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(37.60 KB 492x491 1602430428642.jpg)
Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 12:19:38 No. 13090
Why are you all White?
>>13090 Dumbfuck /pol/tard, can't even check catalogue. >>1140344
>>13090 >slavs are white Nice meme
>>13090 >white "people" ew
Fuck you man. I fell into a tub of radioactive milk. It ain't my fault!!!!
>>13090 the average commie is a well off privileged faggot, which are most likely to be wh*te. Actual working class people don't know of this sites existence
I'm not white, I'm finnish
I'm not white, i'm norwegian and scotch-irish
oh youre white L
>>13090 >Slavs >White
>>13090 How you dare to assume the color of my skin. I am tortoiseshell
I’m a curry, you twat.
>>13229 Quit projecting, /pol/.
>>13229 why does pol always write wh*te like this? what is wrong with writing 'white' in pol derangement logic?
>>13229 Chin or gtfo.
>>13953 Stephen curry?
>>13957 OG it was to get past filters Now it's just a tradition they follow without knowing why
>>14024 Which filters? i don't remember it being word-filtered here or on /pol/ ?
>>14024 And even then, the rest of us just use l33tsp34k. you know. the literal thing we invented solely to get past filters...
>>14026 Personal filters
Liberals will increase the sphere of whiteness to include more and more people until everyone is white but the one blackest man. They will then start the race war and upon winning claim that racism is cured and capitalism can continue forever.
>>14026 Neuronal filters. The same filters that don't allow to see beyond their noses.
>>14022 South asian by ancestry
(32.03 KB 496x499 youngcomrades.jpg)
1 in nine comrades are white. I am white These comrades are white: >>14037 >>14028 >>14027 >>14024 >>14022 >>13957 >>13954 The next poster is non-white. Why aren't you a white, comrade?
>>14191 imagine the smell
Since when slavs are white according to poljaks?
I'm fair skinned(with yellow complexion) but not a white.
>>14314 >>14239 >Why aren't you a white, comrade? Why, anon? why?
>>14320 You are still not black:>>14239
>>13090 because since we are against what /pol/ is (latinos and slavs) we are white
>>14314 Of what, now?
>>14440 Все ненавдят славян Wszyscy nienawidzą Słowian
>>13090 Why aren't you?
>>14455 >slavs </pol/ Yeah fuck off liberal
>>14239 >Kpop Mao
>>15226 Отъебись ты сам, монголоид белокурый.
Born this way
>>15463 Нет ты, либераст
(127.99 KB 680x663 e9f.png)
>>13232 What this nigga said.


no cookies?