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Cuckoldry Comrade 06/29/2020 (Mon) 03:05:00 No. 2112
Does anyone have a PDF of Charles Fourier's "The Hierarchies of Cuckoldry and Bankruptcy"?
I’m tempted to buy the physical version and scan it and upload it myself. there doesn’t seem to be an English ebook version in circulation.
>>2113 Me too, but the shipping costs are high
Fuck it boys, I'll order it tomorrow night and do it if no one else posts by then. It does seem it doesn't exist anywhere digitally
>>2112 finally a book I can gift to my bf
>>2119 I already ordered it. I'm going to scan it and upload it to /leftypol/ after I get it on thursday
>>2127 Nice.
(61.85 KB 1280x720 adam.jpg)
>>2127 thank you based anon! you're the real cool adam
>>2127 owo?
mail got dropped off just now. this book is about 80 pages so I can probably have it scanned and uploaded by tonight EST
>>2127 >>2166 lo and behold, a really shitty ghetto scan of the translation of the Hierarchies the Cuckoldry and Bankrupcy. maybe one day I'll destroy the binding and do a proper scan so it isn't all wavy, but overcoming my attachments to books is a project in itself. https://mega.nz/file/7PA3DKZC#z1WOLibO6sMLm0qZ09SPXV6GzLJfanKAn-YtwFC_pqk
(24.28 KB 188x338 medal.png)
(4.54 MB 1550x2930 hhwnsgamgm251.png)
>>2169 legend thanks. uploaded this to libgen
>>2169 Don't destroy it anon, it's perfectly readable.
(198.67 KB 220x153 tohru_thumbsup.gif)
>>2169 Fucking awesome dude. Thank you for what you've done
>>2169 Thank you, based anon


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