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I don't like reading Comrade 04/04/2020 (Sat) 13:18:46 No. 333
I'm a highschool drop out who never had the tension span to read anything more than 200 pages, why should I now read some 700 pages of confusing dialectics? isn't it enough to read some wikipedia articles or something? aren't there any movies that explain all the theory?
> to read anything more than 200 pages There are plenty of good books that are shorter than that.
>>334 > hey guise my attention span is bad < no worries comrade come watch my 4 hour long brainwashing marathon
>>333 Just read every day and you will get better at it. Start with texts that are a length you can read in one sitting, 3 pages, 50 pages, 100 pages. You will be able to read 300 pages at once in no time.
(362.18 KB 1920x1080 ecran02.jpg)
Read a page a day if you want to start small. What is important is that you understand what you're reading, not reading itself. After that little page is done, write down what you learned and or your thoughts. If you are confused, re-read the page. Be patient. This isn't a race.
>>333 Marx is the only author you "need" to read, and his work doesn't need to be read studiously to be understood. (/leftypol/ is the ultimate indicator that pouring over a book doesn't lead to understanding.) Take it at your own pace, but do read the original source. A lot will be intuitive and that understanding is more important than any number of quotations. Also, I can't stress this enough: take it easy. You're no longer in school, this reading is purely for your own benefit and intellectual curiosity. >>345 Fully agree. Don't fall the one-upmanship that is the rule here.
>>335 Yeah, but the diary of a wimpy kid is 221 pages and it is an absolute classic.
(40.10 KB 300x292 skill and challenge.png)
To get better at reading, challenge yourself, but not too much.
>>353 Shouldn't Boredom and Relaxation be switched in that chart? Why would you be bored when skill and challenge are both medium, but relaxed when your skill is much higher than the challenge requires?
>>353 What does this chart mean? >tfw too skilled to be horny? Or what?
>>358 It means that if a problem is just at the right skill level but highly challenging, it will be exciting. If it is highly challenging but your skills are too low for it, it will make you anxious.
>>348 yeah that was fun but it had fun images all over the place and told story of a relatable character with simple language.
(131.06 KB 1095x1400 smokigaminegril.jpg)
>>358 >tfw too skilled to be horny You say this like a joke but this is literally me. I haven't felt horny in like 2 years and I think it's cuz I had too much practice in college
>>343 This. I used to read alot couple of years back, but when I stopped reading for a year or two, it fucked my attention span. I just started reading again and I'm getting the concentration required back the more I read. As this anon said, start slow and then keep increasing how much you read incrementally.
>>333 Understanding the basics like the labor theory of value and other base tennants of leftism should always be your bedrock. Imo activism will allways be more important than education and theory.
>>416 never touched a manga before, but I suppos a comic is readable. can I somehow read this in google books?
>>333 >LShMRZIRYOLZTDYIDT What did he mean by this?
>>416 BASED if you read this whole manga, do you even need to read the original? it seems like it covers everything
(130.93 KB 656x875 Carlo_Cafiero.jpg)
There is only one summary of Capital that was approved by Marx himself: https://www.marxists.org/archive/cafiero/1879/summary-of-capital.htm It's around 80 pages when printed.
>>416 Why does the value of the machinery and materials used to produce count as part of labour value? The workers that produced those things allready got what they worked for when they were sold, so why is the value of those things added to the labour value done every hour? I don't get it.
>>416 I'd try to redo this if I had the raws.
>>709 Yes.
As other anons have said, it's all about building habits and training yourself to read better. You can't go in expecting to immediately comprehend everything you read or have the attention span to read for hours, so just be persistent and don't get discouraged.
Start with the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
About to crack open this bad boy. Wish me luck
>>1889 Wait
>>333 >I'm a highschool drop out who never had the tension span to read anything more than 200 pages I'm in the same boat friend. undiagnosed learning disorders. My path was to listen to audio lectures by various people. Richard Wolf is a good entry point as he has all this on youtube. Just listen to these while you're on the job or go for a walk or whatever you need to do to keep listening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wkO3qsZY_U&list=PLPJpiw1WYdTNMCC0ypXHZ-kW7yCz4T0Zg Joining a reading group helped, and I was able to read on my own for a while when I was on medication, but those ran out and were too expensive to maintain so I just kind of gave up on reading. Still feel pretty confident in my knowledge on this stuff. Asking questions on leftypol of course also useful for learning.
I also don't read or like doing it a whole lot either but unfortunately it spells the difference between being cultured or not and the same also for achieving material wealth. I find a good way to absorb written works is by listening to audiobooks while going along with the text of it without obsessing too much over trying ti process every last word.
Build your attenion span up by reading genreshit that interests you and work your way up to big boy books.
You're not sufficiently bored by the modern consumerist life yet. You don't have to like reading, it's just better than any other form of "entertainment" these day.


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