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(36.33 KB 468x351 guild_sign.jpg)
Comrade 11/19/2020 (Thu) 18:01:08 No. 13169 [Reply] [Last]
Opinion on guild socialism? Why aren't co-ops organizing trade guilds? Also co-ops often have lower than average wages and often refuse to fire inefficient workers. A guild system built around master-journeymen-apprentice hierarchy would ensure that an unskilled, inefficient worker has less to say about the way the business is run than a highly skilled efficient worker. A=
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>>13169 This kinda feels like the autistic version of syndicalism
Are credit unions guilds?
someone didnt read the manifesto
>>13169 this is just a shittier version of co-ops with all of the inherent problems (most notably being that workers don't have the capital to open their own businesses)
The heck is Guild socialism?

(268.56 KB 2550x3300 truth.png)
Comrade 10/27/2020 (Tue) 05:49:03 No. 4074 [Reply] [Last]
uh oh bros, how do i refute this :^)
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>>4082 You realize companies are paid to monitor and shill on 4chan, right? The glow caused the cancer that is /pol/. >>4081 >like you're trying to impress a professor That's what happens when you read.
(194.85 KB 1337x748 allpedospol.png)
its no use
>>4074 Is this a fact or a recommendation
(630.32 KB 638x566 kill-la-kill smug face.png)
>>4081 >It's like you leftypol faggots purpossely make whatever you say needlessly as long as possible like you're trying to impress a professor. It's five words nigga

(59.97 KB 352x592 chibi anime boy 9.jpg)
Anonymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 19:52:47 No. 16170 [Reply] [Last]
My whole life since I was a young boy I've always dreamed of and wanted to be a based Marxist revolutionary, and now I found /leftypol/ and I'm going to make that dream come true.
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>>16170 no bro. no anime characters allowed in based Marxist revolutionary club
Uhm basado? >>>/b/
this is how a good chunk of the board unironically thinks.
(57.06 KB 748x744 ok.jpg)
>>16178 They’re larper keyboard warrior faggots who fantasize about charging at the white guard, but aren’t willing to do the legwork and organize.

Comrade 11/26/2020 (Thu) 03:54:50 No. 15454 [Reply] [Last]
i agree transhumanist uighur
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(120.79 KB 1853x970 98r04ay6oa921.jpg)
>>15454 I don't get it.
Cybernetic Islam when?
(283.65 KB 785x788 chad mask.png)
>>15454 >i agree transhumanist uighur

(61.48 KB 1024x544 IMG_20200622_071701.jpg)
Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 04:48:28 No. 16108 [Reply] [Last]
Every single "breadtuber" is a fed, literally all of them
>>16108 Every single "tankie" is a schizo, literally all of them
>>16108 Every single "anarchist" is a kiddie, literally all of them
every single one of you deserves to be shot, literally all of you

(122.31 KB 1200x630 AP_574007095651.jpg)
(120.47 KB 1374x1031 dcn45ac3xzwy.jpg)
(29.47 KB 498x346 aWsPqD5h.jpg)
(157.80 KB 1024x768 1486300369447.jpg)
Transracial White-Nationalist Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 15:27:08 No. 14748 [Reply] [Last]
Why those people exist?What is their fucking problem?Someone can explain how is this possible. Are we living in simulation and it's glitched?Or is it peak cultural-capitalism?Or is how world is collapsing?
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>>14748 I've met plenty of non-white people who are racist enough to make Hitler look like a libtard but I have no idea why they join white nationalists.
>>14748 if i had to guess, and it really is just guessing, it's one of >they think they'll be spared if they act subservient or >they're attracted to wn for the same reason white people are, they just come up with a convoluted narrative to explain why they're actually white or one of the "better" black ethnicities (i've definitely seen people do this) or also >they essentially want "black nazism" and think normal nazis are their allies. they agree that jews are keeping their race down, states should be segregated, shit like that (i've also seen people like this, but they seem rare)
>>16005 PoW doesn't count.
>>16005 So? They're a handful of volunteers used as cannonfodder, propaganda and useful idiots.
>>14748 psychosis

(810.60 KB 600x666 Khorne_banner.png)
Comrade 11/13/2020 (Fri) 08:29:16 No. 10048 [Reply] [Last]
What if I told you the amount of people killed by a system is directly related to their collective penis size? This would mean capitalism has big pp, communism has mid pp and fascism has smol pp. How do you feel about this? also this is just a shitpost on lefty/b/. ffs, take xanny janny
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>>10049 Am aware, went with the common meme. What about the totals of the three though?
>>10048 That's perfectly fine. Massive penises look ridiculous in real life. And probably also hurt like hell.
>>10048 That wouldn't explain with some black men have the big pps.
>>10048 No, Gommunism still bigerest penise.
damn man I don't want to be a capitalist

(46.92 KB 650x434 BritPol.jpg)
Without getting into incel discussions, can we discuss the racism minorities face during dating? Comrade Anon 11/13/2020 (Fri) 06:54:22 No. 9869 [Reply] [Last]
Hi I am Indian male (born and raised in the uk) at 5'5, I am not that shy, I have lots of friends and have hobbies. I exercise regularly - lifting mainly. I mention this stuff because I don't want people to invalidate my experience by saying stuff like "oh it's your accent" or "oh you're boring, go outside" I will come clean and be upfront. I did have an incel phase, I had a phase where I truly hated women, this was mainly due to most of my bullying from childhood about my looks has come from girls. I no longer hate women though, as I've realised incels pretty much lie about everything and are just lazy. However. What the incels say did have some level of merit. 5'5 Indians like me have a terrible time dating, we face judgment and people are repulsed by us. This sort of stuff takes a toll on your mental health, and it builds up. I don't hate women anymore, I hate myself now. I hate how racism against Indians is normalised, I understand if you don't find us attractive but why must you mock us? Why can you not treat us with a decent level of respect? Rant over.
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>>9869 Imagine being black and not much taller. Black women like me sometimes but I've never been around many of them.
>>9869 i feel like black men have the baseline expectation of being muscular due to media representation, if you're fat then you're fucked.
>>16101 Firstie culture is 90% vomit inducing decadent bourgeois hedonism These people would sell their own daughters for a bag of coke
>>16140 >These people would sell their own daughters for a bag of coke Eric Clapton is that you?
>>10313 >Please shut up and take the abuse the liberal status quo is giving you. Class 5 liberal spooked detected.

Can anyone give me an actual reason why we shouldn’t reject civilization and return to monke? Anonymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 11:18:38 No. 15884 [Reply] [Last]
Okay okay I know all you civvie copers out there will be like >WAH WAH THERE ARE SEVEN BILLION OF US THE DWINDLING REMAINS OF WILD GAME THAT ARE ROUGHLY A FRACTION OF WHAT EXISTED EVEN TEN THOUSAND YEARS AGO CANT SUPPORT OUR NUMBERS Well fuck that let’s say for sake of argument only a few million people existed, why shouldn’t we just reject civilization and return to monkey? War, slavery, famine, deadly plagues, serfdom, patriarchy, racism, wage cucking; there are no monke slave masters, there are no monke workers, monke no separate by color or religion; life as monke seems so much better, even humans lived life as monke, why not go back to monke then?
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>>15955 >evil That's not very materialist of you.
>>15884 >>1172715 While indeed civilization came at a great cost to both human livelihood and the whole planet, and i agree that ideally it wouldn't exist, the fact is that it does exist and we can't change that. That makes it necessary for tribal societies to make great changes to adapt to the new conditions (environmental deterioration, unequal access to powerful technologies and, y'know, being permanently outnumbered by the sheer brute force of the mass agriculture-fed human stampedes), which in turn makes almost impossible for any human group to subsist in the long term in their pre-civilization or pre-contact with civilization state of social organization. That doesn't mean however that the tables can't be turned, the eurasian nomads ended or helped to end multiple empires throughout history for example, like the Huns against the Romans, or the Mapuche winning against both the most powerful empire in the continent, and then against the most powerful empire in the world at that moment in the Arauco War. What this teaches us is that alternative social organization models non-dependent on total domination of man over environment can subsist and even thrive in the face of confrontation with more civilized forces, but the path forward is not to stubbornly hold to the now impossible ideal of universally adopting an harmonious-yet-powerless lifestyle. The path forward is to strive to reach a Westphalian balance of power between so-called primitive societies and civilized ones, so that an alternative to our current predatory order can survive while it is still unclear if the path of civilized societies to some form of socialism and the end of their internal contradictions will ever come. (Also fuck this thread got moved to /b/ as i was writing this)
(236.30 KB 926x617 no.jpeg)
>>15884 Monke does not accept returns
>>15924 false, nerd the earliest agriculture started because it was easy, and dryland farming and irrigation happened as a result of this new surplus of energy being captured by opportunistic authoritarians basically who forced this way of life because they could parisite off of it
>>15924 the reason humans started agriculture because it made the manufacture of alcohol easier. among the dig sites of oldest agricultural societies were found traces of alcohol making. and it kinda makes sense, agriculture was inferior to hunting in every way. if you wanted to compete with hunter-gatherers you had to hunt and gather faster than them, if you wanted to take the livelihood of a farmer you just had to rob their farm. these farmers were in incredibly vulnerable positions because they couldn't move like hunter-gatherers, they were malnourished and living in such close proximity to other animals made them more vulnerable towards disease. but one thing agriculture had over hunter-gatherers was copious amounts of wine, whenever a hunter-gatherer could at the best cuddle with his gf or a pet dog at the end of the day the farmer could always just get shitfaced. alcohol heightens the state of euphoria, it removes feelings of hunger and pain and raises one's confidence.

(468.16 KB 2500x1744 jordanpeterson-cambridge-0.jpg)
Anonymous 11/25/2020 (Wed) 18:35:11 No. 15178 [Reply] [Last]
peterson bad. right?
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(513.71 KB 700x647 Old economy Al.png)
>>16047 >>16048 Ignore his lecture on the job market and IQ at your own peril. And deny that SAT tests and IQ tests are measuring the same thing but with different methods. You could as well say that the concept of "length" doesn't exist and by the way I don't like the metric system but says nothing about the imperial system or vice versa. I don't know anything about you, not that I really care. But if you think about it, you'll realize that the way Married... with Children has aged most bad is the fact that you nowadays can't afford a home, support a housewife, raise two children, feed a dog and maintain a wreck of a car on a shoe salesman's salary. And yes, it is fiction. But all fiction isn't the same. It is supposed to be realistic. This isn't some happy-go-lucky film where a qt punk rock girl can afford a 150 square meter loft in Manhattan on a record store salary or whatever. As I see it, he just stumbled onto the stage and said something about marxism. The only marxist who debated Peterson was Žižek. But I think that the real ire is not about someone overnight getting attention from young men. And I can understand why that hurts. Because he has no pretentions at all to gather the masses. Yet he attracted a good portion of them. And if you think that getting a job has always entailed running trough a recruiter maze, think again. It was many years ago, but I'm old enough to have gotten a job by just calling it. And I feel sorry those who hever has been able to do that and probably never will. And the reason that the military abandons gear is exactly because it is more IQ-oriented than it used to be. Keep in mind that Lance Henriksen learned to read by himself when he was 30 because he was offered a theatrical role. But before that he served in the USN for three years and became a Petty Officer Third Class. So he can't be a stupid man. But if USN had IQ tests in 1955 where part of the test was to read the instructions, he would have flunked. (And this reminds me of the fact that even if dyslexia has always been here, it not only after the invention of alphabet and writing but after a general demand on being literate that it becomes a handicap.) And because the most valuable thing they have is the troops. Gear can always be replaced and it is always good to render it unuseable if they must pull out but can't bring them along. Can be done quite simple with thermite charges. And one thing that Peterson does't mention is the self-serving checkout lines. But since there's no uniform GUI they can be really hard to understand. Compare that with every FPS and RTS that has more or less uniform GUI:s. AND then there's the fact that more and more business are not using cash anymore. All this selects against people that are intellectually disabled. But why do I really care? This thread is cursed. OP couldn't be arsed to start the sentences with a capital letter. AND it's a leading and normative question. And the all lower case posts are a good fingerprint.
>>16075 Nigga nobody's ignoring anything. You posted a lengthy incomprehensible rant and then when asked to clarify or at least condense the point you posted ANOTHER lengthy rant. Do you understand what a conversation is? >OP couldn't be arsed to start the sentences with a capital letter. AND it's a leading and normative question. And the all lower case posts are a good fingerprint. You can't possibly be this much of a blowhard. Who above the age of 18 judges someone's intelligence because they use lowercase online? Fucking lol
>>16023 >rambling about a mythical US time period that never existed as proof that IQ is real nigga go get some pussy
>>16075 havent sat/act and iq scores been like out of sync for over 3 decades now.
>>16077 >Nigga nobody's ignoring anything. First denial that IQ does anything goes here: https://bunkerchan.xyz/b/res/15178.html#15419 >Do you understand what a conversation is? Do you? >Who above the age of 18 judges someone's intelligence because they use lowercase online? Adults above 18. Why? >>16111 >still doesn't get that IQ is just an attempt to measure g just as the metric system is an attempt to measure length Also, are you going to deny this and what it implied for these societies? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post%E2%80%93World_War_II_economic_expansion

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