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Comrade 07/17/2020 (Fri) 21:58:17 No. 2494
So now I really started to want to really understand math and learn more concepts that I didn't learn because I never really liked it very much but now I am more interested in it. What are some resources or basic principles that I can use to understand math better?
this thing + is used to put stuff together that thing is used to take stuff away from something else
There's nothing to understand, maths is arbitrary.
you can use khan academy. I believe they give out free lectures and practice problems. if you haven’t learned calculus start with that and go onto calculus 2 after. then learn multivariable calculus and linear algebra, and then differential equations. once you do that you’re at a level where you can start learning undergraduate stuff, for which most people recommend looking at the springer “undergraduate texts in mathematics” book series. I can’t say anything about it though since I’m not at that level, but you can probably find the books themselves for free on libgen.is
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>>2494 take a a Mathematics proofs class (also called Set theory), you don't need to be actually that good at arithmetic to understand higher math, all you need to be able to do is manipulate equations and add fractions, its mostly applied philosophy I am a mathematician who got C's all through calculus
what kind of math are you interested in? Abstract stuff? Topology? Applied stuff? Geometry? I recently got some students into math through working through "The Nature of Code" book/tutorials in the programming language Processing. It was a cool sort of hands on way to interact with different equations that help us define/understand natural phenomena. Creating particle simulators and cool art and all that shit. The "nature of code" is more on the physics end of things but there is a lot of cool visual stuff you can do with geometry and vectors in Processing.


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