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(185.84 KB 900x675 5b743d1715e9f95357151abe.jpg)
banner thread 2.0 Comrade Admin 11/17/2020 (Tue) 22:11:02 No. 12358
post banner suggestions for /b/
(27.66 KB 680x383 man of culture.jpg)
>>12645 luke9 comics
>>12752 just visited his comics and... hes DEFINITELY going to gulag.
>>12646 this, just because of the incessant sneedposting
>>12508 no fuck off
>>12646 >post Armin Tamzarian episode Never Ever
>>12508 Kill yourself immediately faggot
(37.85 KB 600x800 0ae.png)
>This is the default banner >It will be used until this board has a banner
(50.06 KB 300x100 epickbanner.png)
ok consider the following
>>12949 nice
(52.58 KB 300x100 h.png)
>>12949 Thats disgusting nice
(43.58 KB 300x100 _.png)
>>12508 fun fact: Vaush paid me a 5 digit sum for the Chadface edit. He was desperate since he hasn't found anyone else to make it.
(59.51 KB 300x100 Holy_shit_its_Karl_Marx.png)
>>13440 The capitalized 'B' gives me OCD. Otherwise I like it a lot
>>13443 Its in Joe Rogans logo font
>>13378 amazing
(62.96 KB 300x100 Jucika_banner.png)
(28.44 KB 300x100 swim.png)
(44.96 KB 300x100 cool.png)
This one is in honor to Grace-chan
>>13931 >not "damn bitch, you live die like this?"
>>14145 Thicc
(35.47 KB 300x100 Untitled-1.jpg)
(50.41 KB 300x100 ddd.jpg)
(47.39 KB 300x100 vxvcx.jpg)
(64.47 KB 300x100 dfgdf.jpg)
(34.97 KB 300x100 gfdfgd.jpg)
(39.48 KB 300x100 cvbccvb.jpg)
(47.32 KB 300x100 vxxcv.jpg)
(38.56 KB 300x100 glow.jpg)
(43.83 KB 300x100 sad.jpg)
(36.01 KB 300x100 das.jpg)
(39.16 KB 300x100 SDFS.jpg)
(55.48 KB 300x100 sadg.jpg)
(43.17 KB 300x100 Untitled-1.jpg)
(34.75 KB 300x100 asd.jpg)
>>13400 Am I a retard or is there an accidental e.
(53.06 KB 300x100 sd.jpg)
(58.26 KB 300x100 hg.jpg)
(41.20 KB 300x100 dhdfh.jpg)
(53.06 KB 300x100 sd.jpg)
(58.26 KB 300x100 hg.jpg)
(41.20 KB 300x100 dhdfh.jpg)
(49.85 KB 300x100 das.jpg)
(52.46 KB 300x100 sdf.jpg)
(60.28 KB 300x100 nopol.png)
(63.22 KB 300x100 bunkerb.png)
add some banners already, you retards
(34.23 KB 720x260 20201124_214709.jpg)
Add this one
(19.99 KB 300x100 THHIS I S IT.png)
simple but perfect for this retarded board
(38.23 KB 300x100 soon.png)
just wait >>14865
(51.39 KB 300x100 b.jpg)
>>14869 Upvote
(46.12 KB 300x100 dfg.jpg)
(76.16 KB 300x100 Untitled2.png)
Kinda came out looking like shit but here is my attempt anyway.
>>12358 The more I see OP image, the more uncomfortable it gets


no cookies?