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(69.11 KB 1870x314 francisco.png)
Anonymous 12/02/2020 (Wed) 18:21:40 No. 17835 [Reply] [Last]
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>>17835 It's always fascoids that are obsessed with non white men fucking white women
(75.84 KB 1870x314 spain moors.png)
I fixed the title to accurately reflect the facts within the post
(90.28 KB 926x630 1.jpg)
>Running an austere and orderly iron-fisted government, Francia secured Paraguayan independence by isolating his nation from the outside world. Francia was Paraguay’s ‘Supreme Dictator’ from 1814 to 1840. >In 1814, Francia issued a decree forbidding marriages between “European men” (namely, Spaniards) and women “known as Spanish” (born in Spain or of Spanish descent). European men would only be allowed to marry indigenous, mixed-race or black Paraguayan women. >By preventing the white elite from reproducing, Francia’s decree had the undeniable potential to allow the newly independent Paraguay to rise as a mixed-race nation. >But equality only held for the mestizo ruling classes. Spanish law never allowed members of the mestizo majority to marry minority black or mixed-race Afrodescendant people, though they could occasionally wed indigenous people. >As a result, a significant divide was maintained between the ruling mestizo elite and minority populations of black, mixed-race Afrodescendant and some nomadic or un-assimilated indigenous tribes. >Francia never questioned these principles on a moral basis. On balance, his regime consolidated the political hegemony of the mestizo class, with policies such as land redistribution and universal education also benefiting large indigenous groups. But black, mixed-race people and certain nomadic native tribes were left out of the equation. https://theconversation.com/from-paraguay-a-history-lesson-on-racial-equality-68655
>>17835 To be frank, Franco himself wasn't a fascist. Sure, he mingled with them and some of his forces were composed of outright fascists. On the other hand, does that difference matter? Those circles and their obsession on "degeneracy" and projection...
>>18309 South American strong man history is wacky

(150.35 KB 900x439 60-лет-ссср.jpg)
Comrade 12/03/2020 (Thu) 18:40:04 No. 18434 [Reply] [Last]
Cordially inviting you to Bunkers and Icepicks, the official leftypol Nationstates region, for all our shitposting commie needs https://www.nationstates.net/region=bunkers_and_icepicks signing up is free and no emails or personal information required.

(38.28 KB 580x767 1607017872015.jpg)
Anonymous 12/03/2020 (Thu) 18:58:29 No. 18442 [Reply] [Last]
Wageslavery is pain
(716.11 KB 540x568 basedAdam.png)
based adam eating corn
Always is
being forced to wear a vest is degrading - I don't know why. it just strips any dignity any identity away from the human being
(1.15 MB 1078x1047 cat_banana.png)

Incels Thread 2.0 - Vantablack Edition Comrade 11/29/2020 (Sun) 18:00:37 No. 16849 [Reply] [Last]
Clearly this was the most popular thread ever posted on /b/ so why not? I'll start with my OP topic. Why not just do eugenics to get rid of all short men on the planet? I mean, hear me out, most solutions to incel problems are misogynistic, but this is a fully feminist solution. Just kill all men who are shorter than 5'10. Or at least stop them from breeding. Personally I'd rather say all men under 6'0 but that curve might be too extreme since 5'10 is already tall from most women's perspective. Basically what I realize walking outside in my big American city, only tall guys have gfs, none of the short guys. I basically never see short guys with women. Why? Short guys are genetically inferior and women recognize them as hideous goblin men. See, /pol/ are fucking retarded discriminating by race, women only discriminate by race due to colonialism; height however, all women in every culture righteously despise short men, I remember I spoke to someone (another communist) who pointed out under communism incels will probably be even worse off because under communism women will never have anything to do with a hideous freak with a degenerate genetic structure and under communism only fit and attractive people will exist because only capitalism can create ugly people. Which has me thinking, wouldn't communism therefore bring the greatest eugenicist cull of genetically inferior people like myself in history? Me, I'm not even 5'8, I know I'm factually not a real man, "men" like me only had a role for existence as soldiers or factory workers in the past, what's more due to starvation most men were degenerated in this way so maybe a short guy could usually get by, but now we are doomed to long lonely lives, there's just no hope, mate. I think for true communism, not just socialism, true communism to exist 80% of males must be annihilated, even barbarically if that's what it takes, so all the genetically inferior male lines disappear so only women and genetically superior tall handsome men administer a new society.
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>>18602 >Just because 5 or 6 retards live on this thread does not equal all posters tbh. It's far and away the most popular thread. Yeah, not everyone on /b/ is posting in it, but probably most are at least lurking.
>>18610 Again, not a reason to bumplock it, given the activity of the other threads is pretty decent as well. Moreover this is just going to send the incels loose to post their shit on othere threads
>>18618 Lol, why does /leftypol/ want to pretend to be prosecuted so much. There's like 2 incels that ever post, and the reason every thread they post on goes to shit is because a there's several trans mods with a gang of sycophants that goes ape shit and attacks every goddamn thing any incel says. I'm not sure what you expect incels to do, just shut and let a bunch of people manufacture a census against incels.
>>18034 This is my favorite post. The anon that this post is a response to acted completely indignant at the idea that someone as high level as the CEO of Reddit would have a hatred of incels and that's why she went and shut /r/incels down. Only to get BTFO'd of not just public condemnations of incels by Pao, but a whole fucking anti-incel manifesto attempting to incite tech companies to purge incels from their companies. Top kek.
"Mirrors and copulation are abominable because they both increase the number of men."- Jorge Luis Borges Based and Incel-pilled

(21.40 KB 250x330 saintjust.jpeg)
Anonymous 12/02/2020 (Wed) 16:21:53 No. 17839 [Reply] [Last]
Nazbolism is marxism in the age of global imperialism. Now that dusk finally has come over an old World, we can easily take a comfortable flight on the owl’s wings. The World War, this ignition of a devastating fast burning ever consuming fire, was the necessary ending of the first stage of imperialism. Millions of proles were reduced to ashes in order to permit the capitalist phoenix to nicely lay her egg over their rests, and be reborn in a world where national boundaries, destroyed with extreme prejudice even in a literal sense, didn’t pose an accidental obstacle to her flight by the mere act of existing. Borders, from the point of view of super capital, now existed only as Spectacle’s toys. Liberal capitalism, on the way to collapse by the action of class dynamics, gave birth to the phase of monopolistic imperial capitalism, with the state as primary actor. This is the period the first organizations of global bourgeoisie governance arise. But imperialism too can’t obviously last long, and soon there’s no other choice for the proprietor’s class than to stop seeking for safety valve in wars for market shares and colonies and start a globalized war against the whole of the commoners. If no space for expansion of capital but the continuous concentration of it in fewer hands is possible, the same happens politically: the state, instead of a turf of the locals, becomes a shared propriety of the global bourgeoisie. Capital reorganize its political power above any state, in a single world congress in which they mediate their differences and do all the good work a party does. For the same laws of imperialism, an acceleration in monopolistic tendencies necessitates an acceleration in the formation of a single imperialist state too. A revisionist backward mystification instead tells us that capital must reorganize itself around an immortal condensation point known as nation-state. This reading is a blatant absurdity. Going by this we should also see capital coagulating around localities, fractions, regions, never finding an hegemonic point, in a never ending fragmentation process that is the opposite of what happens in the real world. This crypto-revisionism had led people astray for a century. It’s a constant of globalist conditioning: the people’s minds must be maintained stuck in thinking like they are inside an early twentieth century environment; this is true in politics, science and probably everywhere else too, regardless how much our life has changed. It seems imperialism is very nostalgic of its infancy. Now that the trotskist psy-op has outlived his usefulness in the disinfo ocean and nobody talk much about the fake “Lenin’s testament” we should focus on the real Stalin’s testament. Four main points can be recognized as such: The first, of main internal interest, was the indication to proceed in the abolition of money and to melt away the city/country contradiction. The achievement of complete proletarian ideological, cultural, moral and scientific independence. An international solid gold currency. The call for the struggle in defence of national sovereignty and civic liberties.

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>>17859 But I never thought it's worth something. Indeed I posted it because it got negative value. My goal is to destroy valuability in a class society.
>>18234 jannies should have more sense of humor; none of the threads on /leftypol/ are better than this one anyway.
Save nazbol for pol retards
>>18409 have sex
>>18409 Post chromosomes

(464.33 KB 500x338 1366666933644.gif)
Comrade 11/30/2020 (Mon) 00:16:15 No. 16982 [Reply] [Last]
does anyone remember spongebob?
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Yes, never liked it as a kid, and as an adult the sexual humor was just vomit-worthy. I don't get why people love the show.
>>17364 Except Squidward, literally the only character that didn't piss me off.
>>16989 >nobody watches it anymore because new seasons Or just because it's old in general. Get's tiresome even for fans.
>>17992 My sister has it on from time to time and there's lots of weird shots of bloody toenails, chapped fingers and cut marks and the like. Just gross in general.
>>17245 Let me fix it Bikini Bottom is de facto ruled by a monarch, and retains some feudal institutions. The entire town is very under-developed, and many aspects of production remain un-automated, eg. jellyfishing. The working class likewise, is devoid of any real organization, and class consciousness is low, seemingly only possessed by Squidward Tenisballs, whose attempts at striking for better conditions were easily thwarted by Spongebob Squarepants, representing the lumpenproletariat, without any need for co-option by the ruling class. Therefore we must conclude that the character with the highest revolutionary potential is Mr Krabbs, representing the mercantile class and emerging bourgeois.

(145.54 KB 1280x1024 1_PotPDvTbLhwQAzOJll8ZxQ.jpeg)
Comrade 12/03/2020 (Thu) 17:33:08 No. 18404 [Reply] [Last]
Need some cute pictures with leftist themes

(712.44 KB 1280x1825 1602006757803.jpg)
Comrade 10/25/2020 (Sun) 20:38:08 No. 3168 [Reply] [Last]
what do?
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>>16254 supposedly nobody gets off to that that's what they actually believe imagine being this naive
>>16254 I rather murder a pedo than draw pedo shit
>>16839 sure you do, big boy
bump this gem
>>17506 this

(159.37 KB 750x459 1606541480620.jpg)
Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 20:34:43 No. 16897 [Reply] [Last]
Im socially right wing and economic centerleft but id 1000% rather work with socially conservative leftists to take societal morals back and then hash out economics later than work with ancaps and lolberts Really there shouldnt be that much hate between socially conservative economic leftists and right wingers imo. I dont care very much about economics but am not very pro big business and billionaires. I dont mind people making 100,000 to maybe a million but id compromise on that in a second and i think there are others like me. Mainstream leftism is ran by billionaires that just want useful idiotsto help destroy the middle class and create neo feudalism. The answer is to unite against this and hash out differences later.
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>>16897 Same. good post anon.
>>16986 >being meek and humble = being a cuck You heard it here first folks, being civilized is a bad thing now!
>>16901 >>social conservatism >Have sex Every time. Or, don't have sex with trad hwite lolis uwu
Social liberalism is nothing but signalling your high sociosexual status. You don't want any restrictions that would stop you from rolling over others.
>>18382 Most of the time It's not quite that more of a bluff

this bitch Comrade 11/18/2020 (Wed) 13:56:24 No. 12807 [Reply] [Last]
What is the final solution to the grace-chan question?
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>>17754 >Minecraft Everytime. The Twatter ban rant is also a funny read.
>>12807 More porn
>>16530 What the fuck, is this New York!?
(214.48 KB 636x528 a17.png)
(7.37 MB 2048x2048 1603340399-1.png)
>>17802 watch and learn comrades as i flirt with this monarchist with my seductive powers,*ahem* HEY GRACE-POSTER! YA LIKE GUNS ?


no cookies?