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studying mysticism/esotericism vs studying cosmology,physics and maths Anonymous 10/12/2020 (Mon) 17:54:42 No. 4959
I'm a celibate man(thus have high brain power)and i want to find the ultimate truth to life. I have limited time and two options: >stuyding esotericism,magick,mystic treatises and meditation techniques,the vedas,medieval books etc OR >cosmology,neurology,biology,history of life on earth,maths,etc Which should I devote my time to?
Second obviously
you'll probably get further with the second list. I'd add in the immortal science of historical/dialectical materialism. anyone who says thay've mastered estoreic magic shit is lying, and meditation is a meme unless you're prepared to embrace an actual ascetic life.
How full is your cum jar at this time?
>>4960 This You need a very solid grounding in the second to get anywhere real with the first anyway
>>4962 I guard my semen as a jeweller guards his most exquisite diamond.
>>4964 >I guard my semen as a jeweller guards his most exquisite diamond. in a jar?
>>4961 >and meditation is a meme unless you're prepared to embrace an actual ascetic life. i take cold showers,is that ascetic enough?Im also considering giving up meat and beer.
>>4965 no. in my brain(if semen is transmutated it moves up the spine)
(205.00 KB 1280x720 Qigong.jpg)
>>4964 >I guard my semen as a jeweller guards his most exquisite diamond. Then you're ready for Qigong.
I am working on creating a coherent world-view that combines neurology,biological history,cosmology and phsyics. im learning about cyclic cosmology+poincare recurrence eternal return.on a minor,less believe level,simulation and holographic models of reality. I feel the final pill is coming closer to my grasp.
>>4959 >I have limited time and two options: this is so retarded, im a physics grad who's studied esotericism and mysticism
>>4970 >this is so retarded, Thank you!retards are stronger and less inhibited;the have an evolutionary advantage.
Philosophy you dolt. Start with the Greeks.
>>4959 study logic and scientific critique, then post-critical science shit, learn meditation but as a tool to make your mind sharper thats all, it will give you no knowledge (Except about ... meditation), and then get into whatever the fuck u want, u should be insulated from wasting too much time on obvious bullshit if u start out by learning how to think and learn properly. for "truth of life" tho, read philosophy ffs, all the esoteric stuff is only really appealing to people with inflated egos because you can read whatever you want into it and feel like a genius and like ur learning hidden knowledge. Philosophy (good philosophy...) does the same shit that (honest) mystics and religious figures tried to do, but in more plain language for the modern world
>>4996 Start with the Africans.
Unironically (whether or not that's in the spirit of this thread) every human should know a lot about a little and a little about a lot. So pick what you want to be an expert in, and read/discuss/investigate deeply in that, but also acquaint yourself with what we've learned more broadly and bring a bunch of different perspectives to bear on what you know best.
Why not both?
>>4959 One gets you cred on the most mid-wit level boards on 4chan while the other can net you a job, and an actual understanding, albeit still probably reductionist, understanding of the world.


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