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(118.20 KB 793x926 1594561263894.jpg)
Comrade 07/12/2020 (Sun) 15:16:43 No. 2811 [Reply] [Last]
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>>2897 Never realized that was a BAFTA. Pretty funny Rare.
>>2894 They already do that with sanic and megaman games.
>>2894 /v/irgins are definitely too retarded to make videogames.
>>2823 Lol if you think videogames are art wait till you hear about books or movies Videogames fucking SUCK
(73.25 KB 680x681 4fb.jpg)
Hopefully the standards of prize events in the Loicenced Kingdom will continue being irrelevant within the general industry as companies are likely perceptive to the detrimental risk to the appeal of their goods that following such a framework would possibly bring.

(1.38 MB 1500x1500 citk.png)
Anonymous Comrade 04/12/2020 (Sun) 03:57:15 No. 2493 [Reply] [Last]
How the fuck do you play pic related? My SU collapsed in 86 after going full stalinist
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Like any "pro-soviet" game it's designed to fail regardless of almost any decision because "muh communism don't work" and "muh Cold War has 1 winner"
>>2520 Wrong. The Kremlingames devs are die-hard pro-USSR.
Who made this game? Westernoids, thus it follows those kinds of brainlet models.
>>2522 I thought they were Russiana hence the bad translations
>>2522 >>2807 The devs are Russian. Also in this game it is harder to win if you do Perestrokia and easier to win if you go full Stalinism which does not seem like the model a Westernoid would make.

Comrade 07/10/2020 (Fri) 21:27:41 No. 2274 [Reply] [Last]
Can we have a The Witcher thread? My favorite game series possibly ever. I know 3 made the series very popular which caused a lot of /v/ backlash, but I nonetheless love the whole universe and story, all the books and games.
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>>2299 Other than White Orchard and a few spots in Velen they could replace the war with a crop blight in Velen and it would make just as much sense. In Novigrad and Oxenfurt its practically not there and Skellige is so far removed from the war its barely mentioned beyond raids which were always happening. >I know that at some point you were intended to deal with the priesthood at Novigrad somehow, but don't know any other lost content. They got very far into development a massive questline about the Nilfgaardian occupation of Velen which was going to have Ioverth (and potentially Saskia) be a key character and then also be linked to the Catrionia plague and the ultimate fate of the North. It was apparently getting fairly close to release and they couldn't get it how they liked it so they cut most of it but salvaged a few of the bits. Its why theres still a few NPCs in White Orchard and the Nilfgaardian army camp that make talk of the plague which doesn't amount to anything and a lot of the area around the nilfgaardian camp only having PoIs instead of quests.
>>2274 Why does The Chaddest of Chads hate portals?
>>2524 Likely answer: it is cold and make the stomach dizzy. Schizo answer: they are matter relocators, so when you step through you get dissolved and recreated elsewhere, meaning your actual consciousness gets killed, and it is your copy that moves on. >>2523 That's interesting. The Nilfgaard camp did feel kind of unused I guess. Weird that they would cut such a large chunk of quests. Did they have to fulfill an undelayable preorder date?
it sucks, missions are all boring as shit, just can't bring myself to finsih the game
>>2525 >your actual consciousness gets killed, and it is your copy that moves on. But this is clearly a universe where souls exist so it wouldn't work that way.

(125.63 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)
Comrade 07/12/2020 (Sun) 07:10:41 No. 2801 [Reply] [Last]
>Meta capitalist critique in a VR self-referential simulation commodity https://youtu.be/AN2dcsx7mJA?t=2125
>>2801 >self-loathing debordian breadtube humour for marketing ultimately funny how detournément was anticipating changes in the production of cultural commodities rather than acting as any form of propaganda
>>2801 Have they announced another game from Dennaton yet?
Also the new far cry seems to be based on cuba. No doubts it will be anti-socialist
(262.93 KB 1280x1165 photo5215471881405181568.jpg)
>>2820 Speaking of Cuba, lately I've been fucking around with random NES roms and found out that the Japanese version of the game Guerilla War is straight up called "Guevara", you play as Che and Fidel and it opens with "Dedicated to Che Guevara, hero of Cuban revolution", while the Batista troops are portrayed as cowards and rapists. SNK is unexpectedly based.
>the future's future has been cancelled Is this a deliberate Mark Fisher reference or what

(479.74 KB 1920x1080 20200511233059_1.jpg)
/gsg/ Comrade 05/15/2020 (Fri) 22:39:24 No. 605 [Reply] [Last]
We have a HoI4 thread but why not just have a Grand Strategy general thread? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people here who play the other grand stratgy games/think hoi4 is too dumbed down shit. Plus /gsg/ on 4chan is infected with /pol/yps and I really want an alternative place to discuss the games. So what's everyone been playing? Here's the results of my recent Serbia to Yugoslavia campaign.
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>>605 Communism in Victoria is pretty restrictive. If a nation adopts communism, it still has primary nations, primary religions and due to mechanics it attempts to go back to slavery. Same with Anarchists, where it is just Ancaps on steroids who don't live long due to mechanics pushing them into adopting democracy.
>>1609 We should make a mod that improves the politics of V2 since only God knows when we'll get V3
>>1609 Play CWE, it adds enough shit to make a commie run good (including Market Communism à la Deng). Granted that sometimes it might get weird, like having a Jingoist Market Communist Albania that's a member of the EU, NATO, OECD, etc that goes around declaring wars all over Africa to get that sweet pop ideology boost event.
Anybody still play Darkest Hour? Was gonna see about porting over some scenarios from HOI2 and maybe adding some content as well
any good Victoria 2 mods to paint the world red with?

(30.57 KB 800x445 descarga (10).jpg)
DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM SIMULATOR Comrade 07/10/2020 (Fri) 21:22:48 No. 2273 [Reply] [Last]
The game is about "you" a newly elected democratic president with a mayority in both houses getting all those sweets reforms passed, mantaining a deficit and fighting against climate change and for workers rights. It's about going Allende but withouth a Pinochet (or an american embassy) around. I think it's pretty good. But it sugarcoats the level of reaction a socialist goverment would get.
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>$2.99 USD Remember when molleindustria made these things as flash games and they were free?
>>2276 This. Violence isn't just part of politics, it's the father of it.
>>2280 You couldve got it in the anti-racism bundle along with like 1000 other games for $5, smh I would attach it but it's too big, sorry
>>2280 I didn't buy it because I was short in my virtual wallet by 0.01 cent so yeah, I torrented it. Pretty nice for a friday afternoon. Pretty good in a sense, made me remember to check what can be offered in a close sense to the agricultural workers and little owners in my context. And laugh a bit with the shit the tech suggestions were. >>2276 "The USA is the only country withouth coups because it doesn't have a US embassy"
>>2289 Yeah, me too. Wait a second https://mega.nz/file/eN8k2ISa#qiKAsLGV1nHBdJS5xgQ8vfR7dp5ssaZZwsKXGnBKL_U This is the one I downloaded. So yeah, check it with your antivirus and you have save almost 3 dollarinos.

(571.27 KB 267x150 get.gif)
GETchan VN collaboration project Comrade 06/08/2020 (Mon) 23:57:18 No. 1546 [Reply] [Last]
So our idea was as follows (as I understand what we discussed) We want to make a VN in Ren'py because the software/coding is pretty easy. moo_moo knows how to code python for the backend hardkoba does nice sexy art for the characters spurdo does 3d and 2d works and can possibly do the backgrounds and/or other design elements caballo is a writer and can write the novel bit pepe_pp does writing and some art and can assist with those moo_moo also does music (electronic) so can handle that Other people may want to contribute with their skills of course. Plot concept: Main character lives in present day Earth sadly because capitalism and the ongoing social collapse sucks. He possibly idly signs some form agreeing to be part of some preservation experiment if he dies. He then dies shortly afterward, either through suicide or through random accident/calamity

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by caballo on 06/08/2020 (Mon) 23:58:07.
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>>2268 Noooooooooo. >>2269 I'm your ability of logical thinking (sorry to tell you but you are so bad at it, it got outsourced to another person). The plot is supposed to be in the far future. What would a primitivist even be and do there? – Somebody who lives a life like everyone else, except they have an odd sense of dress and tell everybody that we should live the authentic life, maaan? The primitivist shows you a room full of ancient broken Gamecubes. Those were for eating, the primitivist says. It's just that they are too old and dry for it now. New Gamecubes are soft and squishy and delicious! Lab-grown food is bad because it lacks Orgone energy and we must go back to honest work on the soil, seven days a week, connect with Mother Nature and harvest new Gamecubes.
(519.53 KB 488x516 17f.png)
>>2266 >>2268 >>2269 >>2267 Producer here, sorry to crush people's hopes, but at the moment we don't have any DLC planned, our current priority is getting the demo out on schedule and proceeding from there. No additional characters are currently on the table for the main story either. Writing paths for the existing three is enough work as it is for our writers and our sole character artist is doing sprites all on his own while also at the same time working on commissions on the side to make a living without having to wageslave. Not to mention that none of us actually have a chance of getting paid a nickle until the game is actually out. We appreciate the feedback, but if developers added in everything their community wanted the game would probably never end up being done due to members of the team burning out from the workload. Thank you for your understanding.
>>2271 >Not to mention that none of us actually have a chance of getting paid a nickle until the game is actually out. Business idea: Offer six perks on a crowdfunding platform that anybody donating over X amount of money can get their name mentioned in the story. Just in dialogue, not as a drawn character, so it isn't much work. Like this: >You look sad. What's the matter? <… <You haven't heard the news about what happened here? >What happened? <(name here) just died in an auto-erotic accident with the coffee machine. An esteemed colleague. <… <So young. <… >Hmm very said. Anyway, now that we are talking about erotic things…
>>2270 Awesome character sketch
>>2271 based pragmatic Fin producer Any top Suomi sisu tips for being a producer/project manager?

RIP EVO – what's next? Comrade 07/07/2020 (Tue) 23:50:01 No. 2223 [Reply] [Last]
Now that Evo is dead, will there be a new annual big event of gaming tournaments to replace it? Can something be built from the grounds up, with less corporate interfetterence? Maybe some very old games from dead companies? A slot for Open Source gaming? The entire event Adults Only? What do you think of the logo I made? I'm also thinking about having a mascot named Major T. But I can't draw.
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>Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters SNES special balanced ROMhack edition >Cosmic Smash (Dreamcast) >Primal Rage 2 prototype >Strip Fighter II (PC Engine) >that puzzle game for the Saturn where you move left-right on a line and shoot up and drag down things (NOT BustaMove/PuzzleBobble)
>>2233 >pulling out heh
I'd like to see a fighting game tournament put together by players who actually care about good games instead of sucking off the latest hype trash by developers and publishers determined to kill their own games. Sadly, such things are impossible.
>>2243 The FGC is constantly organizing events. Covid has thrown a wrench into muh locals but even then there's still online. TeamSpooky on Twitch organizes weekly DBZ, GBFVS and KOF tourneys for example. I wish they were bigger, but they won't grow if (You) don't participate as audience or player.
>>2234 Based and meltypilled

(54.46 KB 230x219 20110720-cfad.png)
What is up with /v/'s constant threads about smash ultimate Comrade 07/07/2020 (Tue) 13:28:18 No. 2214 [Reply] [Last]
I honestly do not get their obsession with what character will get into smash.
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Giving Smash free upboats and publicity while making sure some gosh darn LIBTARDED character dosent get in
they’re just the most welcoming threads to any type of video game genre. you can talk about anyone from Doomguy to Travis Scott to Minecraft Steve. it’s not that deep. threads specifically talking about one game or one genre will always be slower and niche for obvious demographic reasons.
>>2214 theres a lot at play here, but one of the reasons besides the marketing stuff is that smash arguments are basically the regular /v/ arguing over games condensed into a single thing, arguing about which games are relevant, irrelevant, which characters are literally who, etc. It's arguing about how things you like are amazing and things you don't like are awful. >>2217 Competitive smash for modern smash games will never evolve until Sakurai realizes that you can allow complex mechanics to exist in a game and not have it effect casual players that much at all. He doesn't need to have it be melee 2, but hes so afraid of alienating people that he just won't do it.
>>2245 Honestly, i feel like on some level the issue isn't specifically Sakurai not liking complex mechanics or high level play (although that is possible, considering the pull game directors seem to have within Nintendo), it's just that the game is much easier (and cheaper) to design and balance this way. It took a while for Project M to reach a state where most of the roster was fun, unique and somewhat playable in all matchups without too much over-centralizing broken stuff like Kirby's inhale or release Mewtwo, and that was with having Melee as a blueprint and only 43 characters available.
>>2246 nah thats not it, or rather not entirely the reason since it's certainly a possible factor. It's actually how he sees things, he thinks it'll alienate people. Don't forget that in smash bros brawl he actively designed the game to be anti-competitive. It would certainly take more effort and resources to balance, it wouldn't really be so much of an issue to just leave in mechanics and let things just play out, since that's pretty much how the melee scene happened.

help Comrade 07/08/2020 (Wed) 15:58:25 No. 2248 [Reply] [Last]
Help me to make the chinese flag in Hk in Pixelfun. https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,20759,-4352,28
>>2248 no, pixelfun is run and inhabited by inbred fascists on reddit. get out of there


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