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Board description & Reulz n1x ##WQj+IL 03/04/2016 (Fri) 01:02:22 No. 6 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /dead/, the endless magical nihilist gulag. This is not 8/grim/, but it is the continuation 8/grim/. Think of it as partly an /r9k/ for anti-capitalists, partly /dprk/ with skeltals, and otherwise whatever you make of it.

Now in amazing Techni-nocolors!

1. Global rules apply
2. Please keep /r9k/-tier >tfw no gf shitposts to one thread (>>11). Capitalism is only one of the many, many reasons why you don't have a gf.
3. Meta posts belong in this thread
4. This is a #SAFE space_ for anarkiddies and nihilists; cheka yr authoritarian privilege fam
Edited last time by n1x on 03/06/2016 (Sun) 03:59:48.
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I honour the dead. Praise be to the Devil Finger.
I believe this sticky should be redone since the board descriptor is vague and confusing. Also, /drpk/ is no longer active. As I said in >>>/gulag/4962: 8/grim/ was originally for grim and morbid subjects (e.g. horror, gore, skeletons, etc.), but wasn't as serious as 7/grim/. Then, you have /dead/ which was "a chill anarchist and nihilist /GET/ with skeletons" before "n1x" left for 0ch then vanished from the internet.
Also is /dead/ going to the top bar?
>>520 >then vanished from the internet. n1x didn't vanish. https://nyxus.xyz/
>>164 Agorism isn't Anarcho Capitalism.

(26.10 KB 525x350 full_skeltalism.jpg)
Banners n 'shit n1x ##WQj+IL 03/04/2016 (Fri) 01:10:10 No. 7 [Reply] [Last]
Post yr banners for the board, and also flags if you have any suggestions. I'm going to be stealing more flags from /leftypol/ but if you have any requests post them here.

Banner size is 300x100 and must be under 200KB
Edited last time by n1x on 03/04/2016 (Fri) 01:25:09.
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(20.23 KB 300x100 ded5.jpg)
>>414 test
>>410 I really like this banner
(65.81 KB 300x100 dead_banner.png)
I made this a while back and forgot to post this here
>>702 nice

(10.48 KB 220x283 marat.jpg)
missed connections Comrade 07/07/2020 (Tue) 22:11:28 No. 715 [Reply] [Last]
New to the post-left here. If you are one of the two galaxy-brain post-left illegalists that I bonded with during the riots, you have my info, or I have contacted you, so get in touch because I want to escape.
Friendship is praxis.
>>717 damn right it is
>>715 Fuck... I think I was one of those. Check your tor mail.
>>803 i am having issues check back in 2 days, check this thread as well
>>803 the issues are sorted out, check again

(328.67 KB 1920x1080 SF2-thumb.jpg)
System Fail #2: An Airborne Virus Called Freedom Comrade 08/01/2020 (Sat) 21:43:08 No. 823 [Reply] [Last]
https://sub.media/video/system-fail-2-an-airborne-virus-called-freedom/ A look at the social and economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a specific focus on the incompetent state responses of the UK, Brazil and the United States. Featuring an interview with anarchist writer Peter Gelderloos, author of Diagostic of the Future: Between the Crisis of Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy.
I had no idea about their PeerTube instance, it is pretty cool: https://kolektiva.media/videos/local

(61.10 KB 640x453 somaliland.jpg)
Today languages are doomed to extinction Comrade 07/31/2020 (Fri) 17:39:50 No. 820 [Reply] [Last]
Due to the techno-industrial city, doesn't matter the ideology, or society which possesses it; it will always need many people to keep it alive, and for this reason smaller languages cannot survive in this harsh environment. Let's assume a group of people who speak a minority language with around 300 speakers, they live in a poor small village, next to it is a city where a major language is spoken, if people want to have a industrial life, they will need to move to the city, commune, whatever is more convenient for your industrialist society, and there they will stay for better life conditions. When this happens, there are two possible outcomes: > 1 - They won't teach their native to their children preferring them to only speak the major language, because their native language is "useless" > 2 - They will teach their language to their children, let's assume the best case scenario and let's say they taught the most traditional form with no loanwords, only native words, and the children speaks the minority language perfectly; here is a more case by case thing, but probably this kid will only speak this language with his family, and with no one else, so many things could happen here, loanwords enter his language when talking to their parents, they start speaking more and more of the majority language with their parents, and in the future they will spread a more majority languicized version of the original language, and with each generation the language is slowly(or maybe even faster in worse scenarios) disappearing until it is finally gone. This being the best case scenario for the language. This is the natural process for smaller languages, which are the majority of our world's languages today on the techno-industrial system by its pure nature. But now let's make a case, how could we revive this language? A fake idea of national identity could bring up many nationalists puppets who would only speak the original language in its pure version, and would force their children and relatives to only speak it; this is a similar case to Ukrainian which is a language that I know fairly well, but it also brings all the nationalist spooks, fights, racism, class division and way more stuff(evidence for this is the state of the Ukrainian language today) that all of us know so I don't think anyone here would agree in doing this as a long term solution. So as we can see, language diversity in the techno-industrial system is impossible, maybe it can last some generations, we can even write books, make documents and such for its possible revival, but as we now have come to see, the only proper language revival that we've was for hebrew, which almost changed all the classical language, and it needed a extremely fucked up nationalist group to make it happen. Other languages revivals tries like irish, cornish, gaelic we can only see some nationalists people the effort to even try to speak it, or in some other cases nationalists organizations can bring the language to a better spot. Here I am not saying that this is bad or good, nor saying nationalists organizations are doing a favor reviving those languages, I actually think nationalist revivals of languages have to destroy a language or a dialect for the success; let's take Ukraine as an example again, we have surzhyk, which is a mix of Ukrainian with Russian, in some cases have some really interesting vocabulary and phonology that you could argue if it was left alone maybe it could turn into a new language, who knows, but now, due to the Ukrainian nationalists, surzhyk has got a image of bad language, rural language of dumb and uneducated people; which is actually creating more divide, some surzhyk speakers are now with a strong russian identity and only speaking russian and starting to hate ukrainians, and the reverse is true with people that are stopping to speak surzhyk and only ukrainian. So do I offer any solution? If you ask me, the only sustainable way for smaller languages to survive is through de-industrialization and de-urbanization, that's where language flourishes and develops best. This is obviously just a really personal thing, language does not have any intrinsic value, I just like it and I think the industrial system takes the freedom of personal language, and that's it. < I didn't post on /leftypol/ because I don't want the kind of discussion that they would bring about this topic
(479.40 KB middle english.mp4)
>>820 The language 'problem' is a bit of a toughie. On one hand, languages have constantly evolved, changed, and died over the ages, while on the other, language death and subsumption in contemporaneity can be primarily construed as an effect of Capitalist homogenization. Though there is of course a lot of this in the former Socialist states as well. Moving into the future, I don't know what is to be done truly about language. I feel much language could survive in a more horizontally organized industrial society, and that industry need not necessarily be exclusively a funnel towards centralization. Internet and TV have a lot of effect on accent and vernacular, but people still retain these things by and large as long as they are still comprehensible within the general scope of the language (unlike minority languages). Actually having fully functional and self sufficient communities within a horizontally organized society removes many of the factors which drive people towards that centralizing extinction of Communal culture. You no longer need to abandon Cherokee or Creek in favor of English when the reservation actually has its own agriculture, industry, and economy, thus keeping the youth around rather than driving them out. The actual underlying factors need to be conducive to the survival of the language though; mere protections for native languages seem to be as 'idealistic' as Liberal constitutional rights are. I suppose you'd be more knowledgeable about the USSR, but it's to my understanding that in spite of the protections ASSRs and regular SSRs had for their languages, Russian still grew to be predominant much in the same way as English is the world over today. Not because of any secret 'language extermination campaigns,' or any absurdity like that, but wholly because the socioeconomic factors discouraged one's own language and encouraged the bigger one. The average /leftypol/ consensus appears to be that this is a good thing, and everyone should just suck it up because we're meat robots and ought to all speak one language because it's more productive, but I'm not so convinced. So-called Communists really ought to be advocating for, you know, Communism: actual Communally organized society, but that board is so damned confoundedly knee-deep in pure ideology that the 'Soviet Union is perfect and in my alt-history it still exists.'

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>820 First I want to correct some mistakes that I did here, I was just very sleepy so my english was kinda off < Due to the techno-industrial city > Due to the techno-industrial system < have to destroy a language or a dialect for the success > have to destroy a language or a dialect for its success < I just like it > I just like them < the freedom of personal language > the freedom of a personal language >>822 > and that industry need not necessarily be exclusively a funnel towards centralization Industry is inherently centralized, even if every single minority language group had its own commune, where only its language is spoken, they need to talk to outsiders for getting resources, for trading, because the industrial system is highly connected, it needs very large industrial connections for moving resources for the production of different items, even simple manufacturing may suffer from this. So inevitably it will need for more communication and it will increase exchange between them, people from outside may have to come to the commune and the original people have now a reason to learn the language for the people that are coming to increase production, or maybe people of this small commune will leave for the other for a better condition of life, it doesn't change much again even in a more "decentralized industrial system" that is in a practical sense, impossible to exist. > You no longer need to abandon Cherokee or Creek in favor of English when the reservation actually has its own agriculture, industry, and economy, thus keeping the youth around rather than driving them out.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(38.85 KB 480x319 pomo muffled rap.jpg)
Foucault and sexual liberation Comrade 07/01/2020 (Wed) 17:12:16 No. 618 [Reply] [Last]
Was Foucault right when he critiqued the "repressive hypothesis" and claimed that sexual liberation was just a different form of power's "deployment of sexuality"? This seems to me a step back from the Situationists and their fight against the colonisation of life by the commodity. Or was the Situationists' idea of an un-alienated life and sexuality an illusion all along? And if yes, is there really no way out of power? Is power even real anymore or just another part of the simulacrum like Baudrillard claimed? I'm having difficulties wrapping my head around all these levels of critique and meta-critique.
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>>639 The Situationists and especially Raoul Vaneigem are all about enjoying everyday life, fulfillment of desire and authentic non-alienated human relationships so love plays a big role for them. I guess the whole problem revolves around whether you accept the concept of alienation. The post-structuralists are basically post-Althusserians as far as I understand it.
>>644 Despite that, I don't remember even Vaneigem ever mentioning sex explicitly.
how do i get into Foucault? like where do I start?
>>658 It's been a while since I read Revolution of Everyday Life, but in his more recent book about the Heresy of the Free Spirit he talks a lot about free love and fulfillment of (sexual) desire and the student movement the Situationists were part of was largely about sexual liberation aswell. >>659 I think it's best to pick a historical topic you're interested in and read the corresponding book to get an idea of his way of thinking i.e. History of Madness for the treatment of madness in the middle ages, Birth of the Clinic for the beginnings of modern medicine, History of Sexuality for victorian age sexuality etc.
>>618 Hey guys, I just wanted to extend an invitation to the /leftcel/ board at: https://9chan.tw/leftcel They also have a Tor hidden service at: http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion/leftcel We welcome these kind of discussions that touch on how capitalism and sexuality interplay. We could use some nihilist and post leftists on the board. I myself am an egotist. I think you'll find you posts getting more responses since /leftcel/ seems to have a good deal more traffic than /dead/. Also, I keep seeing various anons grumble about deleting /dead/. The rest of the mostly tankie bunkechan community seems to really hate you. Your board is basically hidden as it is.

(7.07 KB 203x248 spooked beyond belief.png)
coping with disability Comrade 07/24/2020 (Fri) 23:45:39 No. 779 [Reply] [Last]
I have become disabled due to antibiotics side effects and can no longer perform any of my previous hobbies/jobs (music and programming) How do you cope with permanently losing certain bodily functions?
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go to gulag retard
(107.60 KB 1555x1160 ok tankie.png)
(37.71 KB 477x296 1469727948948.jpg)
>>779 That's a very hard question. I guess everybody has a different way, but you could try to put your energy to use in different endeavors. Like are we talking about the whole body here? If you can keep your mind, you can find solace in it's functioning. Your body is of course directly connected to your force over the world, but they are still just the instruments of your being. If you loose your ability to physicly force the world, you can still make it subservient by being stronger in mind against it or by being smart against it. That still is within your capability. Other than that I hope you've got someone who loves you OP.
>>779 Try to find a cure? I am sorry man, I doubt anyone here can relate.
I have no experience with that sort of thing, and I am profoundly sorry you have to go through that OP. My only answer would be to acquire new hobbies that you are capable of doing, and that may one day give you the sense of fulfillment that your previous hobbies did. Since you were into music, I would suggest finding another creative outlet in another medium. May I ask what antibiotic it was and for how long you were on it?

(92.46 KB 750x738 8f863f5716a928d5.jpeg)
Comrade 07/08/2020 (Wed) 22:00:33 No. 721 [Reply] [Last]
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>>798 >preaching millionaire next
>>729 >the plot to pie hitler god I laughed too hard.
(218.14 KB 400x293 128611046376.gif)

(279.39 KB 1080x555 daz.jpeg)
Comrade 06/15/2020 (Mon) 07:04:05 No. 532 [Reply] [Last]
fuck mods
this board shows on the overboard I think
(47.11 KB 471x500 1446145193905.png)
>>>/tech/3728 It is confirmed now. Welcome to /dead/, liberated territory on Bunkerchan.
(15.06 KB 241x386 Novatore.jpg)

(115.89 KB 800x796 compepe.png)
Comrade 07/14/2016 (Thu) 20:46:15 No. 235 [Reply] [Last]
Do you do drugs?
Do you have autism?
Or sexual kinks?
How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?
I drink so often it can't be healthy anymore and frequently do some drugs, but am also very happy with my life so far (even when I'm sober).
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>Do you do drugs? No >Do you have autism? Нет >Or sexual kinks? None >How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up? schizophrenia
(94.04 KB 676x2012 1411795287229.png)
>>235 >Do you do drugs? Not for about a decade, except cannabis which I'm prescribed... >Do you have autism? No but I have MS & Epilepsy and am wheelchair-bound. Or sexual kinks? God I miss sex How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up? It's pretty fucked up I'm barred access to 95% of places because they won't/can't make it accessible to the disabled. A few years ago a black friend of mine got mad when I made a comment about structural ableism, I'd half meant as a joke, but he got triggered by it so I challenged him to take a 'walking' tour with me of our downtown area. He had to eat shit though when he realized just how many places had physical impediments barring me entry... TLDR: Smoke weed e'ryday, and steps/stairs are a shit
>Do you do drugs? no >Do you have autism? psychiatrist said no a few years ago, haven't talked with any since. But I probably do have some sort of mental illness. >sexual kinks? don't want to get into kinks but a porn addiction. >How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up? the same awnser >>236 gave.
>>336 half the posts just replied no to that question...
(49.36 KB 640x638 9stq41d9q1b21.jpg)
>Do you do drugs? I smoke a lot of weed, and drink occasionally. >Do you have autism? Nah, but I have inattentive type ADHD. >Or sexual kinks? I'm into some D/s stuff, not into rape or anything like that. >How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up? My father was depressed and abusive when I was very little, because of financial issues after my parents separated. I've seen what this system does to the people at the bottom of the hierarchy.


no cookies?