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(6.54 KB 250x178 Biden.jpg)
The bourgeois democrats are coming for our guns. Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 05:00:54 No. 13318 [Reply] [Last]
How do us workers stop these fuckers?
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>>13326 exactly we shouldn't organize either since proky is so powerful it doesn't matter
>>13330 based disarm the workers!
(168.15 KB 1223x666 Tacticool GF.jpg)
Will Tacticool Girlfriend use force to stop the bourgeois democrats from disarming the workers?
>>13477 >>13486 >it's 2020. just 3d print something that wont definitely miss and probably blow your hand away.

(356.15 KB 1144x1600 1539573524642.png)
Comrade 10/31/2020 (Sat) 15:26:03 No. 6903 [Reply] [Last]
Who is the single most powerful NTR antagonist in the history of hand drawn images? My vote goes to Andrew R Clarkson, age 39.
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Goddamn it. While interracial hentai would be great, why do they have to go the NTR route? How can anyone look at NTR porn and not feel icky, and not in a sexy way, but just icky in general?
(344.44 KB 1280x1920 1053733-main-0001.jpg)
>no post of the grandmaster king of NTR Today I must remind /b/.
>>6903 >Who is the single most powerful NTR antagonist in the history of hand drawn images? The one who NTRs both the wife AND the husband while also genuinely loving, respecting and satisfying them.
TL;DR a typical day in okinawa lol
>>12416 i hate you

Honest question. Comrade 11/21/2020 (Sat) 12:23:13 No. 13703 [Reply] [Last]
So basically gender dysphoria (a conversation on transexuals) is idpol, so hence I can never have a conversation on it at this site? Mods this is a sincere question, I in good faith want to know. If the answer is yes I will simply never mention it again. If the answer is no and I can have a conversation, how? I legitimately was struggling with the culture war aspect and how I think it negatively hurts the left. I really did want to be informed on its nature more. So please mods or a oldfag who knows what's up on the policy of all this, inform me.
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(577.29 KB 3024x4032 tit tacs.jpeg)
>>13707 >since it's not real It is real >denying biological sex is necessary It's not, there is a difference between sex and gender expression >You certainly couldn't combat the culture to accept masculine females or feminine men, boost self confidence so people love there bodies. Lol maybe you can do that then? >Nope only thing that works is genital mutilation and hrt Unironically yes surgery and hrt is necessary for severe dysphoria a lot of the time. >If depression and so many other mental conditions can largely be due to outside simulation why can't this Depression can result in some cases due to a faulty systems in the brain meant to regulate mood for instance. There is no medical evidence that gender dysphoria can be "acquired" post birth >They told me there is no other treatment other then gender change.

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>>13807 >>13813 I personally don't hate transexuals, I personally want them to get the treatment they need. I made this thread and the last because I'm tried of the culture war. How many people are alienated from the left because of it? Because I think it's a higher amount then we may know. Is there any basis in the idea that combating toxic gender roles could lead to less gender dysphoria? Also I want links or something talking about the biological or genetic or whatever it may be, that suggest this is something your born with. The acceptance of gays in the last few decades is largely due to prove it is natural across the animal kingdom. If it can't be acquired post birth I need to see why.
>>13807 >Hrt is not permanent and the side effects are not that bad, Oh yes it is
>>13956 The truth is, genes can predispose you to hormonal imbalances, and hormones in the womb contribute very heavily to brain development, which plays a primary role in dysphoric feelings at an older age. Also, being born intersex and then being forced into gender binary makes you trans by default, because intersex is a genetic condition which should logically exempt you from binary gender logic. On the other hand, hormones during puberty and development can play a big role in shaping the brain. Dysphoric feelings can go away as hormones take effect, unless you have an issue with your adrenal gland. However, to speed up the process you can take hrt, which is what many young trans people do, and also coincidentally what a lot of transphobes think should be done (except "give them testosterone or estrogen to make them fit the binary better!"), so either way hrt is a big solution to the issue, no matter who you ask. >>13961 Proofs? Detransition is a thing that people do all the time. The most that needs to be done is breast reduction and shit like that.
>>13956 >I want links or something talking about the biological or genetic or whatever it may be, that suggest this is something your born with. The most convincing theory I have heard is that transgenderism results from some sort of cross sexing between the brain and different parts of the body, possibly due to hormone fluctuations effecting the developing brain. MRI scans of pre-hrt trans people show that they have a brain more similarly sexed to someone of the opposite gender, however different studies on this very in results. There is also other things like trans women have a 2:4 digit ratio (length of second to 4th fingers) that is more similar to cis women than cis men, which indicates low testosterone. I may add some links later. >The acceptance of gays in the last few decades is largely due to prove it is natural across the animal kingdom. I think that's an important part of it and yes I get your point. >If it can't be acquired post birth I need to see why. My point was it appears to be something present from birth and to my knowledge there have been numerous attempts over the decades to postulate transgenderism as something acquired or a result of pathology, all of which have been proven incorrect. As far as I am aware there is 0 evidence that transgenderism can be acquired after birth, unless you have evidence to the contrary? >>13961 some effects are semi permanent like you might be left with breast buds if you stop taking estrogen or body hair if your stopping testosterone. If you're transfemale and you have a low testosterone for a long enough time, than you may become infertile. >>13962 Yeah these are all really good points

Here’s a hot take, the parasitic extraterritorial monster from the Alien franchise is a metaphor for Anglos Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 15:59:04 No. 13138 [Reply] [Last]
Consider this The Alien creature is a terrifying soulless, remorseless monster; wherever the Xenomorph lands it spreads rapidly, first hiding on the fringes and in the shadows slowly gathering its numbers through selective rape and murder, then once the infestation is large enough the xenomorphs dash off in all directions, raping and killing everything in their path and they utterly devastate the local environment by killing absolutely everything and paving it over with their own grotesque hive structures. Now who does that remind you of? Remind that Ridley Scott was a Brit and Dan O’Bannon was an anti-humanist, you think they didn’t know what they were doing? You think making the only bad guy in the ship full of Americans the Englishman was an accident?
(8.03 KB 177x177 hibernian.jpg)
>>13138 I wonder (((who))) could be behind this post?
>>13138 >Now who does that remind you of? cancer
>>13138 i think its funny that the whole anti-anglo meme was started as a means of making the anti-irish memes that appeared on here more politically correct for liberals
>>13138 I bloody love this shite, excellent post

Comrade 11/21/2020 (Sat) 21:04:09 No. 13922 [Reply] [Last]
Guatamala Congress. on fire atm.
>>13922 do we support that?
>>13928 Why wouldn't we?
>>13928 We? I do.
>>13938 no idea thats why im asking, for all i know Guatemala resurrected stalin and the cia are funding a counter revolution there

(1.08 MB 2515x3353 1605959473916.jpg)
Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 19:01:06 No. 13900 [Reply] [Last]
Did he crash the market or something?
Super saiyan blue god super saiyan thirteen paths sage mode.
(552.88 KB 1349x1115 1-china.jpg)

(1017.67 KB 815x483 ClipboardImage-1605404568.png)
I give you antifa/blackblock degenarates one advice Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 01:55:24 No. 10587 [Reply] [Last]
Hit the fucking gym you subhumans. You are a disgrace, you need to be gulaged for looking like an overweight capitalist pig. No wonder facists plow through you with ease, you have never lifted any heavy weights before. regards, Comrade Tankie
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>>10599 I've worked in a metal factory, where did you lift those boxes? Amazon?
>>10587 good advice comrade, but do be a little less condescending next time, people may end up the exact opposite thinking you are a MAGA tard or something.
he may be condescending comrades, but he is right. take care of yourselves comrades.
>>10593 >here's a bicep shot for you degenerates >awkward flex and posture to contort bicep and forearm to appear larger >maximum instagram angling with elbow as focal point but you fucked that up so it's just the top half of that and the res of your squished body >visiby overweight, even the only visible part of your body that you worked out (muh biceps curls) your arms, looks doughy >clear signs of aging with gross kneck sag, mottled skin, and patchy body hair that like someone used a glue stick and taxidermy clippings on an infant But most of all, insecure enough to lash out at muhajatifa, overcompensating enough to spend 5 minutes posing for a camera shot of the one part of your body that you cherish, too stupid to think no one would notice, take a more natural pose, or pick better lighting. All this is coming from an ML btw.

Do some people here seriously support pol pot? Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 18:02:05 No. 13742 [Reply] [Last]
Are there people here who unironically support pol pot? I've seen some memes which seem to indicate as such.
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>>13746 glasses go crack
>>13794 tbhm this type of shitpost is pointless and should get you banned
(227.54 KB 992x1019 muh polpot cia.jpg)
(99.62 KB 680x554 transhumanism.gif)
>>13800 every single time
(154.63 KB 756x826 expelling leftyfag.png)

(226.71 KB 326x307 1601675116365.png)
Ethics of hentai vs real pornography Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 19:13:02 No. 13193 [Reply] [Last]
Is animated/drawn porn (e.g. hentai) more ethical than porn with real people? It seem like there is a lot more potential for abuse in the latter. The potential of the performers basically getting raped is there. Things like the "girls do porn" company come to mind. It seems a lot harder to make hentai in an unethical way.
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(8.37 MB 1000x563 lewd-come to beach.gif)
(1.13 MB 704x396 lewd-spread.gif)
(3.04 MB 800x450 lewd-stuck.gif)
(7.24 MB 854x480 lewd-swingitgif.gif)
>>13474 Tbh, the debate will degenerate to that eventually. Also, what's the point of discussing IRL porn vs. Hentai ethics? I think that's something too irrelevant to the leftist discourse that one could say "who cares" The day after day worker struggling to pay for the diapers for his third son, while his wife is sick surely will take time to debate the topic. kek. Here, have some more hentai.
(8.87 KB 225x225 1546658380132.jpg)
(243.37 KB 1280x1707 1844731792.jpg)
(74.94 KB 840x1120 760361257.jpg)
>>13193 >ethics top kek. I don't shy away from problematic porn, but look upon it only as my property, in which I only respect my desire for big mommy milkers!
>>13193 Hentai falls under the adult industry in Japan which is heavily implicated with the Yakuza, so by proxy it is most likely an exploitative industry. >>13211 all of this is untrue apart from corporate not wanting to do business with it
>>13212 source?
>>13261 >shotacon >wholsesome i don't know about that one chief

(19.90 KB 350x375 3615160916044537g.jpg)
(26.12 KB 696x627 1063612-3x2-940x627-696x627.jpg)
(47.22 KB 250x370 16238858_124645142221.jpg)
The mods apparently deleted this on /leftypol/. What am I? Comrade 11/21/2020 (Sat) 00:53:25 No. 13531 [Reply] [Last]
1.I believe capitalism is bad for the preservation of traditional families 2. I want big industries to be either nationalized or broken up, medium sized industries and farms to be turned to co-ops, and small businesses and farms to be family or co-op owned. 3. I want to reduce the class gap and abolish stock markets. 4. I want gambling, pornography, premarital sex, tattoos, revealing/tight clothes, prostitution, ear piercings, smoking, abortions, transhumanist surgeries, euthanasia, suicide, and hard liquor to be banned. 5. I want prison work camps, castration of sex offenders, and murderers, traitors, and scam artists shot. 6. I want socialized healthcare and education and also I want free food, water, shelter to be allowed for people who can't afford it. 7. I would say that if the country can fulfill it's people's needs, I don't care how big the economy is. I'd say isolationism is best. I don't like how globalist and imperialist capitalism is. I hate the ideas of imperialism because it threatens other nations' sovereignty. 8. As previously mentioned, I'm a nationalist. I want the country to be united but I'm anti classism and racism. Racism divides the country but, continual genetic mixing is not good either. I think how the USSR brought the country and all the different ethnicities together yet mainly preserving them is good. 9. I believe women should be encouraged to stay home while the man works yet I'm not forcing that.
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>>13531 an idealist
>>13531 >suicide banned You're a retard, that's what you are.
You're just another chud teen who thinks his midwit political opinions are very enlightened when really you just want to feel accepted by the group and have a gf Anyway kid get a fucking social life. Find a sport (personal recommendation: contact sport like martial arts). Organize a D&D night with some IRL friends. Pick up an instrument. Get a dirt bike. Or maybe start some modding/programming project with friends if you really don't want to leave your room. Stop deriving your politics from memes. Read a fucking book. Meet people. And please (for your own sake) learn how the real world works. Or don't. But if you don't ask yourself if you want to be some bitter poljak incel in your late 20s looking back at your late teens/early 20s when you could've fixed things
An ultra-conservative idealist who listened to Jesus instead of the Church, I'd guess. Also, what everyone else said. >>13679 Suicide deserves a life sentence.


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