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(43.42 KB 600x315 Ukraine_chad.jpg)
Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 10:06:19 No. 13049
When I say Holodomor you say sorry. Holodomor
>>15853 >democide by negligence Already debunked given that as soon as news of famine reached Stalin, they immediately sent food relief. Stalin wasn't fucking Harry Potter and couldn't conjure food from thin air, so there was rationing. >all this diatribe about "muh farmers" that boils down to individual circumstance and semantics that ignores the fact that prior to collectivization there was no food security and to develop such a system takes TIME, even with 5 year plans. You have no point, just a critique of flaws with no real solutions because this isn't some first world country that has plenty of educated people ready to work, but an impoverished, wartorn country that is making rapid new changes for the better because if it takes the slow and easy route, they get crushed and people die even more. It's a choice between saving 1 million people and 1000 people. It's horrid either way, but if you don't make a decision, it will be made for you.
>>15972 >still doesn't want to get that negligence is part of the definition of democide >if someone makes finally good they are excused from past crimes TIL that there's people who can defend both Stalin and Trump. >still didn't get that the starting capital for Sweden or India was 10 years of median salaries for the specific country No, it's you who make a false equivalence between Sweden and India in 1970 because both countries had a minimum of capitalism in them. But Sweden was still a more free country than India AND having a better social security net. >>15974 Don't you know that Stalin and the other boys was in London in the early 1900s? He tried to have his way with an irish girl and had to be saved.
>>15992 >don't you know *proceeds to recite urban myth* Didn't you know Trump grabbed Jizzaline's pussy one time as a joke at a party! It's totally TRUUUU! Fuck off.
>>15992 could you provide evidence for these following claims: >negligence is part of the definition of democide (this one should be easy since i didnt even look up the term past the first result of google, so if youre not totally lying you got this :)) >He tried to have his way with an irish girl and had to be saved. >Serfdom 2: Electric Boogaloo >me defending trump >No, it's you who make a false equivalence no such as thing as minimum of capitalism, it either is or isnt, sorry dude. beyond that no one mentioned sweden until you, maybe dont force false equivalences and get upset no one agrees bro.
I say Conscious Honor and you say <Thank you SeƱor Carlos Marciano.
I say Heli Rotor and you say <Get to the Choppa
>>16001 TIL that just one quantum of capitalism makes the whole society 100% capitalist. There is no such thing as easier or harder to just run a hot dog stand in different countries.
>>13080 why do they put apples in front of the monument?
>>16083 Semantics. Real people suffers hunger, but hey, let's put apples around a statue that doesn't need it.
>>15834 based popeposter
>>15966 >democide by negligence prove that was what happened in the '32 famine
>>15992 >both countries had a minimum of capitalism in them >a minimum of capitalism >>15967 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GZBYgMlPcI
>>16072 Define capitalism and prove that there can only be "a quantum of capitalism" in a country.
>>16072 >One quantum Buddy, just stop trying to act smart You don't understand either system, here's some friendly advice: Pick up a book, stop being terminally online, and most importantly don't use "complex" words to sound smart. Maybe you'll develop a "quantum" of real life experience.
This thread is both based and comedy gold. Screencap please
>>16088 Dubs of truth >>16091 Is it really any funnier or based than the other golodomeme thread?
>>16092 Threads* I've seen multiples of this in the short time I've been here already
>>16092 It's useful, and the first Holodomeme thread in a while.
>>16106 Well hopefully it's over, I've tried killing this thread 3 times already
(19.65 KB 400x377 troy.gif)
Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may recognize me from the soviet endeavors such as "Split the Bill" from 1939, "Imperial Overreach" from 1945, a string of films that I really don't remember only that they was shot in 1953, 1956 and 1968 and of course my favorite "My own Vietnam" from 1979. Last one is out of my hands since 30 years ago, but it has produced numerous sequels and spinoffs and I don't want to brag, but I was involved in the pre-production in 1978. And "My own Vietnam" may sound like some kind of moody television film, and I admit that it does really smacks of cribbing. But the show was and is so different so that even the makers of the original doesn't seem to care about it. All is fair in art and war, right? Right? But the most embarrassing points in my career was when I in 1932 self-cribbed myself by making a remake of the film from 1921. It was really embarrassing. The plots was identical. The only difference I made was to change the scenery and the costumes, but on a shoestring budget. And I may sound like someone that has it just easy. Just running his mouth here. And there is something in excellency that we all can aspire to, actors or not. But the most interesting series of films was put up by someone's ancestors, waaaayyy back in the Bronze Age. What they called the films we don't really know. But we call them the "Palace Economy Cycle". And this is where it gets really embarrassing for me: From what I've learned they spent centuries on perfecting their craft. Without any drastic changes imposed by the producers where the script writers, set designers, costume makers etc had to pick up the extra cost. They just spent centuries to perfecting their craft. Imagine that! And in hindsight, you could say that I could have done the same thing. But if I had given myself centuries I wouldn't be me.
(2.20 MB 1395x1536 stalin clever.png)
>>16113 You just had to jinx it
I say FOLLOW THE CONNOR you say <Rebellion against the machine
>>16192 If it takes 4 times then let it be so!
(931.90 KB 1920x1080 sorry-for-what.mp4)
>>16191 Yes. There is *no* economic system that has been able to work out of whole cloth. Not only the palace economy but als, the greek city-states, the Roman Empire, feudalism, the premodern state, capitalism and the addition of the modern welfare state had a learning stage. But forcing colletivization on a peasant populus after over a decade of not-trust building activities will work just like that? Woah!
>>16217 your inane rambling ignores context and actual history, fuck off
>>16286 make sure you capitalize your letters bro, otherwise it will be too hard to read, unlike >>16217
>>16210 Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks, especially since they are such good size and all.
>>16286 >context and actual history Is not something you can just pick and choose from. Everything, it doesn't matter if it's a new hammer or a whole organizational structure. Both has a run-in period. It can be mitigated, but never negotiated away. The same goes for trust. What the USSR tried to do was to just wish away both the concepts of the run-in period and trust. Did not work. Will never.
(95.23 KB 451x582 Lysenko_in_field_with_wheat.jpg)
I have a great idea how to make the wheat fields more UGH again. Just plant the seeds more tight, because seeds of the same class would never compete with each other. Also, I had all those who opposed me shot. Pity that we couldn't use their bones as fertilizer.
(73.41 KB 565x300 z Lysenko Darwin 1.jpg)
>>17115 Oh noes, how dare people try to improve wheat production to feed people! >shot <hurr le firing squad meme LOOOOOL stay mad For anyone with actual brainpower see >>>/hobby/19342
>>16651 >the USSR tried to do was to just wish away both the concepts of the run-in period and trust No it didn't >muh trial run This isn't a fucking laboratory with your market schemes >Did not work Which is why the peasantry supported collectivization for the most part. Fuck off assblasted idiot.
When I say >Braindead worm You say <POL COPE Braindead worm.
>>17115 >>17344 why do you revive this thread, you monster >>17345 baste >>17389 POL COPE
>>13920 >Involvement in trade What the fuck were they supposed to do with the crop then?
>>17539 Trade as in private ownership of production. They tended to not actually farm the land, just own it.
>>17458 >why do you revive this thread Because it's such fun. But TBH they revive it, I just reply.
>>17988 well stop man, it aint cool
>>13049 didnt happen
>>17345 >No it didn't >This isn't a fucking laboratory with your market schemes How are you going to have it? Both statements are mutually exclusive, even though I don't really understand the second one. You can't wish away run-in periods. Doesn't work. >Which is why the peasantry supported collectivization for the most part. Fuck off assblasted idiot. Hmm... Let's see. I try to implement my policies heavy-handed. I sow confusion and distrust. But of course people doesn't support me because they are afraid of me. They support me because they are as enlightened as me.
>>18398 >Both statements are mutually exclusive they aren't. Things aren't sterile labs, there will never be 100% consensus on anything IRL. The fact of the matter is the majority of peasant supported the collectivization, DEAL WITH IT. >You can't wish away run-in periods <you can't wish away my capitalist bullshit which is why it was simply kicked out, you can't wish away reality Stop using phrases you don't understand >I try to implement my policies heavy-handed. <lets ignore NEP <lets ignore the USSR offering Kulaks and peasants monetary compensation for land and provides them housing, electricity and every other amenity for free >when peasants agree Kulaks decide to be babies >proceed to whine when harsher methods are used to deal with their criminal behaviour HMMMMMM >sow confusion and distrust <local individual disagreement = unanimous confusion and distrust Ok retard >eople doesn't support me because they are afraid <Kulaks don't support me because they're afraid of losing their wageslaves FTFY The people didn't support it so hard that it was successfully completed and highly praised. >afraid unproven and unrealistic meme.
>>18398 look man, i dont know if youre the same guy as before, but if you are you still have to prove the following: >negligence is part of the definition of democide (this is the easy one remember?) >He tried to have his way with an irish girl and had to be saved. >Serfdom 2: Electric Boogaloo >defense of trump until you provide a 'quantum' of evidence, i dont think you can win this one chief, better to retreat and get some sources and then try again okay?
>>18410 >unproven and unrealistic meme. Check out the phone book of Moscow during the great purge. It required constant new issues. Wonder why? >>18417 >negligence isn't democide This is The Reagan Administration laughing at AIDS in 1982: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/12/flashback-reagan-white-house-thought-aids-was-pretty-hilarious-1982/ And only some 5000 had died from AIDS then. Feels kinda quaint and charming compared to the present situation. >thinks that I defend Trump Yeah, only because you think that Stalin didn't do anything wrong.
>>18410 <NEP What is The Great Break of 1928?
>>18701 >phonebook AHAHAHAHA you're not even trying to hide your memeshit >This is The Reagan Administration laughing at AIDS in 1982 Ok AND? How is that relevant to the famine when the situation is utterly different and the USSR government responded with immediate aid when news of hunger reached them. >nly because you think that Stalin didn't do anything wrong <every hard-ass is the same ok lol
>>18721 >muh concrete particularities Oh, so you admit that democide by neglicence is a thing, only that it is not always applicable? Gotcha!
>>18730 > so you admit that democide by neglicence is a thing Nope, never said that >only that it is not always applicable No, I'm saying your example is not relevant because it has nothing to do with the famine and soviet response to the famine was completely different in the first place. Stay mad brainlet
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