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Comrade 10/25/2020 (Sun) 03:48:54 No. 5137
I'm interested in non-marxist historiography. Where should I start?
>>5137 please bros i need help
>>5146 Why?
Non-marxist theorizing of the craft of history: Hayden White, John Gaddis Non-Marxists with big theories of history: Peter Turchin, Michael Mann, various New Institutional Economics types Historiographies of specific subjects: any collection with a name like "[blackwell|cambridge|etc] [guide|handbook] to [subject] history," there's almost always a chapter with a good overview of the historiography keeping up with the discipline in general: reviews in AHR, especially those related to theory and method a nice primary source collection: fritz stern's "varieties of history" collects, essentially, the introductions to leading popular works of history over the last two and a half centuries; most aren't esp *individually* interesting but you get to see certain trends develop in their own words, which is valuable, rather than taking some meta-historiographer's word for it
>>5137 Incidentally, I was wondering about the Whigs today. What would the world be like if Whigs had become hegemonic rather than Libs?
>>5495 Not sure what you mean by this - the Whigs were THE prototypical libs, and "Whiggish history" is a putdown term for history that uncritically celebrates the victory of liberalism.


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