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Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 14:26:16 No. 11313 [Reply] [Last]
Post anything interesting, funny, smart, dumb, made you say hmmm. Doesn't matter if it has or doesn't have leftist content. Post anything you like.
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>>11443 I can hear his accent in my head.
Some random memes.
Another batch of silly memes.

(39.98 KB 267x232 IMG_20201121_102401.jpg)
(1.02 MB 2896x2896 PicsArt_11-21-02.05.03.jpg)
(205.28 KB 711x695 IMG_20201121_141112.jpg)
(370.12 KB 712x929 FB_IMG_15758762595917544.jpg)
Repentance Threads Comrade 11/21/2020 (Sat) 07:13:35 No. 13652 [Reply] [Last]
>be me >boring at midnight >open hanime.tv & read the comments >curious with nhentai link >read the manga >wow this is both terrified & sexy >continue read until page 142-168 >day ruined >everyday we stray further from god >beastiality is trash along with ntr also furries >Starship Troopers is dope Share your thoughts & stories, anons.
(146.32 KB 932x719 IMG_20200501_031727.jpg)
>>13652 Eww that nhentai link
>>13652 >>beastiality is trash along with ntr also furries Don't lump us in with the gurofags, fuck you
>>13663 seethe & cope may break my boner
>>13652 Okay, that's awful. Now go to gulag, fag.

(3.26 MB 498x498 1557362004_psych.gif)
/dr/ugs discussion Comrade 11/19/2020 (Thu) 00:00:38 No. 12944 [Reply] [Last]
Let's talk about substance use in here. Advice, experiences, help with addictions. This is what we talk about in here. For the longest time I had my last trip on magic truffles on my mind. Last night I wrote this on notepad to summerize my thoughts on what I found very impactful on my life: I'm not a spiritual person at all. I am an atheist. But when I tripped on 17g magic truffles, the strong type, I experienced something I would refer to as "God". It felt like the sun was right in front of me. And that sun was God. I felt a gently penetrating warmth. A warm embrace that felt like unconditional love and acceptance. I felt an assurance that regardless of whatever bad things you could do, there would always be a path back to God, even for the worst of people. It just couldn't be false, otherwise true goodness wouldn't exist if even God could never forgive you. While feeling this way I tried to imagine mistreatment, anything "evil", and what I noticed was that it didn't make sense at all. Things like rejecting another human being felt nonsensical. It felt like something only a lesser being would do. I tried to imagine the horrible things that happen on Earth, like murder or people who conceive of plans to enrich themselves and harm others. I had this feeling that this was only possible in an inferior world. That a world whose structure even allowed such things to arise to begin with could only be described as inferior. I didn't feel any hate or resentment for anyone engaging in such behaviour though. The only thing I felt for them was pity and that they doomed themselves to an inferior existence. I already had little fear of death before my trip. I see dying as alleviating me of all responsibilities and pain - as salvation. My views on death have only become more positive now.
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(111.35 KB 509x378 fugg.jpg)
i did about two handful of shrooms once and thought I was an egg but came back to reality right before i finished hatching into the Real world part of me wanted to chase that dream but i'm too fearful i'll go insane or some shit
Man I’m just sick of my mom bitching about weed smell in the house even though I don’t smoke in the house and wash up whenever I smoke
I was dealing with a bunch of bad feelings about a relationship falling apart and took LSD for the first time and immediately stopped giving a fuck about it since.
>>13042 Mom kicked me out and made me homeless over weed luckily I moved in with a friend a few weeks later. This was a few years ago it was my friends parents house me and him now with other friends have a rental.
>>13609 lmao that acid for you :)

lololololollolololollloll Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 02:52:50 No. 13623 [Reply] [Last]
What happened to that poor guy :(
He's got that "just fuck my shit up" face
>>13624 Caught the cougherino.
(112.03 KB 1241x1127 trump-just-a-flu.jpg)
>>13633 does anyone have this one without text? I need it for a school project.

(44.47 KB 544x160 IMG_20201121_023423.JPG)
(38.92 KB 417x317 c83.gif)
HE'S TALKING ABOUT ME Comrade 11/20/2020 (Fri) 18:45:08 No. 13479 [Reply] [Last]
(35.36 KB 500x500 soy.jpg)
>>13485 How dare you portray a fellow khmer bro a soyjak... Shame on you theglassesnoticer you traitor
>>13489 Im sorry bro bad habbit. Fellow khmer bros look out for each other that was a bad call
>>13490 Based

Comrade 11/18/2020 (Wed) 14:58:12 No. 12815 [Reply] [Last]
Elder God Tier: >Thomas "You're carrying my BBC sperm to term" Clarence The Only Liberal on the Court with a Brain >Stephen Breyer Trump v Hawaii is Very Kawaii >John Roberts El Goblina: >Sonia Sotomayor Wrote a Dissertation on "Socialism": >Elena (((Kagan))) Actual Partisan Hack: >Samuel Alito

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>>12815 t.THOMAS THE NIGGER CLARENCE All of the SCOTUS tards need to be thrown in the fucking gluag for being conservative simps kys OP
(147.86 KB 1024x1280 cry_more_lib.jpg)
(51.05 KB 680x582 1602632268790.jpg)
>>13417 amy dissent this dick
>>13465 Do you think Thomas has impregnated Amy yet?
(1.53 MB 3000x2000 1811050689.jpg)
>>13465 >>13525 God if only we could imagine.

(168.15 KB 1017x1280 1572313041299.jpg)
Comrade 11/19/2020 (Thu) 00:49:48 No. 12954 [Reply] [Last]
*shits on your pants*
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(55.76 KB 825x468 BEGONE.jpg)
Furry thots are draining away my life-energies. How can I shield myself from their seduction?
>>13041 give in
>>12954 好。
>>13041 Become one uwu~
>>12954 That thing comes bah mah house I kill it

Latin America is a white settler colonial state Comrade 11/20/2020 (Fri) 21:12:47 No. 13496 [Reply] [Last]
Imagine being such a retard suburban liberal you see Mexico as included in the "global south" and the "good guy team". Mexico measures for whiteness more stringently than America does and is just as unequal https://www.google.com/amp/s/theconversation.com/amp/study-reveals-racial-inequality-in-mexico-disproving-its-race-blind-rhetoric-87661 I have never met a Latino who wasn't racist, even some darker Indios see black people as subhumans at the bottom of their totempole, the saying "trabajar como negro" and Latinos for Trump exists for a reason
>>13496 No wonder. 10% of Mexico's population doesn't speak spanish. And my five cents says that they looks more like Montezuma than Cortés. And I can understand the mexican attitude to the US. Yes, the US has treated Latin America bad. But think of the Spanish Empire in the 1770s. Two continents are their oysters. And halfway to Europe there's a bunch of Brians clinging to the coast. Then in less than a century, they just roll over them all the way to the West Coast.

(87.15 KB 416x213 amish with guns.jpg)
What Tier of bunkerchan poster are you? Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 21:01:23 No. 13497 [Reply] [Last]
Attributes score points. >meme magic level Lurks bunkerchan = 1 point Posts on bunkerchan and shares content = 2 points Is a contributor to bunkerchan a sharer of other peoples memes, and produces OC. = 3 points Is a contributor to bunkerchan, a sharer of memes, and a high quality OC creator. = 4 points >Discussion contribution if you are a prolific shitposter add 1 point to your overall score. mostly lurks discussion = 1 point lurks and asks questions, occasionally posts = 2 points posts good threads and makes effort posts = 3 points posts good threads, makes a lot of high quality effort posts. = 4 points Post a lot of good threads, which contain original research, original content, and content that isn't usually talked about on the board. = 5 points >theory level

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>>13508 16.5 then
>>13509 That was a typo it’s 19.5-22.5 margin of 3
>meme magic level 3-4 >Discussion contribution 2 >theory level 2 >IRL Level 0 I count votes >Physical fitness 2-3 >10 points = initiate poster, some kind of radical social democrat. Normal sized chin pretty much
>meme magik goes to 4 Apart from IRL section, it's the biggest form of praxis here.
>>13501 terrorism=1000 points

Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 09:39:43 No. 13363 [Reply] [Last]
>Posting on leftypol is like being in 1960s Albania and having Comrade Hoxha warmly greet you and respectfully requesting a buxom party cadre bring you a famous Albanian meat pie to welcome your stay in the socialist worker’s state Yes or no?
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>>13364 >>13365 there are only two genders, libtards
>>13366 there are only two ideologies, lefty
>>13367 Hoxhaist and Revisionist?
>>13368 Revolutionary and Reactionary
>>13363 This reminds me of an old albanian joke *SNIFF!* that I heard while doing my military service. It was after *SNNFF!* one of the cocksucking jokes. So, anyways *SNRRK!*, an albanian necrophiliac heard that his barber got a hot albanian meat pie from Enver Hoxha. And he *SNIFF!* was very concerned about that. He wandered around in Triana, ha-ha! Oh, sorry for laughing at Triana. But it reminds me of an old croatian word for... Ah, sorry. *SNLFFF!* Ah, yes. The albanian necrophiliac. So anyways he wonder why Comrade Hoxha gave barber hot albanian meat pie. And he walks around for sorry that I'm sweating days and really thinks about it. *SNIFF!* But then, then he makes the vulgar choice to ask his barber upfront why the meat pie was *SNLRCCCH!* hot. And then, this is where we get to the funny part, the albanian necrophiliac's barber replies to the question of why the albanian meat pie was hot. "Comrade Hoxha spitted in it."


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