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Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 13:01:25 No. 16410 [Reply] [Last]
Is it true that Lenin killed Sex Workers?
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(239.25 KB 819x1428 varg sources.jpg)
>>17050 >Not posting the full version
>>17058 >Although whores are ok because they are just honest women tbh I hate to inject an uncynical note to the board, but no,anon. it's not the case that women are only after money, but whores the only ones honest about it. Apart from when at work, obviously. Then everyone is mostly after money, whether your job is prostitution or anything else. I read somewhere someone said she'd turned down a date at the Savoy ( posh hotel in London,it has a nice bar and grill I believe .) for a date at the fish and chip shop with someone she liked better. You just need to find a girl like that, anon.
>>17067 Women no nice to me :'(
>>17073 >Women no nice to me :'( I'm sorry to hear that anon. :((

(244.79 KB 900x851 1494027876516.png)
Comrade 11/30/2020 (Mon) 14:36:34 No. 17077 [Reply] [Last]
why is murder wrong?
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>>17090 it reduces my chance of being murdered.
>>17091 why should someone not murder you
>wrong lol spook If it's your desire to kill someone, do it faggot.
I dont think hes going to answer.
>>17092 this question kills the atheist

(90.16 KB 987x582 genderquality.PNG)
(89.55 KB 1459x959 gap.png)
Accelerate Comrade 11/30/2020 (Mon) 13:04:08 No. 17071 [Reply] [Last]
As you all know there has been a lot of talk about gender equality, woman empowerment, sex based discrimination and all these things related. The whole deal with woman roles completely changing in the movies. Not majority of them are main characters and portrait as a leaders. More and more woman are promoted to go in to politics. One of the UN goals is gender equality and woman empowerment. I have been arguing with some people who really think that woman are equal and as capable as men and talk how everything is against woman. But i remembered that in EU, one of the United nations centers, certain countries like Lithuania, Estonia and Finland all have MALE ONLY conscription, while other countries like Sweden and Norway have both male and female. There are all of these people who call themselves fighters of sex based discrimination, yet they CAN'T SEE this one. If males are as equal as females then it means that those laws are giving PRIVILEGE to a female to not be conscripted. It is sexist in their own logic. They don't like to hear this, because it shows how hypocritical they are. And that they really don't fight against sex based discrimination. If you would accidentally mix things up and say that in these countries only females are conscripted they would go crazy. This goes the same for all EU funded organizations and agencies if they say that they are there to fight "sex based discrimination" and ignore this issue they are HYPOCRITICAL in their own accord. How can you say that woman are equal yet ignore this issue. This could be called female privilege. You know how leftist would scream male privilege. And it can be used against the whole globalist agenda. It is really a simple and easy way to call out and show the world who these agencies really are. It also goes against the whole LGBTQ movement, because if you now identify as a woman, you now have the privilege to not be conscripted anymore ? I am not here to hate on woman and i don't hate them, i think we need each other, just spotting obvious hypocritical statements that are happening in the EU and the whole UN resolution.
Didn't read, don't care.
(120.08 KB 1024x708 lithuania feminism.jpg)
you retard. While some movements have been pushing for women in the conscription, the reason why this isn't being fought is because many women and feminist movements have been either historically anti-imperialist, or historically anti-militarists. Revolutionary movements like those who have taken after authors like Emma Goldman, Margaret Sanger, Itou Noe and such have more been anti-imperialist, realizing the idea of conscription must be abolished, so why would they fight for women to be in there? It makes no sense More tame movements that have taken after Alice Paul, Barbara Deming, and in your case, the Estonian Women's Roundtable (EWR), Lithuania Women's Organization (LWO), and such, commonly believe in anti-militarism, realizing the military is a heirarchal and warlike institution by definition, and commonly opposed this. EWR believes in democratic workplaces, and the women I mentioned before were major influencers in the feminist movment, and were commonly anti-military. Peaceful protest, all that. Lithuania's feminism movements commonly had their slogans as "No coercion and violence", which is the exact opposite of conscription, so why would they fight for women in the conscription anyway? It's not female priveledge, it's just having common sense. anyway thats my 1300 character explanation of why you are retarded, need to go back to pol, and you are also idpol

(7.09 KB 93x103 1603675038663.jpg)
Anonymous 11/02/2020 (Mon) 23:22:09 No. 7439 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: The faces of /leftypol/
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>>16896 >Posting actually interned slaves is soy posting. Kek, cope tankie.
>>16961 >convicted criminals in an actual prison which existed before all the reeducation programs in a photo which came from official Chinese media are merely "interned slaves"
>>16961 Stfu redditfag

(68.50 KB 354x292 eye.png)
10,000 are 1, 1 is 10,000 Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 05:52:03 No. 16762 [Reply] [Last]
the mind is everything, between 10,000 opponents and 1, not a single difference can be found. All is air, and nothing is empty of substance. Know that movements and decisions are limited under pressure and that your enemies strength depends on basic materials. Do not depend on what he depends on and you will be supreme
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>>16789 OP here, it's very practical advice told through a medium
>>16790 A medium of garbage.
>>16791 I'm sorry you can't understand
>>16791 Hey, OP here. Here's the source: medium.com/schizo_ramblings_about_ten_thousands_being_one_etc_etc
(25.46 KB 220x331 NVA.jpg)
(720.08 KB 1790x2150 tunnels.jpg)
>>16762 OP has immense schizo energy and also he has a point. Dedicated communists have historically been much tougher fighters than their opponents. Guerrillas can camp out in a mosquito infested jungle and eat bugs and chew leather for months or years at a time waiting for a life or death raid, while their pampered porky opponents will readily cave at the sustained application of pressure.

(36.09 KB 477x756 stalin.jpg)
Comrade 11/30/2020 (Mon) 00:44:53 No. 16992 [Reply] [Last]
stalin roll up with three bottles of gel in his hair looking like fakeass bootleg Trotsky doing shiit delescluze did in 1870 and now i gotta suck his dick like he's lenin in 1923? hard pass

(36.73 KB 640x400 images.png)
(29.18 KB 640x400 images (1).png)
(91.54 KB 701x438 images (3).jpeg)
Comrade 11/28/2020 (Sat) 22:25:34 No. 16669 [Reply] [Last]
I get physically nauseous when I look at PC-98 anime art. I dont feel ill when looking at old anime from the 80s or 90s but pixelated anime games from the era is what makes the stomache churl.
>>16669 The fuck is wrong with you? This stuff is charming as hell.
>>16669 >not appreciating the golden era of jp art
I agree, OP. Idk why but the dithering they shade that with looks gross to me.

(995.40 KB 750x598 image0-37.png)
I investigated heavily and I came to the conclusion that Pinochet was in fact Marxist and carried out the coup d'etat against the succdem Allende to save the proletariat and establish the dictatorship of the prolétariat secretly. I think that he was at first situationnist (guy Debord congratulated him for the abolition of art in one country) or even bordigist but he he turned away from the ultra-left revisionist aka ultralibtard to ally with the socialism real , the sublime path to the abolition of all class aka dengism. I'm myself Ultradengist.
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>>9747 smh satan is revisionist
Epic shit post but you must be put in the gulag
(164.89 KB 540x557 dialectics.jpg)
>ultradengist >the left-deviationism of ultras and right-deviationism of dengists balance each other out
>>9741 >tfw there's probably some maoist that unironically believes this >tfw OP probably cribbed some maoist GG!
>>9752 It ain't an easy job, but it's honest work.

(26.28 KB 640x360 images (2).jpeg)
Comrade 11/29/2020 (Sun) 16:33:55 No. 16838 [Reply] [Last]
Afro nazbol thread
>>16840 I do not have discord nor matrix sorry
>>16842 Im not really a nazbol im just shit posting im just a regular ML but yes i am black myself
>>16843 Alright. Take care.
The one with a smiling MLK in the sky is the best version imo

(87.74 KB 832x1024 IMG_4079.JPG)
Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 00:46:15 No. 16370 [Reply] [Last]
is this /lefty/ approved?
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>>16816 How Europe Underdeveloped Africa Plus most of it is basic fucking logical deduction anyone that isn’t a racist piece of shit like you copers could do
>>16818 Ahaha, I'm black and was just asking 'cause it sounded like something you read somewhere. Cheers, mate. Don't let these people drag down your mood.
>>16797 CHIN OR GTFO
>>16374 i want to fuck that goth 2d chick
>>16864 Do you think she'd consider communists to be black?


no cookies?