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(60.52 KB 500x500 reddit moment.jpg)
When will this site fucking die!!!!!!!????? Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 23:16:41 No. 17585 [Reply] [Last]
Fuck Reddit.
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Reddit is probably on its way to dying. More than the other social media - Twitter and Facebook Large portions of its users have moved to competing forums. It is not as unique as the other social media. Large portions of the userbase are likely CIA bots. The content and posts seem very stale and likely much of it is generated by chatbots
>>17599 LOL d-scord should be avoided
>>17598 Certified reddit moment
>>17600 Cope, Reddit will probably be the only site that survives since it's actually useful and isn't marred with the reputation of being a manipulative panopticon
>>17592 >if it weren't for deng, china wouldn't have a bourgeois CPC or billionaires fantastic historical materialist analysis, you would have made papa marx very proud

(109.49 KB 751x1024 1606885943101m.jpg)
Anonymous 12/02/2020 (Wed) 05:35:07 No. 17729 [Reply] [Last]
This Twitter post says china in run by literally Hitler
>>17730 He also wrote a piece about guerilla warfare
This is actually true, many prominent Chinese thinkers are “schimmitan” or whatever. The problem is that Carl was an anti communist and a fascist which sorta tells you that China is now looking to live on as a capitalist country with a strong central state.
>>17733 So why was Schmitt perfectly fine for liberals until recently?

(18.54 KB 238x300 polpot[1].jpg)
Consensus on Pol Pot and the Khmer Rogue overall? Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 14:02:40 No. 10789 [Reply] [Last]
Preferably from a Marxist-Leninist point of view?
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(66.98 KB 750x992 polpog.jpg)
>>10789 He only killed non-communist reactionaries, so no loss.
>>10789 >>10793 If you want serious answers the truth is that he's regarded as someone who seemed to have read Marx (or whoever) but decided to make up in his head what communism was and how to move toward it, plus he killed a lot of people for no discernible reason so he gives us a bad name. The difficult fact is that the very memory of him brings up very difficult conversations about totalitarianism (even if it's a leftist totalitarian regime), which is why nobody here can/wants to have a discussion about it cause there's little place for nuance around these parts and you immediately sound like a succdem for criticizing him even though he deserves nothing but to be rebuked from the history of communism, plus he's very memeable which just adds further noise
CIA controlled opposition, but bourgeois academia is trash to be fair.
>>17543 Wanting to return to "Year Zero" is the literal, actual definition of reactionary.

Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 23:50:58 No. 17578 [Reply] [Last]
If this little guy truly knew about Marx and Foucault then he'd know the world is made up of machines. That our society is one big computer and we're but individual inputs. If he'd want to attract those women, he'd just have to join the computer in such a way that allows the inputs to communicate and fire off effectively. i.e. he'd know 7 tiktok dances.
there is only 1 kind of woman, and I think thats epic

(188.47 KB 484x180 incel obama.png)
Incel Obama Anonymous 11/30/2020 (Mon) 21:56:06 No. 17155 [Reply] [Last]
Can we get more info on Incel Obama? Is there more to it?
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>>17196 Who was the based DPRK poster that used to write epic rants about how it’s not enough for Burgers to just culturally dominate the entire world, they literally want everyone to FUCK the same way they do too?
>>17212 I mean how you fuck is culturally determined yes
(158.98 KB 1080x1080 IMG_20201130_175225.jpg)
>>17161 Over for Obamacels
>>17166 trannies do not pass that well.
(62.50 KB 827x607 1606851572097.jpg)

(72.03 KB 500x500 wayne.jpg)
Comrade 12/01/2020 (Tue) 21:17:45 No. 17503 [Reply] [Last]
you know what i always thought was dumb? that song by johmy cash or whatever "A boy named sue". It never made sense to me. How a new remake version where instead its like >son, i had to name you sue so you'd grow up tough without a dad <actually dad, i'm just a gay guy now > <A bunch of 14 year olds held me down and raped me in my ass when I was 9 because they heard my name sue. so i became a gay guy > <your plan was very stupid and is directly responsible for me dropping out of school and becoming a teen prostitute who sucked off 50 year old men for drugs in order to forget all the childhood bullying i had from having a girls name > yeah it'd be something like that.
>>17503 it do be like that sometimes
A Gay Guy Named Sue thats the name
(15.37 MB 480x360 mario64.mp4)
<I was forced to dress up in my sisters clothes while all the older boys fucked my mouth and pretended to have a sleepover <To this day I regularly disassociate for hours and only hear the music from Toads Turnpike <🎶boy named sue🎵

(26.97 KB 571x460 1446220347873.jpg)
My dad is turning into a psychotic right-winger Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 02:29:33 No. 17218 [Reply] [Last]
I know this is just blogposting but I'm getting scared. Last year when he was unemployed for a few months he became very mentally unstable and it eventually blew up in a fight that got even the cops involved and we moved away for a few months. We're all back together for the sake of my little brother (and money) but now instead of being an unstable asshole that takes it out on the family he's turning into a schizo fash who thought covid wasn't real at first (now he believes it was made in a lab by Bill Gates or some shit). Today out of literally nowhere he started ranting to my mom about feminists, abortion, unironic male rights with a tinge of how immigrants are ruining the country. Should I be worried that things might escalate into something terrible for us or is he going to keep being an impotent generic right-winger?
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My dad believes all the stereotypical Nazi shit and he is slowly turning more left wing after a couple of discussions. A lot of heavy resistence in the beginning, but he seems to be opening up to real leftist thought. He is even browsing wsws now but he also still looks at epoch times
>>17461 >having a job means you automatically can afford a new house
>>17467 Lol, are you a Walmart greeter?
It's kind of weird seeing all these people have right-wing dads when my own dad, without any prompting from either my succdem brother (I don't know if he's still one) and me has straight up said that workers should have more rights and that there should not be any millionaires.
>>17218 just be better than him. hes likely lost, but you educate all the peers you can and read theory and learn to be self-sufficient as possible

(80.96 KB 1024x768 1559236478719m.jpg)
(214.28 KB 1280x910 side by side.jpg)
(2.95 MB 1280x720 transbian.webm)
(84.79 KB 782x960 received_543354493272165.jpeg)
BISEXUAL PORN THREAD Shaytan 10/31/2020 (Sat) 04:26:02 No. 6717 [Reply] [Last]
FUCK TRAPS AND STRAIGHT THREADS, EMBRACE BOTH AT ONCE! (basically post androgynous people, futas, bi threesomes, straight or gay porn, whatever you want really)
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>>12957 holy shit, this might be the hottest web ive ever seen
(573.65 KB 640x1136 1606684484857.webm)
(1.74 MB 1242x1564 1602793692123.jpg)
(513.30 KB 2048x1538 thesword.jpg)
>>16654 Holy, fuck, i'm in love.
(118.70 KB 1080x1349 1606820851663.jpg)
(309.87 KB 2048x1538 1606341297479.jpg)
(166.83 KB 523x960 1606760908925.jpg)
(11.04 KB 300x225 ad.jpg)
(118.70 KB 1080x1349 1606820851663.jpg)
(309.87 KB 2048x1538 1606341297479.jpg)
(166.83 KB 523x960 1606760908925.jpg)
(11.04 KB 300x225 ad.jpg)

(1.63 MB 1283x1172 unknown (8).png)
Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 05:05:04 No. 17248 [Reply] [Last]
>banned from pol again thought we had the mods in our pocket. what gives
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>>17258 t.does it for free
Everything /pol/ says about their board promoting free speech is false. When a communist opinion is spoken, it is usually called to get removed. I speak of experience.
Everything /pol/ says about their board promoting free speech is false. When a communist opinion is spoken, it is usually called to get removed. I speak of experience.
>>17285 >hotwheels-talking-about-leftypol-on-twitter.png
>>17258 >It doesn't ban anyone HAHAHAHA >no bias <literally 90% of the board starts Reeeing whenever a leftist post is made outside of anchored containment threads Hahahaha >>17248 This is either /pol/ bait or liberal delusion. We never took over /pol/, we fended off a really shitt gorespam attack that they started over a month old meme from Kohlchan. They lost because they failed to do anything to affect the board for more than a day, and instead brought an influx of polcel memes to 4chan, with which they are now mocked. This does not mean /pol/ is beaten or taken over.

(48.73 KB 625x424 nukes.jpeg)
No Nukes General /nng/ Comrade 12/01/2020 (Tue) 14:44:20 No. 17329 [Reply] [Last]
So the mods have deleted the thread where nukefags were being ass demolished. Nukes can't be dicussed. It seems they really wanna hide the truth.


no cookies?