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(54.46 KB 230x219 20110720-cfad.png)
What is up with /v/'s constant threads about smash ultimate Comrade 07/07/2020 (Tue) 13:28:18 No. 2214 [Reply] [Last]
I honestly do not get their obsession with what character will get into smash.
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Is Steve good?
It's a popular video game and people like to see what character gets in. Where's the confusion?
>>2222 "/v/" is derogatory at this point so either 4chan's /v/ or its dozen spinoffs with the same retarded culture.
I don't get why people are angry the character from that game for little kids is going to get added to a game for little kids with a bunch of characters from other games for little kids.
It’s a good game and anons have nothing better to do since Nintendo doesn’t want to fix their joycons drifting so starting drama is the next best thing

Cawk of Dooby Comrade 10/19/2020 (Mon) 12:50:58 No. 5365 [Reply] [Last]
Hey did you guys try out the free beta period of Cold War that's been going on these past couple days? Feels good gunning down CIA imperialists in Moscow, or blowing up Miami as a qt KGB wannabe. The only Soviet operator so far is also the only woman so we got the coomers on our side. Might as well make the clan tag BLM too in order to automatically trigger /pol/tards in the lobby amirite?
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>>5372 I haven't played a COD game since 2010 so everything feels new to me. The Cold War setting is nice I can't wait till someone makes a mod that you can shoot Reagan with.
>>5373 If you can shoot Regan I wanna shoot pizza hut man. Jk I don't play call of duty anymore so none of that matters.
>>5370 not an FPS thread but I think >>3224 is appropriate, either way trying to start a clan or club with leftypol seems to be impossible. there's allready been a few people trying to get other's to join they're fav games but no one seems to be interested.
>>5370 >BLM as a clan tag stuff was a joke Just confirming, it's hard to tell when people are being actually ironic or not on the internet anymore.
>>5372 Pepsi-fag spam would make /v/ reee as much as /pol/ would reee about commies modding their vidya about killing "le sandn*ggers"

Papers, Please Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 19:03:42 No. 5260 [Reply] [Last]
What are you guys' thoughts on this game?
Edited last time by krates on 10/20/2020 (Tue) 16:28:29.
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(48.54 KB 309x475 Moscow-Petushki.jpg)
Really similar to the Communist era Russian literature I snort up my nose, so I'm assuming it's accurate.
The short film that went with this was real cool IMO.
Let’s see what you get for “Following the orders of the oppressive communist state. >Easily enough pay and resources to feed your family as long as your good at home economics. >Quick and stable increase in standard of living (Even without being a corrupt offical you can eventually purchase new apartments and finally a home for your family. >Absolute job security as long as you don’t catastrophically fuck up. Meanwhile if you become a corrupt offical or a terrorist you take a bunch of bribes from drug dealers and commit several terror attacks before fleeing the country
>>5361 Unironically true for real life USSR TBH
>>5361 Kinda bullshit on the "if you don't do good enough you starve" though. They should have a flat living wage with bigger bonuses based on your performance. The only cases where starvation like in the DPRK never happen to state officials.

(24.64 KB 590x336 sdv.jpeg)
Stardew Valley Anonymous Gamer 05/02/2020 (Sat) 15:23:47 No. 123 [Reply] [Last]
So I got addicted to this damn game, and I think it has a lot of leftist potential. Your character is rooted in anti-capitalism, and there's even a corporation destroying the environnement and community life. Two NPCs bear scars from imperialism (Kent, a soldier) and capitalism (Shane, a depressive alcoholic working a 9-5). Besides from that there aren't many references to ideologies (except for the religion of Yoba and a book against the war). What would you think of a mod adding more political substance to Pelican Town? (for example an active faction against Joja, or NPC helping you rebuilding the CC). I don't like this idea that everyone in this town with so much free time gave up that quickly their community center, and you are the only one able to save it with your bare hands.
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>>123 Nice OP number LOL
>>2052 Rune Factory makes me angry because all the best waifus can't be married.
>>5341 Pretty sure that exists.
>>5349 Ok, I wanna marry a character that's already married. But I'm not having any luck finding a mod like that.
>>5348 Lynette is the best Rune Factory waifu anyways all the others suck. Convert her to anti-imperialism through the power of ur dick. Her empire is literally called the Sechs Empire lmao she's so deprived.

Minecraft Server Comrade 10/09/2020 (Fri) 12:44:00 No. 5010 [Reply] [Last]
UPDATE Server is up. Server IP is: Server Name is: BunkerHell MAKE SURE YOU LAUNCH MINECRAFT VIA THE CRACKPACK 3 MODPACK! https://ufile.io/37ru6kdy You should be able to download them, extract and plop them into MultiMC. I'm going to have a shitton of free time over the next few months and I'm thinking about hosting a new Leftypol Minecraft server. Had some experience back in the day hosting factions based servers on the mindcrack modpack. I'm a little rusty but I should be able to pick it all up again reasonably fast. Right now I'm leaning towards a factions based server (maybe with factions maybe based on lefty ideologies, or people could just sort themselves into teams or w/e) a tech-y modpack based on PVP and a limited mapsize - ideally a large, continent sized island with limited resources and with borders around it so there is some competition for resources (hopefully creating incentive for political alliances and conflict). I'll try to find a plugin which allows physical territory claiming/restricts harvesting of resources on non territory so expanding, building outposts, trade between factions and etc would be encouraged. Nuclear power, high-tech weapons/defense & industry mods are of course a must. Hardcore food/agriculture mods may also be added so there is a need to diversify agriculture/food production and encourage large teams. I'm willing to put down the money for a decent server and can probably maintain it for a while, possibly indefinitely although that all depends on interest in the idea. Who here would be interested in a set up like this? If I can get a dozen or so people interested at first I'm willing to put the money and time in ASAP, although obviously I'd be willing to invest more money/time if the playerbase is larger. Server will ofc be free, no pay to win/eshop garbage & ideally open to pirated copies.
Edited last time by krates on 10/10/2020 (Sat) 19:09:00.
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We should organize minecraft days, so that more people are around. Like maybe Sunday is the "official" minecraft day or something.
>>5196 It's modded.
(1.05 MB 2560x1440 2020-10-15_23.39.22.png)
Huh. Strangely kinda simetrical cave. I hope there's nothing malicious in there.
I can't find aluminum anywhere.
Anyone have thoughts on the SevTech Ages modpack?

(23.77 KB 135x180 troll_1.png)
Why is the RPGcodex so reactionary? Comrade 10/15/2020 (Thu) 03:08:54 No. 5206 [Reply] [Last]
It seems like a pretty random place, but it seems like that these people are pretty much 80% trump supporters. A lot of ex-obsidian guys hang out over there and shit post about SJWs and stuff. It's a pretty big place where Underrail and Age of Decadence (the two big meme CRPGs) developers hang out so it's not a small place. I Just find it weird how reactionary these people are though.
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>>5311 Just because this is a vidya board doesn't mean people are supposed to act like /v/ermin, and the few times I've seen people act retarded they get called out.
There is a mild pull towards reactionary politics in fantasy fan groups in general or maybe it's that reactionary people tend to be drawn to fantasy a bit more on average. (I'll repeat it's mild in the grand scheme of things and you shouldn't go on a witch-hunt over that.) Fantasy worlds tend to be populated by groups strongly distinct, a distinction not just based on economic position or technological differences, but due to extreme genetic differences, far more extreme than the wildest claims of white suprematists about human differences. In human history, technology plays a big role, so espionage plays a big role (example: silk). In fantasy, there are often chasms between groups that can't be ever bridged. For example, a minority can do magic and the others can spy on magicians as much as they want, they are inherently unfit for doing it themselves. So, in these story worlds, having a very conservative outlook just is very obviously right, more obviously so than in real life. Monarchies and caste societies fit together with how the rest of the fantasy world works. If the Queen of England had the ability to turn the tide in wars by magic, I would be a monarchist in real life, too.
I don't know, but if anyone knows of another site with a decent number of hardcore Wizardry fans then please let me know. It's one of the greatest video game franchises ever and it seems like all the fans are Japanese.
>>5346 Pretty much all popular JRPGs were influenced by Wizardry.
>>5350 I am aware of that.

(876.33 KB 1280x646 L197L_sDsoo.png)
/games/ meme thread Comrade 07/26/2020 (Sun) 18:01:56 No. 3244 [Reply] [Last]
Edited last time by krates on 08/11/2020 (Tue) 14:43:46.
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Has anyone looked at the board description? >/games/ - Games Vidya, Table Top games, Hopsotch, etc <HOPSOTCH This typo has been up for months
It feels like there ought to be way more memes, at least some mocking /v/fags
(3.99 MB 2350x1140 Ghost Gals.gif)
Pacman was a favorite arcade game.... and Minus8 just makes it better
>>3990 Does it suck?
>>5357 Not in my recollection (not the same anon)

(8.80 KB 251x201 perfumes.jpg)
Most accurate sum-up of real life in terms of alignment system comparison? Comrade 10/18/2020 (Sun) 07:36:02 No. 5352 [Reply] [Last]
Since the industrial revolution 'Lawful Evil' has become far more common than 'Neutral Evil'. Although today it exists more in the form of crime gangs, just like how bandits were often that way back then. 'Lawful Good' and 'Chaotic Evil' are equally rare alignments to each other. The 'good guys vs villains' stuff is often more in the form of 'chaotic good', chaotic neutral (sometimes) and 'neutral good' going up against 'lawful evil'. If you designed a fantasy game that mirrors real life in 'alignment distribution' this is how it would look. If a character like Mehrunes Dagon or Zamorak were to show up in the real world through some sort of 'inter-reality travel' he would be seen as a hero. Planet Earth from now to the 1990s would certainly be the most ideal setting.
Correction to last sentence, or a fictional setting inspired by real life in that time period*

(1.73 MB 1200x675 outer worlds.png)
Outer Worlds Anonymous Comrade 10/26/2019 (Sat) 01:00:58 No. 2426 [Reply] [Last]
Okay, come on, I know I'm not the only one that's started playing it, what do we all think?

No spoilers please, or put them in tags, cause it only just came out.
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>>4544 Fallout New Vegas in space with worse quests, worse plot and worse characters.
>>5135 Outer WIlds is brilliant, much more interesting than this game.
>>5168 this man speaks truth
>>5143 It's basically this. I still enjoyed the game, but I was underwhelmed given the people that worked on it.
>>5347 I'm the guy who made that post and to be fair according to the devs the game barely had any budget. It was more of a passion project than anything else.

(120.79 KB 474x449 smt.png)
Shin Megami Tensei Comrade 10/17/2020 (Sat) 15:19:15 No. 5318 [Reply] [Last]
can the alignment system be compared to real life politics?
It's much better than D&D's, at least.
>>5320 Is it really though?
>>5331 I find it a lot less cartoonish than D&D alignments.
>>5332 Maybe because I'm not the most familiar with both of them but they both seem so incredible simplistic that they basically identical to me.
>>5318 Yes, most ranging to nearly all bad guys or villains in real life are 'Lawful Evil'. 'Neutral Evil' and possibly 'chaotic evil' irl villains were common in pre-industrial times. 'Neutral evil' applies more to some 'crime gangs' more. 'Lawful good' is very rare and only. Chaotic or neutral good are the most common forms of 'good guys'.


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