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Reading Comrade 04/10/2020 (Fri) 07:54:55 No. 701
How do you read? I am sick of looking at my laptop to read these huge pdfs, there must be a better way that doesn't burn my retinas and destroy my posture! E-readers? Libraries? Just buying every book that you wish to read? Please share your ideas, also reading based pics.
E-ink display e-readers are probably going to be easiest on your eyes short of physical books
>>701 Yes. It's called a book. It's made of paper and you don't need electricity to run it.
>>711 ah yes, buying communist literature. great way to get put on a list
>>712 Use the library or ask to borrow from someone else
>>711 ok boomer
> I am sick of looking at my laptop to read these huge pdfs Then get physical books, that is what I do ! Check out your local book shops and or libraries !
>>716 I can’t find any at my local library (even if there are any, they’re in urdu which I can’t read easily). Should i just write them out if they’re of a small size? Like the communist manifesto?
>>717 Definitely comrade
>>712 After purchasing a book, the 74 year old seller grabs a black phone form under their desk, they dial a secret number and say to the phone «Yes FBI, put Jean Dupont on the spooky list because they purchased the book Ten Days That Shook the World by John Reed!»
>>712 I unironically bought Mein Kampf and the Capital together to confuse the hell out of Feds.
>>701 E-Readers are the way to go. I still recommend dead tree books for the "tomes" you know you'll reference a lot (Capital and the like) I use a Kobo Clara HD which I bought for $120 new. I'm sure the cheaper options are fine though; resolution doesn't make nearly as much of a difference as I thought it would. Just make sure it has a frontlight and a touchscreen (for highlighting). Kobo has the best piracy support (native epub + others), Kindle has the slickest software, Nook is meme tier. Go to gen.lib.rus.ec for your copyrighted ebooks and marxists.org for public domain ebooks. Marxists.org has a ton of out of print stuff as well. I recommend making eBooks out of them as you read them to volunteer. If you need paper books check to see if your city has a radical bookstore. Mine has good prices but the best part is getting recommendations from the based boomer volunteers.
>>701 I prefer to read paper books(which I often times buy), but I use e-reader to read controversial literature.
>>807 What qualifies as "controversial?" Anything revolutionary, or just explicit fedbait? (an example for me would be "The Turner Diaries" out of morbid curiosity)
>>809 >anything revolutionary Yes. it's controversial here cause many people, including my friends and family believe in 100 gorrilian and communism == breadlines meme
>>702 >>807 Which e-readers do you guys use? >>803 Thanks for the post comrade, very helpful! How's the battery life? My partner got an amazon one and it is basically bricked in under a year because the battery is so bad now. Also what is a radical bookstore?
>>821 The battery life is still pretty great on it after a year and a half or so of use. I once took it on a family vacation and blazed through Trotsky's History of the Russian Revolution for several hours a day for a week, never had to charge the eReader once. I may be remembering wrong but I think the battery is replaceable if needed, there's no glue or shit like on the Kindles. A radical bookstore is a bookstore specializing in radical left / socialist books. Look for independent bookstores in your city and radical bookstores should be on the list if you have one nearby. Typically they'll be cash only. Anarchist bookstores are more common than Marxist / "authleft". Besides buying books, radical bookstores are a good place to socialize and learn which events are happening in your area without the sectarian spin. http://www.maydaybookstore.org/ Mayday Books is my specific example, I don't think I'm doxxing myself too bad.
>>712 Will summoning communist literature mitigate this problem?
>>821 I use kindle, but I mostly read physical books.
I could not find a reading position that did not feel like destroying my posture. Even reading while standing I have to turn my head way down.
>>896 Hold the book up higher.
>>712 You're already on a list if you use this site.
>>821 I bought a remarkable e-ink tablet. I really like the large display and the ability to write on it. I haven't tried other e-ink readers, but I'm satisfied with this one. My biggest problem with kindles was the tiny fucking screen. Drives me fucking mad because most books I have are PDF letter size books, which are impossible to read on a kindle. The tablet I have is large enough so that pages are usually large enough to read. I haven't had problems with it. I've been reading much more since I got it. I love taking notes on it. I mostly use the highlighting pen though. I've also used it to a lesser degree for note taking.
I'm a much faster reader using a big screen than with pocket-sized ereaders. You kids know nothing of pain. I used to read whole books on a shitty CRT… >>4216 >I bought a remarkable e-ink tablet That's what I need! Name of the thing?
>>4218 lol, the name is 'remarkable'. sorry for the confusion, I don't usually use the word 'remarkable'. https://remarkable.com/ A friend that was learning classic Chinese scripture recommended it to me. I mostly use it for highlighting shit from pdfs. Sometimes I make notes on random subjects.
>>4221 Forgot to add, if you click shop, you can buy the old version if you want it now. I think they said the new version is shipping in October, but I wasn't going to wait so long.
>>752 Smart
>>752 Should have bought The Road to Serfdom as well. But then you'd probably receive a job application from the feds for organizing fascist militias in leftist countries.


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