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How to effortpost? Comrade 09/12/2020 (Sat) 16:12:59 No. 4068
How can I learn to write pages of nearly incomprehensible bullshit about simple things that could straightforwardly expressed? I want to fit in on /leftypol/.
Read Žižek
>>4068 please dont aspire to that, just be normal and be able to actually communicate. Sometimes writing long shit helps communication, and in that case u wanna get better at expressing your thoughts precisely, but a lot of the time its pointless ego wanking so fucking please just dont, incomprehensible doesnt mean you're smarter than everyone else because few ppl can understand you, it means you're a retard who cant into communication
>>4068 Learn dadaist poetry and read accelerationist BS to get the picture of how to sound smart to a bunch of autists
>>4068 I learned the craft of "saying a lot, yet saying nothing" from Sam Hyde back in the teenage years. Nowadays I'm too lazy to write paragraphs just to convince some asshole on the other side, so I just occasionally shitpost.
Read Marx


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