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(64.56 KB 900x900 batko.jpg)
What if bat'ko was still here? Comrade 11/21/2020 (Sat) 04:22:13 No. 13634
What if bat'ko was still here?
>>13634 literally who?
>>13635 the manarchist
>>13634 i miss him too anon!
>>13634 What happened to him?
>>13642 he got diagnosed with deppresion and retired
(172.59 KB 1626x770 screenshot_2021.jpg)
just watch the youtube video about it
>>13670 Fuck you I actually searched for it
He would have made some great compilation on the whole le pol face thing
>>13701 Yeah I miss his HAPPENING videos
>>13714 oh yeah? prove it! say something anarchist!
Why miss a social reactionary?
>>13810 I like breath
>>13983 bread*
>>13982 he was funny
miss you bro
The world would be a better place
>>13634 bat'ko "exposed" me on his youtube channel which led to my twitter getting banned because i called him a clout chaser, it was probably the only time i had fun on twitter
>>13634 normal theorylet who couldn't handle being a shit posting E-celeb and then has the audacity to be anti id pol good riddance is what i say we dont need people with Fragile egos to be our spokes person fellow travller > Batko not even close
thou i did enjoy his shitposts its just indicative of alot of people on this board who love to trlolololol on other e-celebs actually expressing theory in a digestable way and then be like "all youtubers are grifters lol" like bitch no one gives a fuck about a right wing grifter griftin the purity testing of most of you is more effective then conintel pro i stg
>>13634 Where do anarchists and cryptoliberals go? To gulag.
>>14176 no he took the video down, it was about pierre trudank
>>14187 Hello reddit
>>14241 哦哦开
>>13985 oh my gosh batko! it is you~!
>>13670 damn that's a good edit.
He was based and I say that as a tankie
>>14241 u a bro of trudank? can you tell him to stop with that cringy sorel bs?
>>15380 Key word being WAS. His turn to idpol was really gay.


no cookies?