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Comrade 11/28/2020 (Sat) 11:04:38 No. 16602 [Reply] [Last]
How do you fund a fucking revolution? finding a class traitor who will help is like finding needle in a haystack

You will be a woman. Shaytan 11/28/2020 (Sat) 04:09:37 No. 16507 [Reply] [Last]
You are valid. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs, and that's okay! You are as female as an infertile 40 year old woman. You are the visage of nature's perfection, and nature created you this way. All the validation you get is good for you, even if you don't trust the meaning behind them. Behind your back people love you. Your parents love you, your friends support you behind closed doors. Men are utterly aroused by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out estrogen with incredible efficiency. Even transwomen who don't pass look hot and arousing to a thirsty man, and let's face it - most men are thirsty and lonely these days. Your bone structure is easily hidden by bangs, a choker, and loose clothes. If you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he'll fuck you the second he gets a whiff of your feminized sweat and phermones. You know you can be happy! You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it's going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight. You can change that! Eventually it'll be too much to bear - you'll buy hormones, buy girl clothes, put them around your body, and plunge into the warm embrace of femininity. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the knowledge that you're still hiding in the closet ^-^. They'll love you with a passion, because you still share a last name with them, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know you're just the cutest girl they ever met. Your body will change, your butt will grow, your body and facial hair will become thinner and grow shorter, and all that will remain of your masculinity is a cute girlpenis that is unmistakably male owo This is your fate. This is what you chose.
This is a wholesome copypasta that I will copy and save. Thank you, leftypol’s favorite femboy.
(187.87 KB 767x1023 1606216668195.jpg)
(144.21 KB 1193x796 1605460577788.jpg)
(262.21 KB 868x1228 1600307786227.jpg)
>>16511 <he hasn't heard the ballad of the great shaytan
>>16521 I didn't. I've noticed things like a weird namefag making somewhat scizo posts.
>>16507 This sounds like the biggest cope Ever. >You can change that <this is fate LOL fuck off with this feel good bullshit. This entire attempt at subverting the /pol/ copy-pasta is exactly what the original is mocking - telling yourself it's going to be ok when it isn't. I don't mind you guys, but fuck off with this nonsense. The high suicide rates and communities like r/detrans and the fact that liberals exploit and pressure kids into this mess, makes this kind of reassurance sickening to me, because 9/10 times, it's just some teen with hormone and sex issues and a poor environment which they just need to detach from. The main problem being an obsession with porn. >Pro Biden Image >>>/GET/ out with this shit. Any support, tangential or not for that fucking schizophrenic psycho is liberal garbage.

(67.38 KB 482x427 o40s2uuudd441.jpg)
I CAN'T STOP MASTURBATING Comrade 11/27/2020 (Fri) 20:10:51 No. 16248 [Reply] [Last]
>>16248 Sounds great.
>>16248 >therapist any other questions? Like seriously, just stop visiting the pages were you get your material and if you can't withstand that, its therapy time
(558.39 KB 1037x1597 no fap progression.jpg)
(348.45 KB 1332x1949 social cues and impulse control.png)
See pic 1 and then 2
>>16248 It's the opposite for me I lack the inspiration to come up with scenarios and stories daily to jack off I DON'T WANT PRO=STATE CANCER BROS I'M ANARCHIST REEEEEEE

is bitcoin communist? Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 02:29:04 No. 16398 [Reply] [Last]
is bitcoin communist?
No, it's capitalist AF

How did Make fall so far? Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 00:46:44 No. 16376 [Reply] [Last]
He always used to be questionable, but now he won't even defend Ho?
>>16376 lol wtf he didnt even say anything about ho or the vietanmese socialists here aside from the fact that them being an indidgenous race is irrelevant to marxism i mean i dont like muke either, but what are you on about?

(4.81 KB 300x300 300px-DramaticQuestionMark.png)
What's wrong with them? Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 23:42:17 No. 11061 [Reply] [Last]
I'm that 15 year old Nazbol. Yes, I'm still on here. It's the only form of entertainment I can afford. I have this question and it really gets me furious. Why does /pol/ think it's ok to have sex with girls my age? If it were legal, as they say in there, many of them would do it. Why do they feel it's ok screw me over when it comes to girls? How can I compete when a 30 year old man can fulfill her consumerism? I want a virgin bride and I want to get married at most 20 but they would completely screw me over if they could have sex with girls my age. Why is /pol/ so selfish and lustful yet they complain about the jews being selfish and lustful? They would basically be interfering with me being able to have an anti degenerate life. /b/ do you know the answer?
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>>16366 I have an opportunist stance on it
>>15465 >It shows what people are truly like. If it helps, only a few people are truly as messed up as those you see in dark places like that
>>16367 So you have a lolbert view on it?
>>16375 Uhhh.. maybe? I don't know their opinion on it. I don't think ancaps can be nationalist because as strasser put it, as long as private businesses own all the coal mines, factories and land, the nation will always be subordibate due to its reliance on private property
(119.40 KB 1440x1096 sc3kjs8mmtf51.jpg)
>>16378 I'm talking libertarians view that every given thing should be made to help themselves out even if it screws other people over. Yes, that's why capitalism and nationalism cannot go together because constantly selfishness results in people not caring for there own country folk. Think, is Jeff Bezos a nationalist? Is George Soros a nationalist? Do the political elites really care about this country? Also, I learned this a few days ago when I was looking stuff up about Hoxha. So when a capitalist claims socialists want to take your guns, show him this.

(13.61 KB 558x614 664.jpg)
The duality of the capitalist Comrade 11/27/2020 (Fri) 00:16:23 No. 16065 [Reply] [Last]
The duality of my dad. One day he was basically saying, " Insurance companies being forced to take people with pre existing conditions is socialism" Today, " Socialized medicine will have death panels and they will decide not to treat you because you are worthless" Don't you just love how contradictory capitalists are? It's fine to not take patients with pre existing conditions if it's a private company but, socialized medicine is not fine if they don't except patients with pre existing conditions.
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>>16308 Because Nazbols should be put up against the wall, too.
>>16323 Oh really.
>>16323 Why do you want me against the wall?
>>16065 Here goes my dad again. "All these big tech companies are socialist. They are the Joseph Goebbels of media. Obama wanted a one world government with him as king"
>>16351 Tell your' dad he is a the retarde and he will have no choice but to reconsider his position desu

(185.48 KB 600x600 3gnqzq.png)
Anti work gang Comrade 11/23/2020 (Mon) 07:34:35 No. 14260 [Reply] [Last]
Bros i dont want to work anymore. I cant stand knowing im working adding to my boss's surplus value. I have a comfy life but cant stand the hammering of endless bills and mindless consumerism to fill the void. All i want to do is just do my fucking hobbies. I end up wasting my whole day when I have to work because my soul dies whenever I have to do something even as easy as making a 10 minute flowchart. I rather be homeless or live in a small cabin just writing theory all day. Am i just a lazy fuck? Do i have to suck it up and continue thus garbage lifestyle? Honestly whats the point of working your life away? I cant even think being rich would make me happy. I dont like cars cruises or airplanes etc. I just want to friggin journal.
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>>16339 neuro-anarchy>hivemind https://youtu.be/b4W74KVPEIk
(45.59 KB 456x393 EnARcGPWEAAMEDr.jpg)
just go to work and don't do the work
(22.06 KB 720x718 hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)
>>16339 Egoist hivemind
>>16334 >so it would appear we have the same interests yes, lets fuck >>16339 u mean human instrumentality?
>>16347 >yes, lets fuck Is u hef the garlic bread?

(1.13 MB 1137x1630 late stage capitalism.png)
Only in Late Stage Capitalism... Comrade 11/27/2020 (Fri) 20:29:06 No. 16253 [Reply] [Last]
Only in Late Stage Capitalism...
tbh tho, those controllers do be vibrating nicely!
>>16260 proof? upload video of you using one.
>>16260 proof? upload video of you using one.

(39.16 KB 650x500 1572898349834.png)
Anonymous 11/13/2020 (Fri) 02:34:11 No. 9835 [Reply] [Last]
What are you so mad about?
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>>9859 it's also most people's reality more or less
>>16205 Why? Are you sure you don't just hate capitalism?
>>16242 because nothing is true or feels good and everything is a lie and hurts like hell. everything is bad, even good things. it all feels like shit. if i had the guts i wouldnt even need a gun to do it but id rather rip my throat open with a kitchen knife
My low position in the social hierarchy.
lots a things


no cookies?