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(171.82 KB 660x952 1570425413172.jpg)
Comrade 07/21/2020 (Tue) 06:13:15 No. 3056 [Reply] [Last]
https://play.aidungeon.io/ >You are a proletarian living under late stage capitalism. >You hope to live under communism, but you know that it will never be possible for the foreseeable future. The only thing you can do is work hard and survive in this world of scarcity. >You wonder why it's not possible to just go back to your old life, but then again maybe it would have been better if you had died during the war. It was a very dangerous time when people were dying left and right. >You wonder if lower stage capitalism is possible in some form or if it's always the case that the only way to go is directly from a war-torn feudal society. You imagine that it would be much easier to go back to when slavery was still legal. >You don't accept this conclusion as you want to achieve full comminism as soon as possible. You don't know how long you have left to live, but you're going to use it to fight the powers that be. >You fight the powers that be by doing your job. You're just a cog in the machine, but you feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you're part of the problem, the system that exploits and subjugates you. You start a communist party because you believe that it's the only way to go, but then you find out that there's already a communist party. You were so engrossed in your studies that you failed to notice this tiny little sect. >You join the communist party, but never get a chance to use it. The member of the other party kill you in a surprise attack when you least expect it. >You come back to life and find that the system still hasn't changed. The working class still doesn't have enough to survive while the rich continue to get richer. This isn't what you fought for, but what can you do? >You start the revolution all over again and when you're done with that you go back to fighting the rich. It's never ending, but then revolutions always are. >You gulag the rich until you're old and then die in your sleep. >You come back to life as Stalin, but you don't want to be Stalin, you want to be free. You find it ironic that the only way to be truly free is to destroy the system that enslaves you in the first place. >You destroy the system that enslaves you and the working class. You bring down the capitalist state and create a workers' state. <The revolution has succeeded!
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>>3346 The wyvern is endangered, you should be good and let it eat your sheep.
(49.27 KB 814x412 adventure.png)
>>3343 Now THIS is an adventure
>>3358 This has to be the shortest one possible
(155.29 KB 1738x763 1.png)
(25.32 KB 1112x181 2.png)
(11.16 KB 250x267 unnamed.jpg)
the feel too real
>>3406 Oof, the closing line

What faction would a principled Marxist side with in Fallout: New Vegas? Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 15:57:16 No. 776 [Reply] [Last]
I though about starting this thread in /hobby/, but considering I'm not interested in talking about the merits of the game-itself, and rather to discuss the specific dilemma of factions, I thought I'd get a more focused discussion here. The Wildcard ending notwithstanding, there are principally three different factions in the game you can side with: Caesar's Legion, New California Republic, and Mr. House. To begin, Caesar's Legion is a fascist power lead by a historical materialist (even though the writers somewhat misrepresent Hegel in their dialogue about the dialectic, the general theme is maintained) most players misunderstand Caesar as just a LARPer rather than someone who is genuinely trying to restart history. His Legion, is admittedly a hegemonic autocracy that Caesar intends to use to subjugate humanity under one banner, so that their collective progress would be accelerated. It's entirely possible to interpret Caesar as just history's janitor trying to send humanity back through the motions and antiquity to try and reach a better result than rushing back to the "good ol' days" like the NCR, rather than someone who takes pleasure in creating a slave society that is an objectively malignant entity. The NCR is presented as the return of the old Bourgeois Dictatorship of the US, their government is a corrupt expansionist bureaucracy that can only adequately administrate war, meanwhile the actual body of the legislation itself has a lineage of benevolent autocrats (tandy) and is ruled by the interest of the "brahmin barons" (kulaks), this is a critique that Caesar presents in his analysis of the NCR (which happens to sound out-of-context Marxian). Caesar correctly identifies the NCR as a reincarnation of the failed Bourgeois state that brought about the very predicament of the wasteland, and seeks to use them as his component in creating a society apt enough to the material conditions of the wasteland. The strangest character in this dynamic is Mr. House, if the NCR is a light veil for a Bourg dictatorship, then Mr. House is an open window, making no illusions to the player about his proposed autocratic status and ex-Bourg origin. Since the wasteland cannot be considered Capitalist (as a true economic analysis of the Fallout universe would lack too many necessary factors to be accurate) we have to assume that the wastes can be best surmised as a scavenger-economy wherein the most valuable resource is electricity and armaments, the wasteland does still have capitalistic elements (the barons of the NCR being a good example, as well as Crimson Caravan and Gunrunners) but lacks the infrastructure to maintain a conventionally capitalist society (and thereby is also incapable of creating a socialist society unless material conditions change). I'd propose that due to this, the best choice for a Marxist in the wasteland is to side with whichever faction has the best capacity to create industry in the wasteland. All the factions in the maingame (and characters in the DLC hint at this theme, but would take to long to discuss) are representations of differing ideological states: the NCR being a bourgeois dictatorship under the farce of democracy, the Legion being a fascist army with the goals (at least the goals of Caesar) of restarting humanity's cultural progress, and Mr. House who breaks the mold as an autocratic Technocrat. You might refer to House as the supreme corporatist, but he's likely the only one possessing of the ability to either industrialize the wasteland or to simply leave Earth behind for Mars, despite being the most comically capitalist entity in Fallout (a series that from inception was an inherent critique of Nationalist Capitalism), House is likely the best choice for a principled Marxist, the NCR would lead humanity into a similar state of global capitalism, it too perhaps has the capacity to industrialize the wastes like Mr. House (and in face House intends to use them largely for a similar purpose) but Mr. House presents perhaps and easier path, because House is a planned economist, regardless of all the old-world business aesthetic, House is someone who would be a literal computer-god who plans the economy. House claims to be an objective ruler with a more important grand vision than say the short-term emulators of the NCR, who despite their uses to him, House rejects as the planners of the economy (potentially because he recognizes like Caesar, their inherent contradictions). In any event of House winning, the inevitable desire of the Marxist Courier would be to have him killed or deposed, I left out Yesman in this little essay because I thought that would be to filled with assumptions to really consider, because of course the obvious answer would be "courier and yes man takes over and the Comrade Courier uses Yesman to create an epic planned economy, Communism 100." A ending which to me seems really silly to rationalize in the context of the setting, to be clear, I don't think F:NV has any Marxist faction or even a Marxian theme, it's themes are focused around nostalgic ideology and the Gnostic need to either destroy the past or worship it. To the end of advancing the Fallout Universe to the next stage of history, I think Mr. House is the only one who even has the capacity to achieve it, even if he's a terrifying computer God who could only be removed by his "employees" in the most idealized scenario. As Benny puts it: "Mr House hides Vegas under his skirt when the bombs drop so it's his? forever?" not that Benny is a proletarian revolutionary or anything, but a Mr. House ending would require that House be willing to take on proteges or somehow put himself in a position to be removed, but since that's a question more of game mechanics than narrative, I'll ignore it. Am I wrong? Who do you think a Marxist should choose? MOD NOTICE THREAD WILL BE MOVED TO >>>/games/ TOMORROW AS THE GODS space_ HAVE GRANTED US A LINK TO SAID BOARD IN THE NAVBAR
Edited last time by comraderat on 05/23/2020 (Sat) 23:00:01.
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(74.92 KB 756x426 192457829351239560.jpeg)
Friendly reminder.
(392.26 KB 800x665 9f0.png)
>>3223 I love how Obsidian made him this superficially smart and charismatic leader, but everyone you ever talk to confirms that he is a delusional maniac, the whole Legion is completely unsustainable and destined to collapse the moment he dies or they run out of places to pillage.
>>3225 >>3223 reminder that ceaser is how the libertarian devs saw Stalin and the soviets. Red, Hegel, slavery.
>>800 >Although joining the Legion makes the game way harder as you make more enemies with the NCR in New Vegas so it kinda makes me feel that the devs didn't want noob players to pick the Legion has it leads to a more difficult experience The real reason was that they didn't have time to actually add all of the Legion content they had planned so they just left it heavily lopsided towards NCR territory which naturally makes the game harder if you choose Legion.
Has Jason Unruhe ever said which faction he supported? I'm interested in his opinion

(83.30 KB 640x652 Metroid - Fusion.jpg)
Abominations Comrade 07/18/2020 (Sat) 17:31:04 No. 2996 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: when capitalism ruined a game series
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>>3337 Someone would've come up with auto-aim eventually, aiming in shooters on consoles was shit for the longest.
>>3371 Plenty already had come up with auto-aim. It was Halo that normalized permanent auto-aim that you can't disable.
(7.03 MB Console "FPS".webm)
(108.34 KB 1000x683 x360 trackball.jpg)
(26.18 KB 405x325 sidewinder-dual-strike-1vb2.jpg)
>>3375 Also that was on by default, and done deceitfully, rather than having some UI indication such as crosshair/weapon movement. On top of that and regen health, I suppose there's also 2-weapon limit and mud-slow movement. But perhaps worst of all is that pretty early in development Halo pretty obviously became one of if not THE headline launch title for the system. So redesigning the controller to accommodate Halo (and the trend of other games using the right thumbstick for camera/aim control) with some kind of trackball, motion aiming, or other higher-precision input could've and should've been done. Especially since Microsoft itself already had experience with all these technologies through their Sidewinder brand.
>>3376 >if we do our job well, you don't have any idea this is going on Well they really fucked up then, because coming off of hardcore Perfect Dark sessions (where you intentionally disable autoaim so you can get headshots easier) I knew something was fucked with the aiming the very first day I played Halo.

YAKUZA BROS GET IN HERE Comrade 07/28/2020 (Tue) 02:13:54 No. 3311 [Reply] [Last]
>>3311 [BAKA MITAI] is better https://youtu.be/ByutJrnLNxU I fucking love this game. Like everyone else I got into it recently through Yakuza 0. That may actually be a kind of a bad thing sine as far as I can tell its the best game in the series. Tried kiwami 1 but it wasnt the same. Everything is much cleaner but I loved the density of Kamurocho in 0, there were so many building you could enter in 0 that you just cant in kiwami, really flattens the experince for me. As good as the main gameplay + story are, my favorite parts are the sidequests, again it gives life to the area and the business parts are fun. I wanna git gud at running the hostess club so I can talk to all the girls. I know only people who started with 0 think this, but i like nu-majima more than origninal CrAzY gUY Majima Other opinions, DAISUKE KUZE is used very well, my initial opinion of him was uncertain and he was just a dumb thug (hes that too) but over the game, I grew less 'afraid' and more mildly annoyed/amused, but also you really start to respect him as well more than anyone else in Tojo anyway Really liked Tachibanna by the end RIP to a real one, even his backstabing goon deserves some respect. The game doesnt really characterise Kazama enough for me to care abiut him beyond - Kiry likes him, I guess I could go on but you get it - all the characters are really solid; Reina, Nishki, the swole chinese guy who takes care of thr blind girl - all of them. I was surprised by how small the filsize was for such a rich game, but its because instead of doing empty flashy shit like other games, there are a few 'flashy' elemsents reused often but the real quality comes from interacting - mostly through talking ie. text - with the world. In a way, Yakuza is more about the cities than the yakuza themselves. Runing around and learning about the city is more satisfying than going between empty, one of, 'cinematic' setpieces. As for downsides I'd have to say combat. Its not really about fighting so much as it is about stunlocking enemies. The alternative is using weapons which are fun but sometimes OP. Its still alright when you get used to it but most of the fights will be learning how to stunlock the enemies and wail on them. Conversly, its incredibly frustrating to have your controller be worthless because 3 - 14 low level goons keep kicking you and thus restarting the stun lock period.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I'm still working my way through Yakuza 0, but I've been having a lot of fun with it.

(1.10 MB 1526x1697 T-34 Commander 1.jpg)
Wargames General Comrade 07/28/2020 (Tue) 16:12:44 No. 3323 [Reply] [Last]
Quarantine is goin' steady, so what have y'all done to clear the backlog of unpainted models on your painting table?
Model painting isn't a game.
>>3324 It's srs business.

(34.95 KB 639x361 Destroy all Humans!.jpg)
Destroy All Humans! 07/28/2020 (Tue) 22:23:01 No. 3330 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone else playing? It was a favorite of mine growing up and I just bought the remaster. They did a great job on it. I also love how at the end of the mission you get a newspaper headline showing the government covering up cryptos existence by blaming everything on them commies!
>>3330 >I just bought the remaster >bought Cringe. I expected better of you.
>>3330 Bumping my thread, when scanning workers some will have communist sympathies. This game is a lot more based than I remember. It's also fun in a sort of reverse xcom way in that the humans start getting alien tech as you progress.

(25.02 KB 480x480 1038160591035678.jpg)
Comrade 07/25/2020 (Sat) 12:48:00 No. 3224 [Reply] [Last]
What multiplayer vidya do you guys play? How good are you at it? No autistic casualfag seething allowed. Also steam group when?
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(104.17 KB 789x564 wazrweytnoa51.jpg)
>>3224 Too many games to count, my library is quite sizeable. Here's a few I currently have installed though. >RS2: Vietnam (with the Winter War mod) >Open Fortress >Tannenberg/Verdun >Hell Let Loose >Mordhau >Wreckfest >CS:GO >War Thunder >Fistful of Frags >Insurgency: Sandstorm >Any Paradox 4x Game >Skyrim (with multiplayer through Skyrim Together) >Red Dead Redemption 2 >Escape From Tarkov >War of Rights

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I played quite a bit of Apex but got sick of dealing with random people and I had no one to play it with in a team so I stopped. Other than that, Monhun World.
>>3277 do you really need on-rails story based levels to enjoy a game tho? the whole point of factorio is that it's a procedurally generated programming sandbox and imo it's a good thing the devs eventually realised that, because it unshackled them from making bad design choices such as fighting against the aforementioned sandbox by restricting player choices, which is something you must do in level based game design and yet flies against the flow of factorio as a whole where the whole point is emergent problems and solutions. the goal in the game isn't even really about making the rocket, the rocket is just a macguffin really. it's about making a well oiled and efficient factory, which is why there's so many megabase builders that end up launching tens of thousands of rockets and still keep playing. campaign level design seems entirely apart from all of that.
>>3328 >do you really need on-rails story based levels to enjoy a game tho? A what? Who said anything about a story? I want a game to enjoy a game. You know, levels and challenges to overcome, goals to complete that are better than the paper-thin bullshit about constructing the rocket. >the whole point of factorio is that it's a procedurally generated programming sandbox That whole point is that a procedurally-generated sandbox with a grand total of three enemy types and one goal that is always the same is a piss-poor lazy fucking excuse for the developers' refusal to stop spending every hour of development refining features and actually do some goddamn level design. Please, do not compare Factorio to an actually well-executed procedurally-generated game like Spelunky. Procedural generation is not an excuse for a total disregard for game design.
>>3329 >levels and challenges to overcome, goals to complete that are better than the paper-thin bullshit about constructing the rocket. <do you really need on-rails levels to enjoy a game tho? didn't answer the question, also: <the rocket is just a macguffin really. it's about making a well oiled and efficient factory this is the game's real goal btw which is why the game doesn't end when you launch a rocket also if there are separate levels then there is invariably a need to compartmentalise the game and justify that by delivering a storyline. in factorio they figured out that compartmentalising factory design such that you are artificially restricted in what you can do (otherwise every level will be the same, which defeats the point of splitting the game into "levels") or you have an arbitrary set goal instead of setting the goals yourself (which is why the campaign was weird with forcing you to rebuild the base endlessly, and the restrictions it placed on you were unfun) is the opposite of what the game is meant to be, and i happen to agree with that myself. maybe it's just not your type of game, but it is absolutely not "bad design".

(137.94 KB 1024x768 Retaking_Red_Square.jpeg)
Call of Duty Anonymous Gamer 03/31/2020 (Tue) 17:04:21 No. 419 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsjCoh6rFd0 I know about its factual inaccuracies. That it's just a copy of enemy at the gates. However let me explain how this was many kids first exposure to the ussr and what a great job it did communicating through gameplay what the war was. The soviet campaign takes place last in the game, after the british and american ones. Throughout the game you visit many locations and the mood is an adventurous one. Soldiers remark on celebrating with bottles of wines from french cellars, the beauty of the architecture besides the one or two artillery shelled buildings. And there's never any shortage in supplies. This quickly changes with the soviet campaign. From the start the design is something that looks like hell. There's no green grass, the sky isn't even blue. Every single building is destroyed by shelling. And what really let you know shit just got real, you don't even get a gun. They didn't teach ww2 history besides d-day and the atomic bomb, so to a child, this was formative. The creators did an unmatched job communicating the disparity between east and west fronts in the war. It was very clear all of a sudden that the soviets were fighting for their survival in a way the british and americans weren't. So bravo to call of duty, regardless of how shit it might have become later on, this game will always be one of the greatest achievements of the medium.
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>>2135 And its still garbage
>>2135 You know since Urzikstan is supposed to be an analogy of Syria I wish they had an equivalent of Assad or the SAA in the campaign. Like there are no Urzikstani collaborators helping the Russians all the Urzikstanis are with the rebels for some reason
>>3220 I have a feeling that they originally wrote Barkov as a straight expy of Assad and then decided later on to just make him an evil Russian so it wouldn't upset the burger audience. Theres a fair few bits of dialogue that refer to Barkov and his government as if they're not russian and as only getting support from Russia. The whole idea of Barkov feels ridiculous anyway, a rogue general from a different country that happily managed to conquer a country but is also disliked by the nuclear state he's supposed to get all of his troops directly from. It would not suprise me if they swapped him out for an evil russkie because it tested with their focus groups better.
(138.69 KB 2208x1242 1e59m5tsi8r31.jpg)
>>3289 >a rogue general from a different country that happily managed to conquer a country but is also disliked by the nuclear state he's supposed to get all of his troops directly from. That was another part that irked me. Like in the first mission there is apparently a distinction between these unmarked mercenaries working for Barkov and the uniformed Russian soldiers that aren't working for him but for the Russian government. But in the entire campaign all of Barkov's men are uniformed Russian soldiers
>>3300 Thats one of the things I mean, theres a fair few parts of the campaign where its still written as if Barkov isn't a Russian general. If I still played these games for stories I'd have been very taken out of it.

(240.13 KB 806x1200 8f2.jpg)
are video games art? Comrade 07/27/2020 (Mon) 20:18:23 No. 3293 [Reply] [Last]
Let's end it once and for all
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(19.54 KB 480x360 a painting for the soul.jpg)
This is art!
>>3302 Does this not limit the production art purely to the people who are wealthy enough to spend all of their time doing art instead of working and making do?
>>3316 yeah it's a known fact that the lower classes cannot produce art
>>3293 Not on their own. But those given the appropriate amount of care and story can come off as interactive literature, though rarely.

/sg/ S.T.A.L.K.E.R General Brown Juche 06/13/2020 (Sat) 17:05:20 No. 1707 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome bratan, this is a thread dedicated to discussion of the S.T.AL.K.E.R saga and it's mods. Post freely. S.T.A.L.K.E.R saga magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5961861A8A2909345AB9EBBE81EB75D6BE9ECACF&dn=S.T.A.L.K.E.R.%20Trilogy%20%5bGOG%5d&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopen.demonii.com%3a1337&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fexodus.desync.com%3a6969 Bug Fix for Shadow of Chernobyl: https://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-complete-2009/downloads/zone-reclamation-project-1-07-r5rc Bug Fix for Clear Sky: https://www.moddb.com/mods/srp/downloads/srp-v112 Bug Fix for Call of Pripyat: https://www.moddb.com/mods/pripyat-reclamation-patch/downloads/pripyat-reclamation-patch-v11-improved-inventory-icons
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>>3172 it's gonna be terrible
>>3173 This tbh, all the good devs from GSC went on to found 4A.
>>3172 is this in-game engine or just cgi? >>3173 >>3194 non-believers! heresy!
Stalker 2 announced exclusive for X-Box m8s. The trailer got more views than Halo Infinite. http://archive.is/DWiy7
>>3202 >is this in-game engine or just cgi? In-engine. Fairly standard for games at this stage of development that want to show what its going to look like.


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