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Comrade 09/18/2020 (Fri) 08:26:10 No. 4215 [Reply] [Last]
everything feels outdated what the fuck do I read to understand neoliberalism and all this shit, what can you even do at this point?
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Saw this chart posted in here some time ago. Don't know if Foucault belongs there, or if it is any good in general.
>>4348 Pikkety and Smith being there is a bit weird, but alright. Smith i can at least understand from historic reasons, but I really doubt he would be a neoliberal would he have been teleported in time.
>>4349 It's difficult to tell with Smith, but there's no denying his influence on Neoliberal policies. Just like with everything they conveniently leave out Points like his Hatred of Landlords. Piketty is probably on the list because although he doesn't think Marx is Satan incarnate, his bastardization of Marx serves Liberals more than the Left.
>>4348 Foucault belongs but not for the reason of the one who made that. Foucault wasn't neoliberal but does describe it before it was really a thing.
>>4350 >they conveniently leave out Points like his Hatred of Landlords. This. It shits me to tears. Same as how Smith basically infers that education, health, and essential public infrastructure should be free and yet these drongos try to privatise everything.

(287.46 KB 732x1024 8df3c00570.jpg)
Rafiq/Ecology Discussion moo 07/20/2020 (Mon) 22:46:11 No. 2532 [Reply] [Last]
So some of you may have read the quite popular pdf where Rafiq dunks on eco fetishism, in that thread he references a previous thread where he had spent a lot of time focusing in on eco-fetishism, however this thread has been lost from Revleft. It's available on internet archives but to preserve it I've made this in the style of the previous popular pdf. Hope you guys enjoy! This thread could serve to discuss this work if anyone ever dedicates the time to read it, or we could debate the place of ecology in modern day Marxism. To provoke discussion: does nature have any value outside how it immediately serves human interests?
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>>2668 >I don't understand where people get this notion that Rafiq wants to "destroy nature" and kill all life that isn't human. >Let all the stupid animals, the plants die. Who gives a shit? >We Communists are well aware that we would bring about the destruction of the "environment" - we're not in on the secret of ecology worship. >My point of paving the planet with concrete was to make the point that more then ever today we need to conform the Earth to the needs of the human species, and that entails a radical geological transformation. >This bullshit nature-worship garbage never entered into the imagination of any Communist movement, not in 1871, not during Social democracy, and not during the Comintern era. It is a particularly new perversion of the counter-culture. It is a legacy that will not only not be present in a Communist movement of the 21st century, it will be fought bitterly, it will be smashed and the discourse that opposes it will be enshrined in political action itself. >Ecology is the new opium of the masses <a science is opium of the masses >The point is that doing nothing, or treating nature like some actual thing we ought to respect is anti-scientific <apparently "science" gives you values? this guy is a retard, stop defending him. He has valid points against certain strains of environmentalist stuff, and then perverts it for his own weird utopian thinking that isnt based in reality or what people even want. Yeah its dumb to fucking only care about butterflies and wolves and shit, and not also care about mosquitos and leeches. That doesnt invalidate all of our actual knowledge about the environment (supposedly this scientific knoledge is just opium though), and it definitely doesnt justify blind tech worship and faith that we can just engineer all problems away after creating them, when there were already solutions. god damn Anyways yes anyone who is okay with exploiting and destroying all nature DOES want to "give the axe" to many things. Our whole society is based on this. We are constantly choosing what dies and what goes extinct and which places will be toxic for thousands of years. We are always "giving the axe" to things. So no, not "nobody gets the axe". Rafiq is pretty explicit that anything that could die to serve Humanity SHOULD die. Fuck that bullshit. Pure exploitation mindset, and he's fighting against fucking windmills. His enemies arent in front of him, just comrades who arent hopped up on tech worship and actually seem to know the facts of what is possible better than him. Ideaology cant be a substitute for actual scientific knowledge. >>2669 Nothing has "intrinsic" value, but why should we allow some idea of "maybe in the future people will actually like this" to dictate what we do now? Why not just allow our values and emotions to guide what kind of world we want to live in? Like whats the benefit of putting someone else's values in place of ours, or even some fictional person or people's values?? i dont really get it. "It will be what society wants it to be", but isnt the point of radicals that we change society to fit what we see as better? Saying "society will choose" seems like a cop out.

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>>4342 >care about mosquitos There's no real downside to making mosquitos extinct
>>4343 "Hence by a sort of house-that-Jack-built, the destruction of the mosquito that feeds the trout, that preys on the mayfly, that destroys the eggs that hatch the salmon that pampers the epicure, may occasion a scarcity of this latter fish in an area where he would otherwise be abundant. Thus all nature is linked together by invisible bonds..." George Perkins Marsh, Man and Nature, pg 91 I actually couldnt find much evidence that they feed on salmon spawn, and that work is from like the 1800s, but this 1980s doc confirms that there are carniverous and omnivorous mayfly larvae https://www.ephemeroptera-galactica.com/pubs/pub_b/pubbrittainj1982p119.pdf >True omnivory is of limited occurrence in the mayflies and is restrictedto some species in genera such as lsonychia, Siphlonurus, Stenonema, andEphemera (55, 66). The predatory habit is also relatively uncommon in themayflies. In North America, Dolania, Analetris, and the heptageniidg,Pseudiron, Spinadis, and Anepeorus, feed largely on chironomid larvae (66,134, 223). The baetid genera Centroptiloides and Raptobaetopus have car-nivorous nymphs (1, 80, 165). Within the Prosopistomatidae there are alsocarnivorous species, although within the single genus Prosopistoma thereare both detritivores and carnivores (80). Several species, such as Siph-lonurus occidentalis and Stenonemafuscum, may change from a predomi-nantly detrital diet in the early instars to one containing a significantproportion or even a dominance of animal material in the mature nymphs(3).
>>4345 *96 no 91
I don't think Rafiq understands ecology.

(201.95 KB 500x356 918921.jpg)
NEP and collectivisation period Comrade 09/21/2020 (Mon) 15:53:01 No. 4309 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone have some good things to read about the NEP period and the collectivisation period and the transition between the two?
a quite popular narrative among anti communists, the so called resistance narrative that presents the soviet collectivisation of agriculture as a mostly or completely unpopular policy on the part of the peasants. The resistance narrative draws on OGPU reports and peasant letters and (mis)takes the peasant protests during winter of 1929-30 and passive resistance in the collectives as proof of widespread resistance to collectivisation. I go through the nature of the sources this narrative uses, the scope and nature of the peasant protests, and annual grain produce in the collectives during 1930s to show it is false. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1LlMjPsGFY
>>4331 Anyone know what happened to BadMouse's videos?!
>>4332 He took them all off. I don't know why he quit. The official line was that he was fed up with Breadtube not doing Praxis in real life and they only care about aestethics.
>>4336 Fuck that sucks. He had quite a few god videos debunking Prager U that were very handy

(1.64 MB mccannon1995.pdf)
Spanish Civil War Comrade 04/02/2020 (Thu) 08:26:40 No. 305 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for discussing the spanish civil war. I start the thread with a short paper on Soviet Union's involvement 1936-1939.
(77.43 KB 1180x585 Dare-Devil-Rides-To-Jarama-.jpg)
Morning Star review of an audio play about two volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. It might be worth a listen. (£2 per episode, or £6 for the whole thing.) https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/c/dare-devil-rides-jarama-pic-come

Knowledge/Skill Exchange Comrade 04/23/2020 (Thu) 10:50:52 No. 1291 [Reply] [Last]
Here we post our fields of expertise, in hopes to share the knowledge with our fellow comrades. Ask any questions to comrades in this thread regarding their skills, and post your own. Maybe we can create a chat eventually to teach things at a more in depth level. Me: Native English speaker, very good at math, okay at similar sciences, and computer science, can help with music regarding drums/guitar/songwriting etc. I'm particularly interested in learning Chinese (Mandarin), I've just started learning some basics, if anyone has any advice or resources for learning that would be great.
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>>1742 Music notes? Like learning to read sheet music?
>>1742 Like music theory? Identifying notes? Heres a website for that if thats the case https://www.musictheory.net/exercises
>>1721 Could you give some tips and strategies for growing soc-media account ciews? I'd like my commie propaganda outposts to seen by the most eyes possible.
>>1298 If you're still hanging around, could you shoot me some advice. I've tried to learn a few times in the past, but learning skills from books is always really hard for me in that I have a hard time applying it outside of practicing drills and not going anywhere. Do you have any recommendations on how to either deal with this or alternative resources?
(47.86 KB 675x677 image.png)
>>4351 Whilst I can't diagnose your specific malady through an anonymous forum, I can give you this general advice: 1. You should be drawing more than you are reading. You will naturally do this in most-all cases but... just to be sure. 2. You have not fully grasped a drawing concept until you have applied it in your work. >To taste the pear, you must change it by eating it. 3. Try and copy/trace/whatever, pieces and photos which look good to you. Don't be afraid of those snotty academics concerned with plagiarism, that's fancy speak for copyright; owning an idea (and fuck that). Most importantly: 4. Have drive to draw. This is where I fucked up the most in my artistic career. For the majority of my time I thought I was worthless because I couldn't draw as well as 'others' (Japanese professionals who are worked to death while alienated from their labor by someone fatcat). I can't tell you what did it specifically, but at some point I snapped and dumped this cycle of shame which has enabled me to draw silly kinds of stuff like the image attached.

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(71.02 KB 1280x720 ev.jpg)
Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 14:40:18 No. 4101 [Reply] [Last]
How do dialectics explain evolution?
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>>4169 https://invidious.tube/watch?v=JWaukcx-upg Math arises as a tool to aid humans in changing the material world. Like a shovel or a bulldozer, math too is material.
>>4326 Bitch, stop posting this. I already responded to that shit several times. It's trash.
Evolution isn't real. Read Marx >Human anatomy contains a key to the anatomy of the ape. The intimations of higher development among the subordinate animal species, however, can be understood only after the higher development is already known.
>>4330 Lmao, he says the opposite

(134.08 KB 474x640 Man_thinking_on_barbell.jpeg)
Does math describe the world or is math the world? Comrade 09/26/2020 (Sat) 07:38:10 No. 4335 [Reply] [Last]
This question has been puzzling me lately. In my view because the most "raw" understanding we have of the world is our experience, which isn't mathematical (color, feelings, etc) which means that the world cannot be purely mathematical. I think then what we have is a "materialistic" world which can be described as mathematics. The maths isn't what is really happening, but it helps us in manipulation. Kind of like moving an desktop icon to the bin on your screen is just a metaphor for execution of code inside the computer. It would be a mistake to assume how the computer really works is icons on some screen, even if it helps us in manipulation. Furthermore what makes me believe this more, is that sometimes scientific discoveries can have multiple interpretations. Quantum mechanics has like 4,and all of them are valid logically. Which one you chose depends more on your preference then anything. If that wasn't the case, you wouldn't have scientist debating the exact same theory. You may say one is more clean or beautiful or intuitive, but previous scientific discoveries did not care about that. Some weren't symmetrical as people wanted or intuitive, some were. So it's just speculation. Where this bothers me though is simulations. Assume we model a person inside a computer by describing every particle in him through code. Would he "think"? Obviously I expect him to behave a certain way like a human do, but so would a simulated model of a tree, even if it wasn't really a tree. It does not mean the simulated person thinks. He just fools us, but has no understanding of the world himself. What even gets me more confused is the fact that thoughts, as in consciousness and direct experience play a role in our behaviour. We all know the famous experiment of brain activity appearing milliseconds before a person is conscious of moving his finger, but this wasn't the only thing found. Consciousness can also cancel that movement as it desires. actually in practice the complexity, free will or how you want to call what makes humans unique is a reason why it is impossible with current understanding to predict human behaviour. Game theory only works if you assume people as psychopaths and shallow husk only interested in playing the game the game theorist made up. This makes the idea of unconscious mathematical digital human being the same as a regular human bit wonky, yet because I can't point to from where consciousness emerges, my position is wonky too. Amy thoughts?
We already had a thread about this: >>2780 tl;dr: math was designed to describe the world

What are the prerequisites for understanding this book ? Comrade 09/25/2020 (Fri) 18:27:10 No. 4328 [Reply] [Last]
Is college alegbra enough?
Try it and see If you have any questions ask and I'm sure we'll be able to bring you up to speed comrade

(140.19 KB 902x1280 IMG-20200422-WA0006.jpg)
Basic Graphic Design ? Comrade 04/23/2020 (Thu) 06:57:32 No. 1289 [Reply] [Last]
I want to start making infographics for my college to use them as a way to spread Marxism and leftist theory - Does anyone here studies Graphic Design or something Art-related? - Which principles or rules should I follow when making these contents? - Can you provide some links with examples of leftist media and design?, I'm aware of some artistic currents and their names (Like Soviet Constructivism), but I would like to know <how> to "use" them
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(250.03 KB 691x2052 colour theory.jpg)
(796.97 KB 2992x1800 commandments-of-logo-design.jpg)
(265.23 KB 900x817 1426350124220.jpg)
this is more related to art but I think it's a really interesting image and I don't have a lot of books but here's a starter : https://mega.nz/folder/dqZmgQCZ#RgH8dZ0dTfT66S6I8fitcg Aaaand I'm realizing I probably have a shitton of links bookmarked already So here what I can find : https://www.mediafire.com/?i44dwzkf9j9n8#id66154bjgsoy https://mega.nz/folder/GRwjxLiD#wUkiwGjOaXyI5ajdAwRW6w/folder/ncZAXBYK
>>2488 u r a cool person thx :D
This is great!
OP here; Thanks to all for your help, you guys have posted great stuff. I really haven't been working a lot on my "artistic" skills, COVID kinda' botched my plans for this semester and other crap has popped up, lol Keep the knowledge coming </3

(21.43 KB 331x286 1570719182043.png)
Comrade 05/22/2020 (Fri) 19:30:01 No. 1741 [Reply] [Last]
Is there any Marxist historians you recommend? >inb4 Grover Furr
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>>2018 >He describes Marxism as "the greatest fantasy of the twentieth century", a dream of a perfect society which became a foundation for "a monstrous edifice of lies, exploitation and oppression." He argues that the Leninist and Stalinist versions of communist ideology are not a distortion or degenerate form of Marxism, but one of its possible interpretations. Sounds like hot garbage.
any good books on Latin America? Either in English or Spanish
Not a list of recommendations, per se, but a very incomplete list of relevant books that you can find PDFs of: Perry Anderson - Lineages of the Absolutist State (1974) Perry Anderson - Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism (1974) Perry Anderson - Considerations on Western Marxism (1976) Perry Anderson - Arguments Within English Marxism (1980) Perry Anderson - In the Tracks of Historical Materialism (1983) Perry Anderson - The New Old World (2009) Alexander Anievas - Cataclysm 1914: The First World War and the Making of Modern World Politics (2014) Jairus Banaji - Theory as History: Essays on Modes of Production and Exploitation (2010) G. A. Cohen - Karl Marx's Theory of History: A Defence (2000) Gregory Elliott - Perry Anderson: The Merciless Laboratory of History (1998) Gregory Elliott - Ends in Sight: Marx/Fukuyama/Hobsbawm/Anderson (2008) Gregory Elliott - Hobsbawm: History and Politics (2010) Neil Faulkner - A Marxist History of the World: From Neanderthals to Neoliberals (2013) Chris Harman - A People's History of the World (1999) E. J. Hobsbawm - The Age of Revolution, 1789-1848 (1962)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>4321 I would like to use this post to gauge interest in a much larger list of available books related to Marxism and the left.
>>4322 Always love book lists with historiographical commentary - colligating by themes or theses or how people think the arguments held up - but a big long list of titles on its own isn't quite as useful to me; I can pull any of that up (and often do) with a "search within text" bar on my favorite pdf procurement site.


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