoot foreigners for entertainment in the first place. The best part of the scene in my mind is the immediately after where he's attacking the un-mortared command centre of the gate and desperately hoping for some secret revelation because in a regular game of the type they would stick some meaning to justify what just happened instead it was for nought. I do find it interesting how hyperfocused people become on that scene, its far from the only atrocity you commit in the game (I think the aquatic Colosseum is far better executed too) but I suppose most people just block out the fact that they gunned down refugees or slaughtered masses of deserter soldiers so they can make more refugees die of thirst because theres no burned baby at the end. >Apocalypse Now is still the best piece of fiction dealing with that subject matter I agree there, it really captures the spirit of the book which the game pretty much doesn't beyond the descent into madness and critique of something that was popular in society at the time.

(309.26 KB 943x521 Darkest Hour.jpg)
/leftygsg/ Comrade 08/22/2019 (Thu) 06:25:11 No. 4207 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for discussing grand strategy and similar games
Should 4X games be allowed in as well?

Also posting a link to Napoleon's Legacy, one of the few good things to come out of /gsg/:
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>>4480 play a vicking in the earlier start date for your first game, they get free Casus Belli on everything so you can learn the game without worring on learning how to acquire CBs at first.
>>4491 >- When the black Monday event happens the button for socialist government says "Marx predicted this" That's in the base game. It has plausibility, Marxists were at the forefront of the internationalist movement, all other leftists bought into the nationalism meme and didn't oppose the war.
>>4468 Ok, I have tried it out now. Haven't yet properly sunk teeth in, but have a good look. It looks really solid. My complaint about lifestyles wasn't waranted, they work fine and you can switch between most of them, though I do worry that this might create "meta builds". Also I was mistaken, there are practically no EU4-ification. Schemes at worst can resemble the dice roll sieges, but that was basically the same in CK2, except now there is a UI element to show this. Otherwise the game seems like CK2+, just a general all-round upgrade along with new stuff. But there is one niggle. The UI feels bad. Maybe I was too used to CK2, but the new one feels bad. It's too spread out: character, dynasties, religion and culture in one bottom corner, currencies in the opposite top corner and all the rest important panels down from there. I guess I'll just have to learn to use the hotkeys, but why the hell couldn't it just be all together in the bottom with the character, or the same as in CK2 - at the top, like in every single other PDX game.
(471.02 KB 653x450 army.jpeg.png)
>>4538 Another shitty UI problem - army counter doesn't at all correspond to where the army actually is, so it results in me clicking the wrong provinces thinking that the army is in the one where the bar is. Also they decided to move the different holdings out of a single abstract bar representing the province and instead onto the map itself, which is extremely shitty to use, clutters the map and only adds aesthetic value. Picrel explains better I think. The game is great, but the UI is total dogshit.
(3.97 MB 1920x1080 Untitled.png)
So starting as some duke in France in 867 I got the highest score on a crusade in 955 and someone from my house that I randomly picked as benefactor got rewarded the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The game then asked me if I want to play as him instead and I said yes. Had the decision of converting to local culture and Muslim and I did. Swore fealty to the Abbasid Caliphate afterwards, won several crusades against troops led by people from my own dynasty but Catholic, and later claimed the throne of Abbasid in 1098. After that I put the game on observer mode and went to sleep and woke up to world being in 1723.

(201.38 KB 364x420 WITCHFINDER.png)
D&D Anonymous Comrade 08/11/2020 (Tue) 21:55:15 No. 3691 [Reply] [Last]
I think D&D has degraded over the years, but I wanna hear your thoughts.
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>>4159 hey, so what is the matter with narrativist games, I know they can be pretentious (see apocalypse world) but what honestly sucks about 'em
(215.12 KB 472x354 tea-party-child.jpg)
>>4177 It's not so much that they're bad, but that they aren't good. The main thing you get out of buying and using an RPG somebody wrote, aside from incidental setting "fluff", is rules, especially for conflict resolution and world generation. But rules in storygames invariably boil down to "make shit up", just like little girls holding a pretend magical tea party, thus the epithet "MTP". Now, there's nothing wrong with using MTP sometimes, there's even a discreet reminder about it in D&D with "rule 0". The problem is, every child already knows MTP, so anything written inside a published tabletop RPG must be different from and superior to MTP for at least some tasks, otherwise it's just a book full of "fluff" instead of a functional RPG. Aside from weak or outright nonfunctional rules, however, actual rules and guidelines typical of storygames are also corrosive. For instance, fate points and narrative control disassociate players from their characters, and discourage detailed worldbuilding, in favor of vague worlds that leave room for limitlessly escalating bullshit: >the wolves press you to the cliff's edge <i jump off <so you fall to your doom? >*burn a fate point* *POOF* *a branch appears* >no, i grab a branch and climb back up after they leave
>>4191 I see, hey, so Burning wheel is a storygame, but it's like a thousand pages of rules and shit, what say you?
>>4191 think it really depends on who you're playing with and what kind of person the dm is
Any DMs willing to start an online /leftypol/ D&D campaign?

(372.66 KB 640x360 Lawless Lands.png)
Anyone here tried 'Lawless Lands'? Comrade 09/08/2020 (Tue) 14:42:45 No. 4531 [Reply] [Last]
So its a recently released Dark Fantasy RPG made by an Indie developer. Really fits mobile well if they could do it. Takes place in a pandemic ridden setting, full version released late last month. "Plunge into the Lawless Lands of Crossia, a once great kingdom where chaos slowly consumes more and more of the country. The cities have plummeted into poverty and crime, and the surrounding countryside is littered with famine and death. The army is close to collapse from an ever-lasting war and cannot stop the spread of the disorder. Hope is almost nonexistent, restoring order is believed to be futile, and panic lingers everywhere. Take on the role of a champion who rises from the ashes to end the suffering."
Who is the Lenin?

(195.18 KB 728x1024 download (3).jpg)
Post leftist games Comrade 08/26/2020 (Wed) 13:51:58 No. 3981 [Reply] [Last]
Silent Hill Homecoming >Satire of the average Military obsessed American household >MC does stolen valour >Imperialist warmonger father cut in half, corrupt bougie mayor gets squashed >game ends with destroying the fascist cult running the town
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>>4128 We've known for years that everyone on /v/ and its spin-offs is stupid, none of this is revelatory
(13.38 KB 320x290 1539558153473.jpg)
>>4141 God, the chud outrage over the devs mentioning Marx during an award show was so infantile and moronic. They endlessly rave about "SJWs" and then act just as thin-skinned and emotive, if not more so. I mean, for fuck's sake, look at the intellectual caliber of the people leaving furious comments on this video: https://youtu.be/8aa6kXBcRlc >"They should go back and see how it was living under Soviet rule." >"That's like thanking Adolf Hitler for political education. Fuck these psychos." It wouldn't get to me so much if these dull shithead pedants actually knew who any of the people the devs mentioned are other than Marx, as I recall Viktor Tsoi was a critic of the Soviet government.
(804.51 KB 1837x925 disco elysium.jpg)
>>4089 >tfw joyce reveals the revolution was caused by a pandemic
>>4504 elabor8

Far Cry 6 Anonymous 07/14/2020 (Tue) 05:04:49 No. 2835 [Reply] [Last]
Is El Presidente /ourguy/?
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>>4501 I think there's quite a bit of dice rolling in there, but you need to arm the peasants and beat the military in their coup attempt, as well as buddy up with the Soviets whenever possible. It's been a long time since I did it so I can't remember much more. It's not a 100% good ending because I ended up with a lot of IMF debt (don't know if you can avoid this), but it was very based.
>>4502 What do you mean by "beat the coup", exactly? Do you mean resisting when you get the "you are surrounded" event and hope for the best? Because from my experience no matter which faction does that event, resisting always ends in death.
>>4503 I can't remember in that much detail, but you can beat the coup. It results in the rightoid military getting purged.
>>4508 Right, I think I got it: >Say the most socialist things during the interview >Appoint Casas to agri, Fleming to def, Nunez to IA and Iglesias to EA. >Have an encounter with Landless Labourer, with USSR ambassador and with Trade Union leader, accept all proposals. >Go to consultations >Speak with agri minister about Land Reform, Producer credit and then land reform again, accept all advice. >Speak with IA about national organizing, but take the advice from one of the other 3, talk about corruption and accept, talk about national organizing again and also take the advice of one of the other 3. >I think at this point turn 1 ends >Speak with agri minister about attacks on land reform, accept advice to give arms >I believe now a big chain of events happens - accept IMF loans, arrest the guards, assert authority and reject amerilard ambassador with asking for advice >Then speak to the rights activist, agree with her. >Strikers ask for rights, agree >Fashoid starts asking for amnesty, use minister advice to deny him >Right after this speak to def minister about right-wing insurgency >Turn 3 starts >Some guy wants to end price control, use advice for denial

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(9.41 KB 1055x655 tfw_softlock.png)
>>4514 I think I should elaborate. After turn 5 or 6, half of the time you speak with an encounter person the game will softlock by greying out all option apart from "help" tutorial one. I thought I could avoid it by not talking to them, but randomly they will approach you themselves, like the trade union fucker who is like an over attached GF that has to ask every turn weather your revolutionary government that just sued US to the world court is still pro-union rights.

(100.20 KB 589x427 awdasdhhhh.jpg)
Nothing has made me despise "gamers" and "gamer culture" more than MOBA's Comrade 08/27/2020 (Thu) 01:37:49 No. 4044 [Reply] [Last]
Why are these games just babysitters for the absolute scum of the earth? They're such a hyper-commodified skinner box, being addicted to one is like being caught in a perpetual downwards mental health spiral. What the fuck is wrong with these games and what the fuck is wrong with the people who play them?
At least you figured it out, though FPS and BRs are the new trends now.
(437.31 KB 2042x1278 Hots.jpg)
>>4044 It feels good to pummel my enemies into dust after a long day slaving for Porky. As to why there are so many toxic people, well, that can be said for any pvp/online game can't it? The reason why mobas are so aggravating at times is because they are team based, and people tend to blame their team for losing instead of realizing their own mistakes. T. Dead Moba player
>>4068 FPS isn't at all a new trend. It was the old trend with Doom, Quake, and eventually Counter-Strike.
Want some autism? Here's an entire book on why ASSFAGGOTS suck: https://web.archive.org/web/20170415162846/http://www.learntocounter.com/why-dota-sucks-introduction/ <Dota is the Frankenstein of terrible game design concepts, the culmination of every damaging design trend in modern videogames. And yet, dota games—particularly Dota—are being held to the same regard as the most beautifully crafted videogames ever assembled. The ongoing narrative for Defense of the Ancients is that a series of amateur content creators with limited programming experience and few financial resources created a Warcraft III map that was not only better than Warcraft III, but surpassed the collective efforts of a billion-dollar videogame industry and its world-class game creators. A story that should set off red flags in the mind of any reasonable person has become a rallying cry for transformative change in the world of videogames. >>4071 >The reason why mobas are so aggravating at times is because they are team based There are plenty of team-based games that aren't such utter cancer. The actual reason ASSFAGGOTS players are so "toxic" is because there aren't any other modes for newbies to practice basic skills in, and because the "meta" is so excessively built around precanned builds/strategies lifted from out-of-game wikis: https://web.archive.org/web/20161109031445/http://www.learntocounter.com/why-dota-sucks-11/

(87.70 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Anonymous Gamer 04/07/2020 (Tue) 00:21:24 No. 482 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone else play TF2? What's the frikken deal with those chynese lagbots? They're ruining the game. Oh, and I say CHYNESE lagbots because they're from CHYNA
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(7.17 MB 3840x2160 openfortress.png)
I play the boomer shooter mod for it more than the base game these days.
>>4059 Is Open Fortress still crippled with Steam cancer or is it Actually, Genuinely Open?
(31.92 KB 530x355 5dp2l.jpg)
>>4061 Its a community-made mod that still relies a lot on TF2s own codebase and visual assets, not sure what you were expecting? You still require TF2 and 2013 Source Multiplayer SDK, both of which you can only get from Steam. The "open" in Open Fortress just stands for open-source, as in the code is open to contributions from the community. It has nothing to do with dependencies or distribution platforms.
(13.99 KB 91x101 cope.png)
>>482 the games is on its last games now.Its pretty sad to see this kind of a great game die .Valve probably already forgot about it so its gonna die soon .I used to play it in 2014 it was literally the gaame of my childhood and I can't help it but feel extreme sadness and nostalgia about it .I played some of the community mods but its just not the same .They are good in their own way tho
my laptop is on it's last legs after 6 years it's completely greasy and dusty but i still need it for work if i install this game will my laptop die?


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